Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Ke's Sunday #002

It's an online catch-up that I am doing today. Means: Replying to emails and messages, looking at blogs, downloading some music etc ♪ Kpop obviously.
And Ranma 1/2 OST.

Did anyone else love this show when they were a child? I even have 30 Ranma Mangas O.o
Watching it on youtube makes me want to go outside, jogg along the beach and do crazy Kung Fu moves :D

This is only a quick picture post. I did quite a lot these days and there is something special happening this week. My dad is coming to visit me in Scotland from Tuesday to Saturday! Wohou ♥We have already booked our tickets for Edinburgh on Wednesday. I have never been there so I am very excited. Also, we plan to go hiking (oh dear) and I want to take him to the restaurant my friends and me have been to a few days ago.

It was Hungarian cuisine ~
so tasty. I am not a meat-person but I totally enjoyed it. The 12 of us ordered everything and shared it. And I seriously mean everything. When the waitress came, we said "every meal on the card, please". Plus starter and desserts. I could barely move afterwards.

 photo C360_2013-01-22-19-10-04_zps1c00930b.jpg

Group picture ♪ Spot me in the far back haha.

This is cheese chicken and I believe I never had anything like that before. It is very nice.

 photo C360_2013-01-22-19-09-58_zps91e236f5.jpg

Aum -she was the one leaving and she is in Thailand now :(- Carmen and me ♥

 photo C360_2013-01-22-19-05-23_zpsc5892a0a.jpg

It was a very nice evening. We met around 6.30 but of course it was later than 7 until we had decided that we wanted to order...well, everything.
Have you ever done that in a restaurant? XD
The restaurant was very small, I think only 4-6 tables in total. It is run by a family and my friends told me that they actually ran into the waitress when they went partying. She is super nice and funny! ☼
Speaking of. As I am a part-time waitress myself, I know how hard the job is so I always give a tip these days.

And I know this has nothing to do with that particular evening, but I thought I should show you a little with-and-without-makeup-picture as I love seeing these on other blogs.
I could also call it: The three looks that I wear xD

1) Grocery shopping//Sports//studying//evening. When I come home and know that I won't be going out anymore, I usually take all my make-up off and put my bangs back.
 photo C360_2013-01-22-09-19-43_zps83c012e0.jpg

2) Uni//Meeting friends//shopping//appointments at bank etc.//formal occasions

 photo C360_2013-01-22-10-14-52_zpsdd180133.jpg

3) Depends but quite often lately//for fun//meeting friends//meeting friend who are also into (japanese) fashion//taking pictures//partying

Eyes. Ignore the reverse-beard, it's the light ~

 photo C360_2013-01-22-18-09-14_zps2060d45a.jpg

And curls. I like curls a lot and for some reason
 photo C360_2013-01-26-13-41-55_zps5fd87902.jpg

Yesterday, I met Carmen. Ugh I notice that this entry has no chronoligical order but nevermind.
The last make-up shot was taken on that day.
It was sooooooo nice with her ♥ Because of exams, we did not hang out a lot lately so we were super happy to see each other again.
It was sunny and not so cold. I could finally wear my galaxy leggings again.

 photo C360_2013-01-26-13-45-23_zps1b9523f5.jpg

We went to "Mojo" Coffee House in Georgestreet.  The funny thing is, that we both knew this place and had never been in it. We figured that this is the day to give it a shot ♥
And I must say~ we are very pleased with the place and the food.

 photo C360_2013-01-26-15-50-28_zpsf3fa19d7.jpg

It is difficult to explain but there interior is so New York style. Although you can see the Eiffel Tower here ^^" The menu is written on a blackboard and the atmosphere is very casual, warm, friendly but still chic. I will take my dad there for breakfast ♫ Hehe.

 photo C360_2013-01-26-15-57-03_zps0704a679.jpg

Both of us had a Panini and a drink and payed around 4 Pound. I guess there is no reason to complain hehe ♥ The Panini was so good, it "made her stomach happy" said Carmen. ♪ My stomach was also very happy although it complains because we later on went to Carmen's and Julie's House to bake cupcakes and brownies...
I ate so much. Even for me that was a lot! Like half the tray of Brownies? ;D
Carmen spontanously asked me to have a sleep over :] We watched Pirates of the Caribbean Part 1 which is my favourite. I am so jalous that Carmen and Julie have a TV...
Then we talked a lot, made Wraps...But I only snapped a picture of the cupcakes.

 photo C360_2013-01-26-20-05-31_zps7578a8c3.jpg

Carmen gave me this necklace :o So nice of her. It is only the pink one though, the gold heart is something I almost always wear. Does "almost always" exist? In my Spanish book it does XDD
I got it as a baby.

 photo C360_2013-01-27-13-00-59_zps509f52b6.jpg

Not onto something else~

 photo 565313_512704722107837_165956418_n_zpsf987c7f7.jpg

Another nice event was the Nutcracker Ballet with Julie. It was still during exam time, but I don't study late at night~ so going was no problem ♥ And after studying the whole day, this was a nice treat. I like hanging out with her a lot >.< :]

She found it on the Internet (webside of the ballet) and sent it to me. The Ballet looked exactly like that and we were impressed by the skill of the dancers ^-^ I want my friend Sue to dance like this one day♪

 photo 565915_512704728774503_10690220_n_zps0a340c04.jpg

This poster reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Strange uh :)
My boyfriend gave me the game "Alice Madness Returns" for christmas and today I am finally gonna play it ♥

 photo 730508_512704702107839_1911033866_n_zps5e72cff3.jpg

The last picture was taken by Julie. The place looks lovely, doesn't it? The light is so warm and soft.

Have a good evening everyone :]


Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

Ke's Sunday #001♥

wuah, another post from me! That's right hehe. And guess why? It's because there are now 150 people reading this blog. Kya!
A big thank you to the boyfriend who made my new header.
So I thought, how about weekly posts from now on?
And if it is not exam time, then Sunday is usually the "lazy day"

Voilà un autre post! C'est ca hehe. Et pourquoi? C'est parce qu'il y a 150 personnes qui lisent ce blog. Kya!

Un grand merci au petit ami qui a fait mon nouveau header.
Alors j'ai décidée d'écrire des posts une fois par semaine.
Et si c'est pas le temps d'éxaminations, le dimanche est mon jour gâté. (-le mot correct?)

Here are just some random images,outfits,gets...A lazy post on a lazy day! Ok well actually I wasn't so lazy ♥ I studied for my history exam and I met up with two friend but read below.

Et maintenent...seulement des images, des outfits et un petit haul. Alors un post gâté au jour gâté haha (je suis sûr c'est pas le mot correct!! ahh -.-)♥
Mais j'ai étudié pour mon éxamen d'histore et j'ai pris rendez-vous avec deux copines.New shorts ~ this is not really the style I wear because they are not so girly but somehow the zipper really got me.
Primark, obviously. I can't afford much at the moment because I know how much my parents pay to send me to uni plus I am saving up for something "big"

 photo C360_2013-01-15-12-03-57_zps98f39984.jpg

(yay, history paper underneath lol)

 photo C360_2013-01-16-10-24-15_zpsb7d9ddd4.jpg

And just another outfit ♥ In a changing room because my mirror at home sucks.

 photo C360_2013-01-15-10-43-15_zps24da648b.jpg photo C360_2013-01-15-09-38-22_zpsec5f8fd2.jpg

Meeting up with Lindsey and Chris~

it's a bit funny how I know them. I recently joined the UK kpop group on facebook and I saw Lindsey's post on how she's from Aberdeen and would like to meet up with people! And so we did ~ ♪
Today I got up super early. It was 7 or 8 I believe to do a lot of studying. I met them at 1 and had to leave 4ish to do more studying. MEH!

~rant about studying starts here~
I can't study after 9 pm, I just can't. So that's why I always have to do my studying during the day *sigh* At least it has always worked out so far and I am sure I am not the only one who feels dizzy after 9pm?
Also this history exam is bothering me a bit.~
Appearently we are expected to learn stuff that some (insert slang word) people could not even try to summarize. It's like our professor put everything they know in one powerpoint show, making it 50-60 slides.
I know I am not an expert on Russia's history but I am sure I don't have to learn when which political opponent of the Bolsheviks was executed?
Everything is ridicously detailed and this is NOT about university and how much more knowledge you ought to gain. It's all facts and numbers. It simply sets us off because we have no clue what the most important aspects are.
This is why I had to get lots of additional reading and do research...T.T
~rant ends here~

Please keep your fingers crossed because I have a feeling this exam might not go so well.
Anyway, I was happy to have some free time today ♥
Lindsey and Chris are super nice. And I actually only got into the singers/band recently so they were kinda my "teachers" today hehe. I had no clue what a Bias was. Now I know.  (I liked the music before. Just the music. Hit me anyone!)

And now that I am watching interviews and so on with some singers, I get more and more into it. And once you find a song, there's yet another one to listen to. And a video to watch. Omg. I am impressed that so many of them have really shining personalities. For example Hyuna admitts that she has conerns, but she says that you can't grow if you don't have concerns.
When I listened to her in that interview (golden disk 2013) I was like 'wow'.

We had some delicious Sushi and Chris knew one of the guys working there ^-^

 photo C360_2013-01-20-12-57-14_zps27025017.jpg

Lindsey and me. She doesn't like Fashion and Make-up, such a scandal! (Irony here. It's okay when people don't like it)

 photo C360_2013-01-20-14-57-50_zpse715b160.jpg

Chris and me♪
She's half Thai. Pretty her ♥

 photo C360_2013-01-20-15-03-29_zps0eaacb04.jpg

Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

Beauty Products in the Uk ♥

Hey everyone~
this is gonna be an informative post for all people that do not live in the UK
[okay, maybe for UK citizens also because, well, we all love beauty products,right?]
And it will be in English.

First of all, however, thanks for all the comments on my post on Long Distance Relationships.
This is partly the reason why I think another "informative" post would be good?~

And now let's bring it on.
As you know, I am a very superficial person (IRONY HERE!) and I figured that I should introduce everybody to some great UK-based make-up companies. You might have seen them in other countries, too but I don't think I did so I am sorry if I am wrong.
For today, I only chose these three here to review because I have not tried every label yet.

  • MUA- Makeup Acedemy, Beauty UK, Sleek
     photo C360_2013-01-19-13-14-47_zpsc5bcaf33.jpg

    You can buy them at your local Superdrug (which is the rival of Boots I believe? haha) or of course online.
    I felt strange walking in the store and taking pictures of the display but the staff was fine with it ♥ I find them very nice actually (in particular the ones in Trinity shopping centre).

     photo C360_2013-01-19-13-15-10_zps4d242440.jpg

    Display: Very tidy, testers of every products except for the lipsticks sometimes (which is okay as I don't test them anyway), range of eye-shadows varies. I believe bigger stores carry a bigger display. That's what I hear from some girls at youtube.
    The products: 4/5 but only because I wish they had more colours for eyeshadows. They are very well pigmented and I like how smooth the eyeliners are. I own a white one and I can't complain so far. I would say, if you want to "invest" in something, i.e a red lipstick, don't go for Mua. Obviously. I do not have enough experience with their products and I can't say that they are very long-lasting. I mean, they do last and for the time that I am at university, I am fine with it but maybe wear a base under your MUA make-up? ♪
    Try: Their palletes. The packaging is not so nice because it does not look very fancy, but even though it looks cheaply made (and probably is), it does not break.
    The price: Cheap. The eyeshadows,lipsticks, eyeliners and much more are 1 £, the palletes sell at 4 £. Here is my lipstick ♥
     photo C360_2013-01-19-17-47-40_zps663e93db.jpg

    Beauty UK:
     photo C360_2013-01-19-13-15-23_zps05360d41.jpg

    Display: URGH messy. Funny how you can't actually see it on this picture, but if you look very closely at the introduction-photo (top of the post) then you'll see it. I could hardly find anything, especially since some of the items had discount on them so I guess the staff did not bother tyding up? Big minus here. I hope it is not always the case.
    Products: 3/5 I only own nailpolishes so far but I like them a lot and they carry extraordinary colours "for the brave" but they also have nice pastell ones. Quality is good too and I want to try some more products. As said before, the display sets me off a little. Their eye-shadows have a very nice packaging and I fell in love with a colours called "Lavender" but they are not that strong pigmented. Sorry, I did not snap a picture but some have comic-design on them, others even remind me of Etude House' design.
    Price: Strangely a little bit more expensive than MUA for not nicer quality. Around 2-6 £ for the "little items" like nailpolishes etc.
    Here is a nail design and I think I used a pastell pink as a base. I have to get better at nailart though~

     photo C360_2013-01-19-09-20-02_zps8c45d5af.jpg

     photo C360_2013-01-19-13-15-29_zps1e932363.jpg

    Display: Depends. Some days it's tidy and on other days you can hardly find anything. See the little black packages in the second row? They all have different shades and there is no order. Does anybody else feel this way when you enter a Superdrug and look for Sleek? Products are out of stock very often (hehe greedy beauty-savvy British population here ♥). But with a little bit of patience you should get want you want.
    Products: 5/5 They are heaven♥ Oh dear I've never tried nicer make-up products and I would never give my Sleek Blushes away for the sake of Highend-Stuff. To my mind, the blushes actually beat those of NARS. I can't remember which colour it is, but one Sleek Blush is a perfect dupe of "Orgasm". The make-up palettes are super good. After I treated myself to the Naked Palette last year, I did not want to buy another one but...I will show you my gets below~ haha. Just be a little careful with the products as they (especially blush and powder) are very "heavy" on your face. Means the colours are very strong. You can soon look like a clown~
    I own a contour kit but I lack the skill. So sadly, I have to practive before reviewing it.
    The packaging is always nice and elegant (mostly black).
    Try: Blabla Blush of course.
    Price: Palettes are 7.99£, Blush 4.29£ if I remember correctly. I'm not sure what the most expensive product is but if you take a tenner with you, you're safe. Maybe the liquid make-up is more though.
    Here is a Palette but I think I might do a propper review some time. Especially since I forgot to snap a picture of the actual palette.
     photo C360_2013-01-19-17-44-38_zps3e38e76f.jpg

    Here is my new blush °A° so excited. It's called Flamingo.

     photo C360_2013-01-19-17-45-48_zpscdb80122.jpg  photo C360_2013-01-19-17-46-08_zpsbb2e47e9.jpg

    So tell me ~
    How did you like this post?
    I appreciate every comment.

    Bye Bye ♪

    Ps: Note to Suki: I did not forget about the haircare routine.
    Stay tuned for that ♥
     photo C360_2013-01-18-22-15-14_zps3817ba65.jpg

Montag, 14. Januar 2013

Little Haul and Cosmo with Julie ♪

Hey everyone

today I am here with improved HTML skills (I hope...) and I think these little graphics are just too cute.
I had my first exam together with Brooke and I think it went quite well Obviously it could've been a lot better if they had included a decent question on Imperialim but who cares.So happy that it is over.
The next on is on Friday tho~

Here are some more things I bought and got when I was in Germany and returned to the UK. There is still a huge sale going on so I wanted to take advantage of that.

These leggings here are from the children's section. I can only recommend going there. And the truth is that this is not even the smallest size. A friend at uni had ordered hers online but I did not want to do that so I was happy that the store had them today.


And I've had my eye on this in December but I did not buy it back then. I was super lucky to find it on sale!
//7 Pound instead of 28 °w°


And I could not walk past this ~
it's a little hairtie and I love it. I am really into bows lately.


I found this when I was in Germany (I've had it since two years but never really worn it. It is a clip that you can put on any shirt)


I also went to a jewelery store and finally got this ring ♥ A friend in the UK told me how much she likes YSL and actually this looks a bit like a replica I think. I do not own many rings at all~ but I will start building up a collection ;D until I get an engagement ring~ wait what? :D


And I am sure I will not wear those things together but my mum kindly gave me this blouse. The material feels so soft and even though it is winter I am wearing it. I am always cold in it so it needs a cardigan when I go out. But yeah I wear it hehe. And that means something because usually I choose comfortable over stylish ;D How about you? //I have weird hairstyling here/fail

OK and this little goodie here made me go alllll crazy! It's a bag by Codello and I found it in a German department store but the day I came there to buy it I couldn't remember which floor I saw it at. Plus, the department store was kinda confusing me XD You never know where you were. Also there were so many old people moving around...
(If anyone knows "Mäntelhaus Kaiser" in Hannover,Germany, they know what I am speaking about.).
In the end I found it in the men's section.


The best part is that you can wear it both ways ♥ (both sides)
It is a limited edition with the "peanuts" and I never really liked them a lot but now looking at the bag I find the cartoons quite cute. The first side is my favourite though.


Partying in Germany ♥ My outfit was literally just that dress ~and underwear lol)
Our visit to the "local party hot spot" Zaza was a complete fail though. It was so crowded so we decided to go to a friend's place and have a little party there. We played some kind of dancing game and got in...well a very good mood. No pictures of that I am afraid. I have to ask for permission first. ♥

About that dress~
it's from Odell which is a nice store in Columbo, Sri Lanka. Don't get me wrong, I love it and I adore this country, the people, the food but each visit makes me so sad because we filthy, rich europeans can just buy everything we want there. For one euro, you can for example have a very nice meal at a restaurant and a dress like this is not expensive either. Today's distribution of wealth is so unfair...



And last but not least, let's talk about Sunday when Julie and me visited a nice Asian restaurant. Unlike others, they do not serve the "cheap" common food but they do local specialities such as really nice Sushi creations, dumplings of all kind, many nice sorts of fish and meet and vegetables. So after going to Cosmo, you feel full but not too full.
Well unless, like us, you went to the chocolate fountain they have ;D
I only took a picture of the Sushi because there were always people standing at the buffet and it would be rude to publish their picture here.
This is the restaurant.


And OMG the staff was so funny ~

I need to tell you this!

When I approached the chocolate fountain and took quite a lot of chocolate, that member of staff (a guy) came to me and said "Look at you, greedy you!"
Just adorable hehe.


Make-up and outfit. I forgot the glue for my lashes in Germany...


I need to clean that mirror. Sorry sweeties. And I guess white tights kinda make everyone look fat, right? Right? >.<

I am tired now but I think it is a good opportunity to catch up with blogs since I will not study. For the past days, I studied so much...So today is relaxing day.

This was a long post. Thank you for reading.

PS: Thanks of all the comments on my last post :o so many ♥