Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013

Update ♥

Hellooo ~
I keep writing updates because I somehow don't manage to write posts with actual content. Sorry about that! :(
I am also way behind with reading blogs. :/
The last couple of days I went to a few parties and I was also working a lot. I totally miss having time for myself. Yesterday I was like 'nah, not gonna do anything' but then Yuxi texted me and we met up! We wanted to go to a café but we obviously also went shopping. Ahhh this needs to stop haha :D We bought the same jumper for winter. It's so soft and cosy ♥

At least we didn't buy more than that. Instead, we tried on many things.

Before we went home, we had Pumpkin Spiced Latte at Starbucks ♥ I liked it, but I am so addicted to all this matcha stuff that I can't get used to anything else.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday. 



I also met up with Freya a lot these days :) It's always soo much fun. She's also studying to become a teacher! :) But we know each other since super early childhood. And since we are neighbours, we can always call each other and be like 'hey, would you like to meet up?' 'when?' 'in 5 minutes?' haha.
We look like kids in this photo!


And check this out ~ food at a party! OMG one of the best buffets. I went there with Stefania and we ate a lot :D


I am having a good time at the moment (don't get me wrong) but I am so happy that university starts again tomorrow! It's so strange not to do anything academic for such a long time and I hope this statement doesn't make me a nerd haha. I miss having a daily routine and I am looking forward to, well, actually learn something new again! At least my Mandarin course already started hehe.

This summer [if it even was one!] flew by. Tomorrow we get some instructions for the semester ♥ [If you're studying abroad you probably already started in Septemer. Germany is always really late!]
Sorting out my timetable was so much trouble though haha. And as always I'm worried about stupid things like 'will there be nice people in my seminars/tutorials?'

You'll hear from me soon!