Freitag, 20. Dezember 2013

Mac Melba Blush [Holy Grail]

Hello dear readers ♥ Ah it's that lovely time of the year. Christmas is and will probably for ever be my favourite holiday. Not only is it so nice to spend time with one's family but it is also the perfect excuse to eat a lot and laze around a little bit. I have exams coming up right at the beginning of January so I can't do so much of the latter. Still, I am sure that I will spend some wonderful days with my family and friends.

I have planned to post some new year resolutions but I will probably do that in January.
Now onto the topic of this post.
The other day I tidied up (boring introduction I know!) and I realized that I have way too much cosmetic products. I know, I know, I guess I have said that many times before, but this time I was totally shocked and I don't think that spending too much money on cosmetics is really worth it. The thing is, that I am constantly looking for the one. With the one I am not referring to a guy :D
What I am talking about are holy grail products as they are frequently called on Youtube. The one lipstick, the one eyeliner, the one Mascara and so on. I have already found some "ones" [uh-oh can you still follow me?] but others I haven't. You might remember my Let's talk about Beauty posts but I really want to limit myself to appointing one product in each category that I love.

Some British Youtubers such as beautycrush and FleurdeForce have talked about their absolute favourite products. Even if you are not too interested in cosmetics, I recommend having a look at their videos because these two cuties are gorgeous inside and out! Fleur de Force is probably gonna make a 2013 favourites video as well. Or at least I hope so! I have to check. There are also lots and lots of German Youtubers who are doing the same thing but they don't seem to label their videos properly. All I could find where "Jahresfavoriten" (annual favourites) but the term Holy Grail/Heiliger Gral is not used so much. However, Daarum made a funny video about her 2011 favourites BUT she is referring to everything in her life like decoration and so on.

Here is my first Holy Grail Product. Care to meet Melba? ♥

(Personal) Information

- Melba weights 6g and costs 24 € at Douglas - A friend (Danielle ♥) told me that Mac Products are cheaper in the US
- Melba has 36 sisters so I think there is a shade for everyone.
- Another friend who uses the very same blush told me that she bought it two years ago and she still has a lot of product left. (It's obviously important to clean it once in a while)
- Melba lasts on your cheeks all day ♥
- Melba gets jealous at other Blushes, it's very dominant haha. I used to use a Blush by Sleek but this baby here totally replaced it! Mainly because it's matte and I prefer matte products.
- You shouldn't carry it around too much though. I once owned a Mac Powder and I let it drop. 24 € is just too much for a broken product. So handle with care ♥

I'm sorry that it is already a little bit dusty on the back. I like it so much that yupp, I did carry it around with me but I try not to as I am so scared to break it :D ♥

Additionally, yes I do know that it is in a way absurd to spend 24 quit on a blush but I regret nothing.

Do you have a Holy Grail blush? If not, Melba or one of her sisters are worth a shot.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Ps: Speaking of introductions- You might also want to meet Minou. If you follow me on Instagram you know this photo. She is a cute kitten and we picked her up at the animal shelter when our other cat died. She is 6 months old and she likes to play a lot ♥

Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013


Hello mes chèrs ♥

I am feeling really good and motivated these days so I thought I should use my energy to blog again.
I don't know how you feel, but I love dolling up even when I am "just" meeting a friend for breakfast. Yuxi and I met up at Emma Tea [we wanted to go there for ages and we finally made it. This makes me realize~ Jenny and Tina we still haven't met up at this place!].

Fridays became our regular meetup-days because we are both busy studying and having breakfast or lunch usually doesn't take too much time. For some reason I still ended up being in a rush at the end- sorry again- !

Here are some photos, all of them were taken by Yuxi because she is so good at taking photos. I believe she'd be a great photographer although she studies biochemical science.

Do you know the japanese legend of the 1000 origami cranes? It is said that whoever manages to fold 1000 paper origami cranes will be granted a wish. I think it's a beautiful idea and I wish I could actually do that. Someone told me this story many years ago but I looked it up and found it on the Internet if you are interested in reading it. It is most commonly told in the context of Sadako Sasaki, a victim of the nuclear bomb attacks on Hiroshima during the Second World War.

I know that this was kind of a a self-obsessed post but I'm just so happy about these pictures :)

My outfit on this day consited of ...

A blouse by Vero Moda inspired by Blair Waldorf
A skirt worn many, many times these days. It's by Zara.
Calzedonia leggings
A bracelet from a special someone & another bracelet from another special someone
Mango boots

I wish you a lovely week ♥