Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2012

[Surprise post] Merry Christmas

Hello, you didn't expect a post from me, did you? Because I said I wouldn't post at all. But here I am, wishing you a merry christmas. I hope you all had a lovely and not too stressful time with you loved ones.
I had the best christmas ever, I believe ♥ Never before did I look forward to it so much and I guess that is because I wasn't in Germany these past months.
However, I arrived on the 16th and I did so much stuff lately. Will blog about it as soon as I can but actually I just wanted to say merry christmas to you sweeties ♪ And maybe share a few things.

I took so many pictures, it's absolutely ridicolous.
But oh well.

This is our christmas tree ~
very small but so cute.

My family celebrated it very tradioanally for us ;D
On the 24th, my parents got up super early to prepare some food and I did some last- minute christmas shopping. My mum told me that she would give my father some kind of a music-recorder thingy so that he could record stuff from the radio and put it on his mp3 player. However, he would need a USB-Stick for that so I decided to buy it for him.
We later on met in town to enjoy a little lunch at a market hall where we also met some friends.

Our family's crab soup ♥

In the evening, we then had loooads of fish and my cat also joined us :3 Sadly no picture of that.

In the afternoon, we went to our friend's house (their daughter is the same age as me) to have coffee,tea and christmas cookies and in the evening we all went to church. I even enjoyed going to church this year, what the hell is wrong with me? ;D No just kidding. It was a very nice christmas service and they even placed a piano in the middle of the church! So cool!

When we arrived home, "Santa" came and we exchanged gifts. I will not show you guys everything because...who wants to know every little thing somebody got?
But I can let you know what made me happy the most.
Seriously, I did not expect to get so many presents because I did not ask for any this year. This is so unlike me. So since I didn't say anything, everybody got me things they thought I would like and tadaaaa~ I LOVE ALL OF THEM.

Not to brag but I made this for my parents ^^" Since we travel to Sri Lanka sometimes.


My godmother stopped by and gave me this. And money *cough*
I've heard quite a lot about them and I am excited to try it out.


Nike Free *-* My parents were super generous.


A friend who lives in Munich sent me a massive parcel with all sorts of things. These are only a few. Aww that's so nice of you!! >.< ♥ Peggy ♥


Soap♥beauty mask♥a bathing essence♥bebe cream♥chocolate♥Shower gel♥Stuff for my flat♥(not in the picture) two books♥a little book about the EU♥

I also got an amazing watch but I will show you a picture of me wearing it at some point.

Afterwards, we watched the movie I got (Les intouchables, Ziemlich beste Freunde), sorry I do not know the title in English. Has it even been released in Great Britain? Not sure. We watched not even half of it in my French literature class at university so I was very very please when my parents gave it to me. It's an incredible movie that's about a rich, disabled man & a black man caring for him. It has a meaning and it makes you cry without "diving" into clichée.

And now...
I know we look so so tired but that's because we didn't sleep much that night.


Greatest gift of all and it's so cheesy of me to say;
meeting my boyfriend after 3 months.
No moment in life has ever felt so special ♥
I love you.
I met him in Marburg where he studies (but luckily he is in Hannover with me now) and the days we spent there were incredible.

He gave me "Alice Madness Returns" (a computer game which I kinda wanted for ages and then completely forgot about haha ;D) and a supercute teddy bear >.< Aww.


On the 25th, my cousins, aunt and uncle came and my boyfriend too :> hehe
He got along so well with my family and I am really happy about that.
We had loads of food but can you believe that I didn't snap any picture of that? -.- Stupid me but well we had duck,goose,potatoes,klösse (google it ;D),different vegetables and crème brulée,cake,cookies and all sorts of drinks. A wonderful day ♥

I will see you guys soon ♪
It was kinda important for me to stop by♥



Christmas FOTD ♥
My hair is too long for the camera screen ;D

Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

Meeting some cuties ♥ And little "Bye Bye"

Hey everyone
Next Sunday, I will go to Germany for my holidays. Hurrey!
This is the reason why I won't write anything between 16.12 and 7.01. I am sorry, but I want to do a lot with my family and my other loved-ones so I won't have time to blog. Thanks for understanding ♥

Salut à tous
Le Dimanche prochain, je vais être en Allemagne pour mes vacances. Hurrey!
C'est la raison pour laquelle je ne vais pas écrire quelque chose entre 16.12 et 7.01. Désolée, mais je veux faire beaucopu avec ma famille et mes amis en Allemagne, alors je ne vais pas avoir le temps pour écrire un poste. Merci pour comprendre cela ♥

But before that~
here is what I did these days and what I plan to do.
Yesterday, I went to a christmas party with my friend Julie.
Here is my "twin" Aum ~ we were wearing almost the same dress and it was the first time we met. But today we met again to go shopping with Julie&Nan.
She's adorable! Just like the other girls.

Mais maintenant~
Voilá ce que j'ai faite and ce que je vais aller à faire.
Hier, j'étais à une fête de noel avec ma copine Julie. J'ai rencontré beaucoooup des personnes supers.
Voilá ma "jumelle" Aum ~ on avait portée la même robe. C'était la prémière fois que nous nous avons vus. Mais aujourdhui nous sommes allées faire du shopping avec Julie&Nan.
Elle est magnifique just comme les autres filles.


My gets: Sleek Face Form- Contouring and Blush palette. So excited to try it out.
L'oréal superliner perfect slim. I've heard many good reviews on it.
Also I bought loads of gifts for my cuties in Germany but there is no point in showing them here haha? Would ruin the surprise.

One of the cakes we had- chocolate nut tarte♥
Und de nos gâteaux- tarte aux chocolat avec des noisettes ♥


Ulzzang inspired♥

Group picture ♪

Her name is AiAi and she came to the party with her mom Nook♥ AiAi kept us all entertained and amused hahaha.
And she can speak Thai and English aaand she can count in Mandarin which is just so cute. She does it better than me.

Elle s'appelle AiAi et elle est venue à la fête avec sa mère Nook. AiAi est une personne très amusante ♥
Et elle sait parler en Thai et en Anglais et aussi elle sait compter en Mandarin. Elle le fait mieux que moi.


So as for my plans ~
Of course I go to uni this week, I have to buy some more presents, I will hit the gym, cook and hang out with my flatmate, meet some scottish cuties before I leave and one of my good friends here has her 18th birthday this Friday and we go clubbing on Saturday. Also I work in the hotel and I will try to take at least a few outfit shots and Fotd's. Presents haul/Xmas/Holidays (I visit my boyfriend & then take him home to Hannover, my hometown)/New Years...
There will be a lot for me to blog about in 2013.
Stay tuned for that ♥
Also there are some more important matters such as my resolutions, my take on the Spanish unemployment (I will tell you later why this concerns me), charity work and I am planning on doing a long- distance relationchip advice.
I feel energetic. ♪

Alors mes plans ~

Bien sûr je vais à l'université, je dois achèter des cadeaux, je vais aller au gym et je vais passer du temps avec ma cohabitante. Aussi je vais prendre rendez-vous avec des belles et beaux d'Ècosse, une de mes copines proches a son anniversaire le Vendredi et on va faire la fête le Samedi. Aussi je dois travailler a l`hôtel et je vais essayer de prendre des photo de maquillage et de mes outfits. Presents haul/Noel/visiter mon petit ami....le nouvel an.
Il y a beaucoup de vous dire en 2013.
Soiyez prêtes. ♥
Aussi il y a des choses plus importants comme des résolutions pour 2013, mon opinion sûr le chômage en Espagne (et pourqoui cela me concerne), bienfaisance et j'ai l'idée de faire un petit "how- to" pour ceux qui ont une relation avec quelqu'un qui habite loin de vous.

See you in 2013


Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2012

Buffet time with Emilia + dip dye ♥

Hi everybody♥
Emilia and me studied all weekend for our Mandarin exams. And they went well! (We had 3) Thanks to everybody who wished us good luck!

Salut à tous ♥
Tout le week-end, Emilia et moi avons appris des choses pour l'examen de Mandarin. C'est bien passé, merci à tous qui on dit "Bonne Chance".(On a eu trois!)

Saturday, we went to a chinse restaurant.(Jimmy Chung? Alexa Chungs borther lol )
Le samedi, on est allé au restaurant chinois.(Jimmy Chung? Le frère d'Alexa Chung lol )

I am a little tired so I won't write too much. I will read your blogs.
Je suis un peu fatiguée alors je ne vais pas écrire trop. Je vais lire vos blogs :3

Here are some pictures ♪
Voilà les photos.

Emilia & me
We got these crowns hehe.
I like her so much and I am so happy to have found another person who likes gyaru ♥ Check out her upper lashes in that picture WOAH!!


They had 4 buffets but I am too lazy to upload all of these.



In the restaurant ~ we were the only ones taking pictures haha
I think I kind of look different here? I can't describe it.




Also, I dip-dyed my hair again. It am still not satisfied with it.
Aussi, j'ai fait le "dip dye" aux mes cheveux. Je ne suis pas très satisfaite.





I am sorry if this post was not so interesting. I feel exhausted from this week (French,Spanish essays and those pre-exams I took) but I have something nice to announce: I have a new flatmate. Her name is Isabella and she's from Spain. I like her so much and we cook together ^.^ I chose her (there were many people who wanted the room) because she is from Spain and she wants to improve her English. I also liked the others, but I know how difficult it is to come to a new country >.< And she does not speak English very well. She's a psychologist but it's difficult to find a job in Spain right now. Just imagine you came to a foreign country and you cannot find a flat? She had been looking for a flat one whole month :o

Je suis désolée parce que cet post n'ètait pas très intéressant. Je suis vraiment fatiguée à cause de cet semaine. J'ai eu trop des devoirs et essays à faire. Mais j'ai quelque chose de bon à annoncer!! J'ai une nouvelle cohabitante. Elle s'appelle Isabella et alle est d'Espagne. Je l'aime beaucoup...Nous faisons de la cuisine ensemble haha ^.^ Il y avait plusieurs personnes qui ont volou la chambre, mais j'ai choisie Isabella parce qu'elle est d'Espagne et elle veut apprendre at améliorer l'Anglais. Elle est une psychologe mais en Espagne c'est difficile de trouver un boulot. Imaginez: Vous êtes dans un pays étranger et vous ne trouvez pas d'habitation. Elle était à la recherche pour un mois :o