Sonntag, 19. August 2012

Gifts and random Update

Hello ♥

I bet every German blogger is talking about the weather right now so please don't be annoyed because I also have to say how freakin' hot it is! OMG it's like the hottest weekend of the whole year.

And to be honest, I don't really enjoy it because it is already too warm ^^"
Yesterday, my friends and me went swimming. We were such a big group. So many people showed up and I was really happy about that. My boyfriend and he also joined us. I kinda used him as a "heater" when I was in the swimming pool because the water was too cold.
I guess I can never be happy about any temperature.

When he went to see me the day before, he gave me some gifts from China ♪ Thank you so much sweetheart.
I thought why not showing them to you.

A pretty bag by "Longchamp" and it's not even fake. I hate that China has the "fake" reputation. His family is a little into labels I guess...(No offense! Because I love it ♥)

 I don't want to insult anyone but I think that they match the outfit of a typical German "Bonze".
So that's somebody who is either rich or tries to look rich XD sorry bad explanation. People in my area know what I mean I suppose.
They're often dressed in a pair of Timberland shoes,random jeans,polo shirt with that little crocodile on...Anyway, I don't want to gossip.
However, I don't notice many people with this bag anymore so I will wear it.
It is dark blue and very light material.
This necklace is adorable, isn't it? It is very simple so you can wear it with everything. The butterfly is a little inside joke of us and the colour aswell but who doesn't like butterflies and pink?


THE LASHES *-* He knows that I simply have to post this. I can't even tell how much I love them. So far I tried only one pair but all of them look amazing. To be honest I paid him for this because he doesn't see the necessity for lashes haha ~~ And I already felt bad because he got me so much.
No really, thanks ♥

Okay now onto some other stuff.
I went to town with a friend. Mainly because she is leaving my hometown. She will do some community/social work in Berlin. We couldn't resist but check out Primark again.

Getting this was pain. >.<
I asked 3 saleswoman and NONE of them could tell me where and if they have beauty bags.

"They're sold out...I think..I don't know"
"Handbags are over there"
"I think they are all sold out but you better check here...and there..."

They had some a few days ago and the usually do them at low prices so I did not give up. One of them lead me in the wrong direction and oh my I shouldn't have asked in the first place.
When I found them (more than 40 of them..let's talk about sold out!) I was happy though.


This was my outfit.
If you are wondering why I keep taking photos in changing rooms: My mirror at home is too small :o
I hope I get a bigger one in my apartment.


And this top is the one I pretended to try on. Marco Polo
~it was literally the only top I liked in that store.


And yes. I did it ~
I dip-dyed my hair. I have to get used to it although I really can't because the colour will fade awway after 6-8 times of washing my hair. But I like it so much ♥

Expect to see the whole hair next time.

I have to go now, my friends and me will be having a BBQ.
have a sunny day


ps: Try this. It is McDonald's and it is bad for you, but it is so tasty.


Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Some Gets & Outfit

Hello everyone♥

I'm feeling quite down today (various reasons and it's too privat to blog about, sorry) so I thought I might post a little something to brighten up.

Although I have to say that my bf,family and friends already helped me cheer up.

Except for today which was a strange cloudy/rainy/sunny day, the weather is very nice in Germany.
I can travel 'round the north of Germany for free, because I got a special ticket that is "school kids only" but since I went to school until June I was able to get it.

This is why I went to Hamburg and I plan to go to Hamburg and maybe Bremen again.

In Hamburg, I bought "directions". I might do a review on it because I only just tried it out.

Basically, it's a hair dye with a very intense colour. You can make this colour less intense by mixing it with conditioner etc.
However, I used only little of it and I didn't "dip-dye" the upper part of my hair. Just the bottom. I'm not sure if I will actually do more but the colour fades away after ...3-4 times of hair-washing maybe?
If you google "dip dye" you will not what I am trying to archive here.
Leave me some time and I think I'll figure it out and have blonde-pink hair ♥
I'm not happy with what you see above ;D

This is a recent outfit. I found this dress at the very back of my wardrobe and it's at least 3 years old.

The bag is from Sri Lanka this year. I really like it ↓

When I was in this country, my boyfriend was in China and he stayed there for a month. Tomorrow we will finally meet each other. I'm so so sooo looking forward to this.  While he was away, I kept a little diary for him.

"While I am writing this, you are at you uncle's place, I suppose. Come herrre! Oh my that looks scary! Well, I think I'll be on the internet for a while. I hope I can see you soon [at "whatsapp"].I love you, yours ke-ai-de"
Ke-ai-de is chinese for "darling" I think ;D
As you can see I chose one of the pages that weren't so...cheasy. I must have written "I love you, I miss you" like a hundred times. And I mean it every time >.< Okay, enough of this.


When we meet, I might wear these earrings. They're also from Sri Lanka because you can buy a lot of cute stuff for really cheap. ♪ They were something like 100 Rupies which is less than 1 Euro.

Pretty much like Primark with better quality actually. But speaking of~~ here's a cardigan I simply had to buy. It was a little bit annyoing to buy size 36 because 34 fit just fine BUT it was too short on my arms. T.T But you can't really tell the difference.

This pair of jeans is by Zara but I customized it myself. Are you interested in seeing an outfit with it? Let me know please♥

I am going to bed now ♥
Good night!



Montag, 13. August 2012

Hello! (again )

Hey cuties,

I don't really know why (maybe because I'm bored ;D), but I thought I should re-do my blog allover again. I'm sorry if you liked my previous posts but I feel like I needed a fresh start. When I am leaving Germany on September 11th (what a date...) to study in the UK, I want my friends to be able to read about my life.
And some posts were kinda embarassing ^^"

So yeah..I'm not having a crisis or anything :p
I just feel like it and I hope you'll still like my blog ♫
First I thought I could create a new one, but anyway...


Today I didn't do much. I went to the gym in the morning, baked some muffins, went shopping a little. Originally, I wanted to buy socks. Or more like I had to buy some, because my mum gave me some money for that. I ended up getting some other stuff too ~~


Battle of the bows ;D See how big my new bow is compared to the ordinary crappy ones you can get anywhere? The white bow is by Claire's

These are two lovely hairbands. The German drugstore Rossmann sells them and they were really cheap. You ALWAYS need them, right?
A few days ago, my dear friend Katha and me went to Hamburg. It's such a great town!
The bad thing was that we had to get up at 6 or something? MADNESS! T.T
To stay awake, Katha ate shitloads of ....this. It's some kind of creamy-chocolate-thingy with coconut on top. It was nice but very, very sweet.

We were mostly window-shopping because you can't really buy anything in shops like LV and Tiffany's. Unless you save up some money which I plan to do. There is one particular LV bag that caught my attention ♪
Near the train station, we saw BATMAN! We totally love the movies (even the old ones from the 90s haha) so we had to take a picture. Nevermind my make-up, it's crappy/non-existent.

Pretty Katha :3


 This was our lunch. Hamburg is expensive D: At least when you don't like McDonald's like I me.
It tasted wayy better than it looks like. It's Chicken Masala.

We visited the typical shops~~Mango,H&M,Zara and some others that we don't have in our town like Urban Outfitters,American Apparel and so on.
I can't remember the name of the last shop but they sold really cool stuff for everyday's life like diary's, cooking supplies,mugs... I bought something but I can only show it to you in my next post. Katha knows why ♪

I was tempted to get this spoon but when I look at it today I find it rather ugly! It is kinda funny though ^^" The flying spoon!

And last but not least, we saw while we were on the train haha. I still can't believe it!! :DD
I will now have a nice bath and then go to bed.
Smile ♪