Sonntag, 24. März 2013

Safe Journey ♥

Hey everyone, so as you know from my last post, I made the decision to return to Germany ♥ (Aww while I am writing this, my cat strolls around my room ♥ I missed her).

The flight, actually 2 of them since I had to change airplanes, went fine. The teddy bear I got from my boyfriend came with me.
 photo C360_2013-03-23-08-55-37_zps0bf2f422.jpg

The cool thing was, that Emilia was on the same one from Aberdeen to Amsterdam. We did online check-in to make sure that we can sit together ♪ Of course we had loads of snacks with us ♪

 photo C360_2013-03-23-17-19-18_zps0d8085a2.jpg

The two of us, wohou.
 photo C360_2013-03-23-17-19-35_zps3ee88e11.jpg

My family picked me up at Hannover airport around midnight and they were not too happy that I had so much luggage. 23.4 kg of luggage (they let me passs at the drop-off, lucky me) plus handluggage consisting of a handbag, a big sportsbag and a laptop case. Not quite sure how I managed to walk to the bus station with all that in Aberdeen.
I am super happy at the moment, however there are so many things to organize. My room is a mess too~ just like I left it haha ;D But I plan to get a super nice mirror soon so that I can snap outfit pictures ♥
I am also signing up for some pre-courses at university, so that I can do well in my studies in Germany. I've heard that Maths is quite killing, but we'll see. Tomorrow I will go to the Chinese Center here in my hometown- I didn't even know we had one- and try to sign up for a course or an exam. Or both. Personally I'd also like to try getting a DELE certificate for Spanish as having DELF for French has already helped me quite a lot.When I unpacked I realized that either a) my wardrobe is too small or b) I have to many clothes. I can't really fix problem number b) so maybe I should look for a new wardrobe too. Then most importantly I'd like to meet my friends and tadaa I already managed to meet my boyfriend ♥

After a nice big breakfast with my parents and some unpacking, he came to my place ♪ We had such a nice afternoon/evening and it is a shame that he already had to go because he's currently doing an internship in a hospital. It's part of his Medicine course and sometimes he has to start work at 7 :') For me that's not that early [remember hitting the gym around 6.30 ;D] but he loves sleeping in ~ poor him.

We also went to McDonalds because it's very close to my place and open on Sundays. Most UK people don't know this but yes our shops are closed on Sundays.
 photo IMG-20130324-WA0000_zpsd70e2450.jpg
David had a Mcflurry with Milka chocolate. mhmm ~
Usually I don't like them because I dislike ice cream in general, but it was very good.

He loved it so much, he even took the little bits that stuck on the lid.

 photo IMG-20130324-WA0001_zpsb9743bb6.jpg

I had some water [boring yayy!!! spam spam spam ;D] and delicous apple pie ♪ Unlike in the UK, it was not too sweet. In fact so many sweets I ate in Scotland were...tasty, but very sugery.

I cannot put in words how happy I am to be back. Surely I will miss my friends from Scotland, but I guess for now, Germany is where I belong ♥ And I don't want to annoy too many people with this~ I'm just so proud that my boyfriend and me managed to do long-distance until now. It was not easy, still we managed. I love you more every day :)

 photo IMG-20130324-WA0002_zpsce492f85.jpg photo IMG-20130324-WA0003_zps4c3365d2.jpg

I have to go ♪ I need to pack again because my mum and me go skiing in Austria. We  leave on Tuesday :')Hopefully you enjoyed this post and don't forget that Bloglovin button. Google Reader might shut down :( 

Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

Bye Bye Scotland- Vlog ♥/Bloglovin

Hey cuties ♥
It took me ages to decide whether I should upload this video or not and I will probably chicken out at some point and just delete it.

I will quit my studies in Scotland and return to Germany! Wohouuu!! :)
In the video, I tried to explain a little why I am doing that as I thought it might be more interesting than a long written post.
If you can, please take your time and watch it ♥
Please excuse my (still bad...) English ;D
Gosh I really am super shy about it but I wanted to share my thoughts with you XD
Here you go:


Oh and because of all the panic with Google Reader shutting down, here is bloglovin for my blog. (Not sure if I managed to paste the code correctly...~ugh)
I will try following all the blogs I love with bloglovin as well but to be honest, I just hope the rumours are not true. If you know more about this, let me know please :)

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Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

The Hype (actually just blabla)

Hello hehe
I did not quite know how to choose a title for this post but anyway ~
I faced two days of almost no internet haha tonight I am so happy#firstworld
how is everyone? ♥

I am so tired from my workout today. I guess I mentioned it a couple of posts back but Emilia and me are going every day before or after [or both...] uni to the gym and do not only cardio but also weights. And no, we're not gonna become bodybuilders. That's what my boyfriend feared actually.
Today we did not take the time to do stretching and I can already feel my legs. Anyway, something else I did while internet was not working was- actually starting to do some kpop moves. Two friend from Aberdeen got me totally into that kind of music and even one of my close friends in Germany listens to it now. I guess it all started with the gangnam style but shhh don't tell anyone ;D I've always liked it but I did not look at the dance moves until recently. ♥
Some of the groups are pretty good. Okay no, they are really good.

I guess I failed but I was home alone and danced a little to 4minute's huh and o tarantallegra (the spelling XD) from jyj since I had their amazing music videos flying around on my laptop.
Uh yeah. I also did a French essay. Whatever, I feel like it was nice to try doing the steps a little:)
I also had some videos from the dance group Black Queen and I was like 'woaah' when I watched it closely.

There is nothing better than...♥
 photo 1360939266133_zps68720485.jpg
Look at them microsoft paint skills ;D

I guess the fitness/health thing is hyped a lot lately.
Actually when one of my friends recently said she wanted to do a diet where she'd only eat Bananas for a week I got really angry. Looking back I guess I overexaggerated but don't do this to your body :/ lose fat the healthy way.

 photo C360_2013-03-14-17-50-06_zpsc648ab87.jpg

This was me today after the gym at a Carmen's and Julie's place.
I started wearing lashes on a regular basis but they are not very noticable? :o
And yeah there is an Usamimi in the first picture but I decided to leave it in my bag because the weather was awful and then I forgot to put it back on.

and tadaaa ~ new shirt.
This isn't meant to be any outfit/coord, it's literally just a photo to show you guys the shirt and to whine a little about the fact that I really need blonde highlights in my hair soon. :(

Until then call me 'Brownie'...
 photo 6910280e-6855-4ae4-81c0-063ff5636d21_zps78fae7b6.jpg

'Pardon the Hype' is maybe a little arrogant and I swear at some point Republic had it in 'Not worth the Hype' should think positively about yourself, right?

Plus I just liked the letters, the fabric and the whole 'idea' of this shirt. It works as a shirt and as a short dress, perfect for clubbing but not too tight.♫
I've walked past this shirt so many times and when it was finally 40% off I bought it ♪
I had to be very patient; like checking every now and then because the sale kept changing between 10 and 30 %. When it was 40% one day, I finally bought it with Brooke. Strange shop :/

The two of us ♥
We realized that we did not hang out in quite a while (as in only seeing each other at uni) so going to our 'traditional' restaurant Nando's was really nice and we actually couldn't stop talking haha ;D The food was so spicy again but really yummy ♪

 photo C360_2013-03-13-15-50-18_zps4d983fd7.jpg

Random picture of Orangina ♪
I looove this drink. Out of all bad drinks that contain too much sugar, this one is the only one I like. Okay and maybe Mezzomix, but only when skiing...

 photo C360_2013-03-14-10-16-29_zps143ce3cb.jpg

Don't you ever call it Fanta ♪

Outfit from that day.
Okay, maybe I should not do 'Asian' poses when I don't look Asian? ^^"
And you can see my new phone case. I made it myself °w°

 photo C360_2013-03-13-11-00-58_zpsfa702167.jpg

I's basically 'just' a pink silicone case I bought in...Barcelona? Nothing special. But I added tons and tons of glitter pearls. I even bought cheap HK necklaces for like a pound and check out these cute bears ♥ ~
Seriously, what do you think?
I mean next time (probably for Summer) I will get a real decorated case from online, but I was so excited and felt so artsy that day that I wanted to give decorating a shot. None of the products is from Japan ♪

 photo C360_2013-03-14-22-20-54_zps8a796385.jpg

What else could I say? post I might have a surprise for you. No, it's not a giveaway but it is something 'personal'.
Okay I start talking nonsense :3
It is quite late.

Good night :)


Sonntag, 10. März 2013

Weekend post / Thai restaurant / Caught a cold

Hello cuties ~

I changed the layout, how do you like it? Although I already miss the pink stripes.

I caught a really bad cold and now I have to stay in bed pretty much all day. I hate being ill on weekends, but I guess as a university student it's good so that you don't miss tutorials and seminars during the week?

The weather here sucks but I think I cought the cold when it was super sunny the other day and I wore very light clothes //idiot.
Today it started snowing again. Such a shame.

Actually, on Friday morning I though 'nah, it's gonna be fine'
So I went to uni, sitting next to a friend of mine who had a cold as well so I guess this didn't really help~
Bye the way, I am so happy for him and jalous and the same time ;D He's gonna spend the next year in Japan at university.
When I came home I felt really really ill so I stayed in instead of going to the movies with my girls.
I pretty much watched gossip girl all evening and I installed Line//Line Play on my phone. This game is so cute ♥ I even got my boyfriend to play it with me. So we both were on skype and played Line at the same time. Maybe this sounds weird, but it was so much fun and warm milk with honey made the evening even better. My throat still hurts but oh well ~
When I am in Germany I will play pokémon again! Used to do that when I was ill :D pixel photo: Pikachu Pikachu_Pixel_Icon_by_LizieVamp.gif

On Saturday, my cute girl group (xD) asked me to go with them to a Thai restaurant.
I didn't want to say no again and I felt okay plus I was even quite hungry so I decided to come along. ♥
Some girls of our group are Thai so they know the best places and I am sure we payed less for the meal. They hugged the waitress and so on ♪

I have no idea why, but I didn't take any pictures of us or the main course. That's very strange but I get tired easily when I am ill so that's probably why. I simply forgot.
Some of us had this amazing drink but I forgot the name. It tastes like 'normal' Asian black tea with milk and sugar but it also had a vanilla /strawberry taste to it. Very nice♥

 photo IMAG2891_zps767d1de8.jpg

As a snack, they gave us cookies. Lots of them :)

 photo C360_2013-03-09-13-44-13_zps3229c507.jpg

The only food picture ~ a starter (vegetable dumplings I believe)

 photo C360_2013-03-09-14-34-01_zpsfd3dc36f.jpg

My hair and make-up. I guess you can tell that I didn't feel that well ughh ~
I made the earrings myself with Fashionsociety ♥
Actually so many people laugh at the name and they would rather see me in a more 'sophisticated' society but to be honest, Fashion society is at least doing something. Next week we will be hosting a Vintage Market for example.
I wish I had a good camera that would catch the blush better, but this picture turned out okay. Not saying the blush looks good, but at least it's visible.

 photo C360_2013-03-09-11-02-54_zpsc6b33793.jpg

 photo C360_2013-03-09-11-05-43_zps3d4161cc.jpg

 photo C360_2013-03-09-17-13-57_zps696eb95a.jpg

Luckily Namwan gave me new lashes ^-^ She had asked a friend from Thailand to send them to her for me. You can imagine how super pleased I was. Especially since you can't buy bottom lashes in the stores here. Should totally get paypal but it only works with a credit card? I am looking forward to trying them out  ♪ Thanks again Namwan!
[the photo of the lashes came out weird, no clue why]

My 'haul' from the last two days.
A cute belt from Republic//Bananas//silicone glue for my mobile case//Glamour magazine//apples//Palmer's Lipbald - I thought I should give it a shot, my lips are killing me// throat lozenges//popcorn (♥)//Prince Polo- a Polish sweet.

Did I ever mention that so many people here think I am Eastern European or Russian? When my dad was here, they asked us in a pub 'so how is life in Russia' and yesterday I went to this Polish shop to buy the sweet and they said stuff to me in Polish~ I find that quite funny ;D ♪

 photo C360_2013-03-09-17-13-29_zps99cfa26c.jpg

Here is a goodie from the London Fashion week. You know how Elizabeth Arden products are seen as 'the' products for skincare. To be honest, I tried this cream and it did not do anything for me. My skin looked (in my opinion) even worse and felt really tense even though it looked shiny. Ugh never again~
I got a sample sized Annayake cream as well and that one was fantastic ♥ No picture though ;D
I might do a post about my regular skincare.

fail fail ;D

 photo C360_2013-03-09-09-46-41_zpsf25afbfe.jpg

Bye Bye pixel photo: Rilakkuma Chu Pixel nab1YoF9t.gif

 photo C360_2013-03-08-11-25-15_zps45e886f9.jpg

pixel photo: dark pink bow 2-2345654.gif

Sonntag, 3. März 2013

Random Post ♥

Hey everyone ♥ I am in such a posting mood at the moment. Hopefully I am not annyoing anyone.
Anyway, this will be a quick one.

Here is my YOLO food
(you only live once, I learned that meaning recently.)
They called this baby "French Apricot Pastry" at M&S and I think this name is not appropriate.
I call it: Grand Four
Just like the 'petit four' only that it is...y'know...big. blablabla whatever. Sorry.

 photo C360_2013-03-03-17-27-47_zps584b1621.jpg

Macarons ♪
Feeling very French.
It's the first time I saw them in a supermarket for a very good price so I was like ajfgfjf need to get them.
I wasn't a fan of the chocolate ones though.

 photo C360_2013-03-02-17-44-44_zpsa37eb12c.jpg

Healthy time ♪
Wholegrain Cereal, natural yoghurt, banana, almonds, some honey ♥ And if you wonder what this thing on the right is-yep it's my duvet. Had breakfast in bed on Saturday.♥

 photo C360_2013-03-01-08-01-48_zps7ba7d29b.jpg

I would like to show you some outfits too hehe~

 photo C360_2013-02-28-08-19-37_zps8e670087.jpg

I am wearing just comfortable stuff at the moment. Evene though the sun is shining, it's still cold.
Hopefully that will change soon♪

There's still my little beany (no clue how to spell this, I mean the hat) ♥
Actually I got quite few comments//compliments for this coat. Sorry that you can't see it so well on these pictures but actually I wore it all the time in London so if you look at these posts again you will recognize it. My dad saw it here in Aberdeen and he bought it although it was pricey. He insisted XD

 photo C360_2013-02-27-16-12-12_zps8be3e8a6.jpg
My boyfriend says that my hand is doing something between "hardrock haleluja" and "peace! :D Ignore this.
Summer Outfit yay! In...the changing room. Would you believe that this shirt was only 2,50 pound? H&M children section haha ~
Looks totally Jack Wills in my opinion.

Here is the F21 bow from London ♥
Btw my latest issue with my hair is that, well yes I am legally blonde but the hair in the lenghth is way lighter than the hair near the head :/ as you can see, I become brown-haired. For my family, that's pretty normal because all of them used to be blonde when they were children and then they got brown hair. Looks as if I had died my hair but I swear I didn't :'(
Emilia already suggested adding highlights at the top but hm...not sure.

 photo C360_2013-03-03-09-19-34_zpsa09e1794.jpg

Today ♪ I went to Culter (outside Aberdeen) with friends again.
The shirt is from Primark ♥ They have really nice spring items.
The trousers are not new but if anyone is interested: They're from Cubus which is such a nice store to buy trousers in Hannover ♥

 photo C360_2013-03-03-09-19-49_zpsdee46981.jpg

Here is the MyMelody Shirt mentioned in the London Haul ♪

 photo C360_2013-02-27-07-56-54_zps09a969b4.jpg

Here is my favourite! The shirt from Pull&Bear. I believe their label headquarters are based in Barcelona? I discovered it last summer and I was super. happy to discover this store in London.~
the prices are H&M-ish ♪ But the style in general is more like Zara I'd say.

 photo C360_2013-02-27-14-33-47_zps5197d958.jpg

Happy Pose :)
I'm in love with Japanese and Korean Drama and maybe this is something the girls would wear~
Oh and the Neverfull seems to go with everything. I have it for a week now and I love it more every day.

 photo C360_2013-02-27-14-35-54_zpsa32db9da.jpg

And to end this;
recently bought cheap pearls and so on to decorate my phone case ♥
It's almost done so I will reveal it to you soon :)
 photo C360_2013-02-27-18-42-04_zps37bf9d73.jpg

Random question for a random post.
What was your favourite meal when you were a kid? :D
I thought about it today and yeah, it was plain pasta with butter.
The reason why "mantequilla" was my first Spanish word-> we travelled a lot to Spain when I was 6-10 and I guess I knew 'Hola' but that was about it. I would refurse to eat anything with a sauce so I had to learn the word 'butter' to order at restaurants :D call me crazy...

Today I wanted to see if it still tastes as good as it used to. And I must say: YES INDEED.
This plain-butter-pasta was so tasty ^-^

 photo C360_2013-03-03-16-37-43_zps7cfcdfbf.jpg

Hopefully I did not steal too much of your time. But it's a Sunday, right?~

xoxo Keki

Freitag, 1. März 2013

London Love [2] ♥

Hey everyone ♥
Here is, as promised, part 2 of my no-sightseeing-just-girly-stuff London experience February 2013!

Let's start with a Fashion Show. We went to Somerset House on Saturday morning to collect 3 tickets: The actual Fashion Show ticket (it was a mixed Designer show, but more below),
a ticket for "shop and the lot" (designer shopping)
and a third one for our goodie bag. I am not sure why I have only two on this picture but there were 3.

 photo C360_2013-02-23-10-31-51_zps5fbce983.jpg

Sponsored by Vodafone. Yay stylish! Jokes ;D Still, they gave out bright red nailpolish~

 photo C360_2013-02-23-10-25-56_zpsa3decd44.jpg

"Somerset House" sounds like "Summerset House", right? Well it was not a sunny day at all. Luckily most things took place inside ♪
It was near the Tube Station "Charing Cross"

Okay, so what did we do? First fixing our hair of course. Haha...uhm I am not kidding T.T
Outside Somerset House were the 'streetstyle bloggers' who either took pictures of others or let them be taken of themselves. I will probably change my mind soon, but at the moment I am really more into an elegant//polished//girly look than what I saw there.
I know people want to look independent these days, but don't they get that looking independent is sort of mainstream?
I hope anyone understands what I say here XD
I used to really like streetstyle, but this whole 'edgy' look where it seems like somebody hasn't showered is just not for me.
Still, some of them looked nice and I had all the time the feeling to recognize some youtubers or London-based bloggers as I read a few, but I was too shy to ask >.<
We didn't have wait long until they gave us all the tickets and we were able to collect the goodie bags. Some of the items were pretty random (toothpaste? Coffee?) but others were a dream.

I plan to do a review on some stuff so stay tuned for that ^-^

We went through the designer shopping area for a while before the shows started. As you know from my previous post, Diet Coke took Emilia's and my picture and actually the girl in Triumph Underwear asked us to either facebook/instagram or tweet that we are in their store at the moment. We were like: Uhm..ok?
I decided to Instagram it. Not sure what they planned to get out of that as I don't have many followers and use Instagram for inspiration & stalking purpose only? pff ~

In Triumph store♥

 photo IMG_20130223_110408_zps40bb7b25.jpg

Still we did it and got free underwear! No picture of that though ^-^

Another nice area was the Bueno Lounge. You got that right, it's basically the Kinder Bueno chocolate I am speaking about ♥
Before we left we went there for a free massage . I am super sorry that there is no chronology in this post :p

Free Bueno while waiting for out appointment ♪
All of us stole so many Bueno! I ate more on that day than I would ever eat in one year. Kinder Bueno I love you, but you are a little overpriced usually T.T

 photo C360_2013-02-23-13-06-37_zps207a3a71.jpg

The massage was very nice :) Actually it was my first 'professional' massage.

 photo C360_2013-02-23-13-06-13_zpsd08c587c.jpg

So yeah you could take as much as you wanted while waiting. Actually, this was the case for many thing there. Free drinks, free yoghurt, free chocolate...♪ To be honest I was quite surprised as it was a Fashion Event and I thought "why so much food?"
But that was just the prejudgemental voice inside my head speaking, saying 'models don't eat'.

Speaking of: The models looked healthy and super pretty. I enjoyed the actual show very much as it was presented by Zoe Hardman. She looks so much younger than she is.
The show included sets of looks, for example we had "Eastern Promise" and then around 20 models came walking down the catwalk. After this, Zoe commented, asked the audience questions and explained the looks ♪
I felt really "active" during the show, if you get what I mean? She was speaking directly to us and I liked her very much.
Non-British people might have to google here though. I was a bit embarassed but then again I am not that fashion-savvy so it's not that bad if I didn't know her, right?~

 photo C360_2013-02-23-11-56-01_zps13effe33.jpg

My favourite was Eastern Promise ♥

I did not take many good pictures and this one is actually stolen from their webside. Really have to get a new camera or whatever :(

OK, so after the show we went once more to the designer shopping, taking a closer look at the items. They had so many nice labels. Prada, D&G, Armani and Vivienne Westwood (to only name a few) ♥
Especially D &G has had huge discounts. Something like 80 % off, I am not joking.
However, as I spent quite a lot money on Friday, I didn't buy anything.
Emilia bought something in the Tony & Guy Hairdresser which was another highlight. If I was unhappy with my hair, I would totally go there. They had good offers and the atmosphere was super good and professional. Many people spontanously decided to get a haircut :'D
Same with the Benefit place~
They had a Brow/Lash Bar so you could get a nice set of thick eyelashes for a decent price ♥

I see no point in mentioning every single shop/room that had nice offers though ~ if you have any questions, just ask me. Tickets were really reasonable! Check the webside for prices.

Overall, I absolutely enjoyed the event and I would go there again. Especially when you are into Beauty, I recommend it as the freebies totally make up for the ticket price and seeing a 'real' catwalk show is worth it :) Of course we could not get into a Chanel show or Marc Jacobs, but I'd say that a mixed designer show is nicer anyway ♥

After the show, we headed to town again :) This is photos from both Saturday and Sunday as I uploaded them together ^-^

Nerd-Talk Begins
Finally Nerd-time in Chinatown and near Picadilly and Leicester Square! We found a store that sells all things Anime/Manga and even though I am not that much into it anymore, I enjoyed going there.

 photo C360_2013-02-23-20-44-55_zpsa6c84b63.jpg

See the caps? PLEASE tell me you'd also go for the left one. The first Pokemon Season is my one and only loved season ♪ I kinda know all the episodes haha and did I ever tell you I literally played all the games?  Except for the very latest one that came out last year.
My close friend already know this about me ~
Every time a new season comes out, Roman, Hermi and me would go and buy it together and then have crisps and pizza, playing it all day long ;D (I do always collect at least 4-5 badges on the first day...Number 3 is always causing me trouble, it was really bad in the Heart Gold Edition! Totally hating Miltank..)
My favourite Pokémon is Suicune ♥

Nerd Talk Ends

Random picture ♥
Look at Emilia's "plate" ^^
 photo C360_2013-02-24-11-24-55_zps73e53363.jpg

We went to Uniqlo, which is an either japanese or Japan-influenced store in London.
I can't remember and I am to lazy to look it up ~

But they had these gorgeous shirts ♥
They even did Alice in Wonderland, Bambi, Sanrio characters (my melody!) and others. Since stores usually do only Mickey and Hello Kitty I was happy to buy a My Melody shirt ♪ Will do an outfit with that soon ♥

Instead of showing you every item, just wait for an outfit post :)
Here is a summary of what I got though~

From left to right:

Cap (Money and me :'D sorry I liked the colours)
My Melody shirt
A massive hairbow from Forever 21
Victoria's Secret stuff
A pink/white shirt from Forever 21
A Liz-Liza inspired shirt by Bershka~ super short ughh
Orange shorts from Primark
A Jumper from Pull & Bear

 photo C360_2013-02-25-14-24-55_zpsafad7182.jpg

Best wishes ♥
Love you all,


And thanks for reading :)