Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

London Love ♪ [1]

Hey sweeties ♪ You can imagine that I have to split the London trip into two or maybe 3 parts BUT please not that this is not the typical "travelling" post because I literally did not take any pictures of the sights like Big Ben and so on. It was actually my eighth time or whatever in London, so no sightseeing ;D Just Fashionweek, shopping, going out and food ♥ So hopefully this is interesting for you.

Some of my friends (hi there, Sue <3) are actually going there soon. Maybe this post will be helpful.

I really try to improve my blog atm, have you got any ideas? More outfit posts? More beauty? Politics? ;D

Travel, Accomodation and Price
We took the Bus from Aberdeen and the journey was around 12 hours. Such a pain!

But can't complain for the price. Actually, you won't believe me but the whole trip (excluding my excessive shopping at LV and so on) was 70 pound. That's 2 nights at the hostel, the bus with return, snacks on the bus (lots), 1 lovely dinner and one massive breakfast. The university gave us a lot of money because we are the Fashion Society :>
So I can't really tell how much the hostel was but I believe it was very cheap. We stayed at the Phoenix Hostel near Marlybone (5 minute walk to the tube station, then like 5 minutes to town). It was really close to the city center, but the beds kinda looked like prison beds and we had a 14 bedroom. That was rather awful but we only slept there. I believe a fancy hotel in London is unnecessary as you won't spend the day in it, right? ~
still next time my choice will be California Hotel near Kings Cross again. That's where my German cuties will stay.

 photo C360_2013-02-24-10-40-13_zpsd0426018.jpg

The room got so messy~

 photo C360_2013-02-23-14-19-47_zpsc22301b2.jpg

Breakfast was 1.50 at the Hostel. You could eat as much as you wanted, but they only had: Toast, cheese, jam, some cereals, cheap yoghurt and fruit. Hm. Not my favourite.
Also we put our make up near the reception as with 14 girls there is too much fighting with mirrors. ;D

 photo C360_2013-02-23-08-39-55_zps1d4bbff8.jpg

Food and going out ♥
Unless you don't want to spend a fortune, eating nice food can be tricky in London.

I recommend going to China town (get off Leicester Square and then follow the signs---- or as Emilia and I did it: Follow good looking Asian people XDD)
and look for the nice Dim Sum places (love Dim Sum), buy a Bun (1.30 pound), Okonomiyaki (♥)  or, even better, go to the buffets.
We payed around 6-7 pound each time and it was okay for what you got. They even had prawns, all sorts of meat and the Sushi was quite nice ♪

 photo C360_2013-02-23-19-19-35_zps1fc4ff81.jpg

A friend told me about a place where you can have soup, ramen, desert and a Bento box for 10 pound. That's also a good deal :) I can't remember the name though.

Pizza Hut is another good place. The reason why I put it here is because they have free salad when you go. You can have as much salad as you like (including couscous and pasta salad) ♪ Totally good if you try to stay kinda healthy in London. The one we went to was near Primark.

Also all restaurants in London do free Tab water in case you didn't know. In my hometown (Germany) it is very unusual to ask for it, but here it is perfectly normal so you don't need to waste money on drinks.

Pizza ♪ very fluffy and tasty!
 photo C360_2013-02-24-18-21-24_zpsbe06697a.jpg

Otherwise, stay away from Mc Donalds. You'll get hungry again soon and it just isn't worth it. The McDonalds in London is even more expensive than the one in Aberdeen. Pfff ~

Camden is great for food, especially dinner ♥
We went to the Camden Locksidelounge which was truly great!
It's located at the West Yard, but maybe google map it before you go.
The place is soo nice :) It is in an old factory building near the waterfront. Really camden I'd say ♥ People & staff were relaxed but still dressed nicely, I'm sorry that I did not take any pictures.
I never do when I go out for drinks ~
should totally change that.
The only one is this here stolen from facebook :p

♥Fashion Society cuties♥


 photo C360_2013-02-22-10-24-38_zps74db2f7a.jpg

Dinners vary from 8-15 pound but the portions are huge. Thanks to our university, we could sooo much food and we didn't manage to eat all of it.
Apple Crumble- my favourite British desert. Topped with Vanilla Ice Cream.

 photo C360_2013-02-22-19-23-04_zpsf4d6b5b3.jpg

Drinks are reasonable, too. Strawberry/Lemon Cider is nice ~
I still remember a conversation with a friend:

I asked her "y'know, this strawberry drink is so nice. Do you think one can drink it more often?"
"what do you mean?"
"Like, having a strawberry cider every day after uni?"
I don't like alcohol (the taste) but this stuff tastes like, well strawberrys. Obivously.

After eating, you can go to the dancing area :) They have different music every night so maybe check online before you go. We had some kind of a r&b/pop mix I believe. I liked it ♪
There are also many clubs in Camden. Also, there is this place Amy Whinehouse used to go to  (The Hawley Arms) and on the toilets it says "Amy we love you" and stuff like that. Maybe worth checking out if you are a fan.

Now a little bit of random stuff
China Town!

 photo C360_2013-02-22-15-34-13_zps46600595.jpg

 photo C360_2013-02-22-15-28-06_zps4bb4c04c.jpg

I am still super happy that we found a shop were they sold all the freakin amazing japanese cosmetic! Dolly Wink, Jill Stuart, Anna Sui...you name it, they got it.
For me it was the first time to see these things in a store.♥

I can't describe where to find it though :( Just browse China town.
This is their webside and they ship to the UK for free ♥
Their products are a little expensive but I might give it a shot soon.
The fact that Jill Stuart's Eyeshadow Palette was like 50 pound made me almost cry.

Korean stationary ~
This is a Love Album and the pages had things written like "my favourite moment with you" and "A date to remember" where you can put pictures underneath. I didn't buy it because of the price :<
 photo C360_2013-02-23-21-02-05_zpsa966a092.jpg

Gotta catch 'em all!
I'd take the cap on the left ♥

 photo C360_2013-02-23-20-44-55_zpsa6c84b63.jpg

My nails :) It was my first time wearing fake nails and I liked it, but they came off really badly because I didn't put them in nailpolish remover for long enough. Primark quality uh-huh

 photo C360_2013-02-23-11-29-09_zps6996753a.jpg

Oh and if you are wondering ~
yes I hate coke, but they used Emilia and me (also others!) for a coke advertisement at the LSF and put the picture on facebook.
Can't say no to that right?
Unlimited diet coke was for free too pff. (why you no have orange juice for free?!)

More about the LSF and freebies later ♥
I'm just saying Elizabeth Arden, Benefit...♪lalala.♪

No clue who that guy is, but he is a model ^-^ I don't know the name of any male model in the world :o So if anyone knows him...tell me.
I have a bit of a belly here but please tell me that I am getting better at posing on pictures?! XD
Bye the way, notice how tall Emilia is, too? I'm 1.75m and she might be even taller than that. So jalous! I could really use those 2-3 centimeters.

Thanks for reading ♪
Hopefully this post was not boring or anything~
Lots of love ♥

 photo C360_2013-02-23-10-54-20_zpscd3e9fcb.jpg

Ps: This is my hair completely undone as we were in such a rush that morning. I am still sad that I did not do a nice hairdo on that particular day (when the diet coke photo was taken) but I guess it was "okay".

Montag, 25. Februar 2013

LSF// It's Neverfull [LV shopping experience]

Hello everyone ♪

I am back from London Fashion Week -or acually London Fashion Weekend. It is a shame we could only stay from Friday to Sunday in London~ I'd like to live there pff.
It was a truly amazing trip with a rather unglamorous way of getting there (Bus, 12 hours), but I will blog about it in more detail this week.
First I wanted to make this post here, because then I can finally shut up about Louis Vuitton. Until I buy my second one hehe :>

Instead of being all like 'well, look what a fancy bag I have' I was thinking of making this a little more informative. Now on we go!

My Louis Vuitton Shopping Experience

I've been looking for a description of the shopping experience on the Internet for ages because I can be a very considerate person and it takes me very long to make decisions. I've been craving a Louis Vuittton for a long time and I spent hours of researching (reviews, asking friends, watching youtube videos, browsing the LV online store).

 photo IMG_20130223_110408_zps40bb7b25.jpg

So here is some information about the Neverfull (my size is MM)

It's 6.7 x 11.4 x 12.6 inches ~ but what do these measurements mean? Basically, that it is a bag that will fit folders for school, university and work of the size A4 (normal paper) and is therefore a nice everyday bag.
Neverfull also comes in smaller (PM) and really big (GM) but I checked pictures of people wearing them and for my purpose and style, the MM is the best choice.

It is available in many different patterns. Choosing the pattern was a pain. I looked at:

- my style, my wardrobe
- the fact that I hate being (too ;D) boastful or showing off a label so actually Monogram was never an option for me
- the fact that I want to wear it throughout the year
- the opinion of those close to me as well as 'strangers'

Sometimes limited editions come out that are a little more expensive but oh-soo-pretty. Check Suki's post about the Rayure for exmample.

Let's look at the bag itself:
The pattern

 photo IMAG2847_zpse95cc6f9.jpg
Damier Ebene Pattern♥
When I had bags with azur & ebene both in my hand, ebene just felt right and it suited me a lot more than expected ~

 photo C360_2013-02-25-14-29-21_zps05621a66.jpg
The inside is such  a beauty. A wonderful red. Don't know about you guys, but I am always happy when things are nice from the inside (shoes, wallets, my pencil case) ♪
Also it says "Made in France" inside. These days, most LV bags are made in either France

It's coated fabric with cowhide leather trim and the straps feel very strong. They don't hurt at all and our awful bus trip with lots of luggage already proved that I made the right choice. You can really tell that the quality is 'as great as they say'.

 photo IMAG2844_zps0c393406.jpg
This probably made me smile the most. Louis Vuitton does hot-stamping for free. You can place your intials nea the straps [see picture], many fonts and colours (I chose shiny gold as it appears in other parts of the bag) are available. I took my time for deciding how I want it to be.

 photo IMAG2842_zpseac57030.jpg
The only thing that bothers me a tiny bit is that it has no zipper. I am very paranoid! One of my best friend's wallet AND ipod got stolen in Barcelona and on the trip to London, someone stole a friend's wallet.
Things like that make me really upset >.< The only thing to do is, unfortunately, to be extra careful. Luckily the inner pocket of the Neverfull MM (and deffinetely GM) is big enough for my massive Ted Baker wallet ♪

The Shop & The Staff

I doubt it's just me who gets super excited and nervous when entering an LV store. Truth is, I am not one of these people with loads of designer stuff at home. In fact, this LV is the first 'real' designer Bag I own (if you exclude labels such as Fossil and Juicy Couture) and I was worried that the staff would look down on me.

I've heard and read horror stories about people who were asked to leave when entering an LV store or about arrogant sales assistants ~
This was absolutely not the case.
The atmosphere in the shop was really nice and soon I wasn't nervous anymore but just excited! °w°
They let me touch and carry around all the items and I felt taken care of. Nobody put pressure on me and I was sure to have my sales assistant's full attention. He neatly presented all available patterns infront of me.

He introduced himself with his forename (ok, maybe for those who know LV this is nothing special...but since he was really handsome and charismatic, I was like "OMG YES PLEASE OF COURSE I WILL CALL YOU NICLAS" in my head ;D joking)
Emilia probably felt the same as she was with me :) I'd recommend taking a friend with you because then you can share the experience and chat to them if you are nervous. She also did a "before and after LV" video of me which you won't see because it is so embarassing >//< ♥

 photo C360_2013-02-25-13-01-13_zps2ff2a81a.jpg
The Neverfull came in a nice bag and a box + dustbag of course. Carrying this around in London and back to Aberdeen, however, was so troublesome. I'm very funny about shopping bags ~ I always want to keep them so that I but them on top of my closet or something as decoration haha ;D So yeah the surrounding of my Neverfull got a little smashed during the day :(


(pretty bill, huh?)
 photo IMAG2849_zpse61aa8b3.jpg

For those of us who do not lead a gossip girl life, purchasing an LV will kinda hurt the wallet. I put 'kinda' because if it is something you truly want, don't think "Or, for this amount of money I could buy 100 bags from Primark".
Do you really want 100 bags from Primark?
I realized that part of growing up is investing in things that last for a long time but I know I do not need to justify my decision as I hope I'm not being judged.

I saved money for a long time, my hands were shaking when I typed in my PIN code of my Maestro Card, but this bag was my ultimate treat: My favourite bag, bought in my favourite town  while I was there for Fashion Week.

The bag in action ♪
Photo taken at Somerset House, London

 photo C360_2013-02-23-11-13-55_org_zps582cdf9d.jpg

xoxo Keki

Freitag, 22. Februar 2013

Hello everyone :) this is a super crappy live post from London!!

The journey by bus was totally unglamorous hahaha and our hostel is...well a hostel but still I am enjoying the time with my cuties!

It's sooo amazing here :') I try to go to London as often as I can but every time I go I notice how much I missed it.:')

While I am writing this, Claudia,emilia and me are having a cup of tea, already in our pjs;)

Our feet hurt because we walked around in high heels :D

I am super tired... But there is one thing I wanted to share with you (a detailed post about london will follow when I am back!):

Omg they have victoria's secret here!!! Ah this thing probably amazed us the most when we came here ~~
Okay the store opened already last year but who cares. Europeans are allowed to be passionate about this very common store in America :D I will try to upload a picture and put it here!

Good night :) xxx

Also thanks for all the comments, you know I will reply hehe x

Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

Relaxing time ♥ And I found someone♥

Hey cuties,

first of all, please help me with this decision! Which bag should I buy?
Sorry if that was a little straight forward
Today I have some time as I didn't go to the gym. Emilia is ill (get well sweety!) and gym is only half the fun when you are alone. Also I was really busy this afternoon but now I am free and can share some moments with you ♥

I spent this weekend outside Aberdeen, near a little town called Culter. There was only one supermarket haha :)
It was a girly weekend~
I read the newspaper before I left haha still it's on the picture.

 photo C360_2013-02-16-12-05-16_zps53f3906c.jpg

I visited my lovely friend Carmen who stayed at her hostfamily's house while they were skiing.
We also took care of the dog. ♥ I have never been a dog-person because you simply cannot like cats AND dogs but..For this one, I make an exception. Her name is Ginger and she is wonderful ♪
We walked her several times and I went jogging with her.

It is a bit embarassing how I have a picture with Ginger and none with Carmen. :D

 photo C360_2013-02-17-08-43-25_zpsf3c8e1d0.jpg

Please ignore my dog-walking outfit and hair :3

Carmen and me mainly relaxed, talked about girly stuff, cooked, made some cookies...
The next day, we went to church. OMG she said what?

I think I mentioned it before, but I am actually becoming a very religios person. But not in the way like "Sunday 10 am service, silent prayer and then reading the bible at night" but more in a way like "Hey, Jesus was damn cool! I mean look how nice he was to everyone and how he didn't have any prejudice! I can learn something from him!"

This doesn't look like a church right? Even the "service room" was just an ordinary, pretty room with a stage instead of an altar.
Kinda Zen, huh?

 photo C360_2013-02-17-12-54-15_zps01baa26e.jpg

It was something about this church...maybe the calm, the families there, the little children playing when we had coffee and wonderful shortcake after the church...something that made me realize: I found god in Scotland ♥ I am very happy!!!♥ I used to think that a supercool life with a café latte in the morning and no time to for breakfast cause I have an "oh-so-important-job" in London//New York would be the best for me, but I guess I grew up a little.

Why do we underestimate family and religion, peace, harmony so much? Is a superbusy life really that cool? Mh, nevermind.

Still, if anyone wants to offer me a cheap flat in London, leave a comment :D ♥ Jokes.  It's still one of my favourite places in the world, but more about that in my next post after I've been there.

 photo C360_2013-02-17-12-56-29_zpsc6531c84.jpg

Anyway, enough of that because I don't want to touch to many "sensitive" topics as I am not saying that any religion is better than another one or that you have to believe or live in a certain way. It's very personal.

These are the pancakes we made ♪
So tasty! Okay Carmen made them but hmmmm that girl can cook. I decorated the plate though ^^"

Don't worry, this blog is not gonna become one of those cooking-and-baking blogs. Still: I love them.

 photo C360_2013-02-17-09-48-21_zps55308973.jpg

Cookies ~
A little bit too dry but still yum.

 photo C360_2013-02-17-15-56-28_zpsebc428b8.jpg

And our lasagna ♥
OH EM GEE it was second best I've ever had. (The best one was in Spain many, many years ago. My 10-years-old-self was super hungry after swimming in the sea all day and I am still dreaming of that lasagna I had for dinner. No kidding. Meal of a lifetime XDD)

 photo C360_2013-02-16-20-58-47_zps21192a5b.jpg

My life saviour recently was this goodie here. It's a tiny tube of Annayake's "crème équilibrante SP8, peaux normales" I got for free. Seriously I had really dry skin the last couple of days, don't ask me why. After I had used it up, I was like "yay, now I'm gonna buy the big tube, can't be that expensive"
Well, it's around 72 euros. //fail// Not buying it. Never.

If anyone feels filthily rich, go for it ;D It's truly good.

 photo C360_2013-02-19-08-38-57_zps747eee8f.jpg

Uhm yeah, that's all for today ♥

I don't like myself without bangs but it's so windy here and I work out so much at the gym//no point in keeping them.

xoxo Keki ♥ Bisous ♥

 photo C360_2013-02-18-10-28-21_zps8edebe35.jpg

Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013


Hey cuties ♥
This is a very quick post on my firstworldproblem ;D I was gonna keep it a secret, but YES I think I will purchase an LV when I am in London for Fashion Week.

I already annoyed  asked my friends at uni for their opinion but I'd like to hear what you guys think.
Of course I will, at the end of the day, only buy the bag that I like and I usually don't let people influence me ;D
I just thought...why not?
So here you go ~
which bag should I get?

♥both are the same price
♥both are the same shape (neverfull mm)

Sidenote: They're doing this designer-showroom thing where you can buy next season's collections for a more affortable price so don't be suprised if I end up getting a totally different bag.

Damier Azur


Damier Ebene

The pictures are not from the original webside I think but you get which bags I mean ;D I am sure ou know the two of them anyway. I think especially damier azur is quite "popular" in Germany? :3

Freitag, 15. Februar 2013

Feel Good Food

Hey everyone ♥
I can't believe that my last post on Clean Eating got so many comments. Wow!
It honestly makes me happy to see that you guys care about yourselves and your body ♪ Keep that up please.

Hopefully these photos give you some ideas for healthy meals//snacks.
I have to say that my camera is super crappy though~
totally getting a new one on Easter Holiday or something. I really need it for summer when I know that my boyfriend and me are gonna do a trip. We are not sure were to yet~ any suggestions? It can't be outside Europe because we are poor students :'D

These photos are not instagrammed & the light was a bit funny sometimes.
But that's reality baby, this is healthy food without "make up"
I will Instagram my next meals though~

I will also explain a little why I eat this at the moment.

my favourite time of the day ^-^
I usually sit in the kitchen, put the radio on and text with my boyfriend so that I don't feel lonely. Sometimes my flatmate Isabel joins me, but I get up very early.

 photo C360_2013-02-15-07-36-56_zpsae394baa.jpg

1: oats under fatfree yoghurt with 1/2 banana and cinnamon plus a little honey
why: I believe this kickstarts your day. Oatmeal can be translated into energy easily, banana gets you nice vitamins, yoghurt and honey are good anyway and cinnamon is good for digestion ♥

 photo C360_2013-02-13-08-29-58_zps9fafac13.jpg
2: oatmeal with milk, banana and grapes to the left, topped with cinnamon. And a fruit plate to the right- banana,kiwi,plum, little bit of dry apple. Dried fruits are such a treat if you're craving something super sweet. I love them ♥

 photo C360_2013-02-09-07-52-56_zps24ef1a60.jpg
3: protein pancakes topped up with hot berries and half a banana plus a tablespoon of fatfree yoghurt
why: YUMMY plus the pancakes don't have sugar as I used banana in them as a natural sweetener :3 They include 2 eggwhites and are simply amazing...

Who doesn't get a little craving around 3-4 pm? I usually have something before the main dinner.  ♪ See section below the photos "Why do I cook"

 photo C360_2013-02-15-07-36-49_zpsef53f3d4.jpg
1: Dried Apple with selfmade chocolate
why: Keep your metabolism going!

 photo C360_2013-02-14-10-11-56_zps0616ad85.jpg
2: scone (my treat)
why: Because sometimes "you just deserve something nice" plus scones are actually not that bad for you; especially not when they are handmade and you know what's in them. Plus makes me feel British haha ;D

 photo C360_2013-02-08-08-01-05_zps33aa9c97.jpg
3: kiwi-avocado-yoghurt-smoothie. Emilia, please don't get jalous but I have a Blender mwahahah XD
why: vitamins plus avocado. Avocado is kinda "fatty" but this fat is not saturated so it's something that your body likes. Try putting avocado on Sushi or on Bread too :)

Dinner became so important to me recently because I usually do my workout after uni and when I come home I am suuuper hungry of course. I usually prepare meals for two days so that on busy days I can just heat something up :) I think this is a great idea for people who are not into cooking: prepare 2-3 meals at a time if you can ♥

 photo IMAG2826_zpsc2d75ccc.jpg
1: ugh this looks so strange but its the best: Tofu with brocoli & black been sauce and a little couscous plus one selfmade dumpling filled with veggies
why: This screems protein and I think everyone should give tofu a shot. It's not as expensive as meet and high in protein :3

 photo C360_2013-02-13-15-35-29_zpsc7a4b94d.jpg
Coucous with tofum califlower and brocoli topped up with a Curry-coconutmilk sauce. I added some extra 100% natural coconut flakes on top. This is heaven and the sauce was easy to make.
why: Protein again plus some carbs (gives you energy) and I personally adore couscous since I went to Sri Lanka ♥

Why do I cook?
I've always enjoyed cooking, especially with friends but I recently found out that it is actually super beneficial to your body and soul :) For me, it is relaxing after university.
I can get creative and, most importantly, I know what I will eat.

I used to like these "ready to eat" meals that you heat up in the mivrowave and I understand that we all lead busy lives, but cooking is so great and your body will say "thank you" and reward you with way more energy ♪
A girl suggested in her comment that "clean eating" is also about the  placebo effects but I don't think all of this is my imagination.
Just think about how a cake from the frozen food section tastes and then how a cake your MUM made tastes and how much better it makes you feel.

Of course I still eat "on the go" and grabb a sandwhich from tesco's sometimes...and university can be so tiresome that I absolutely understand people who put a pizza in the oven but if you have the time, do some cooking ♪

Also, I got better at it ;D
I used to think that a 2-ingredient meal is "cooking" but now I make the nicest sauces and salads with all sorts of stuff. As soon as I found a recipe I am able to follow, I make it 2,3 times and the result is better each time. ♥

My friend Carmen and me recently made chocolate and I can recommend this to everybody.
We put a lot of sugar and butter in the recipe, but this is what Milka,Lindt and all the others do too. It's nice to know how sweets are made :)
And even though this chocolate was a delight...Now that I know how much fat it contains, I will never eat a whole 100 g pack again.
Oh well who knows.

Check this out;D
we made more than 100 g chocolate of course ~
 photo C360_2013-02-13-18-23-43_zps08c96f95.jpg

Here is Carmen ♥

 photo C360_2013-02-13-18-23-34_zps7bca8b82.jpg

Last but not least, happy Valentine's Day! I am one day late but I hope you enjoyed it ♥

 photo C360_2013-02-13-15-06-29_zpsd3ba1627.jpg

Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

Let's go CLEAN ♥

Hey everybody ♪
Yesterday I met up with some of my lovely friends and we had so much fun! More of that at the end of the post. Because this is not the only reason why I feel so good today.
Do you want to know why?
Are you ready?

I am eating healthy now and I work out a lot.

Noooo, don't leave my blog now haha because you probably expected something really cool, right? Well it is really cool and amazing so please take your time and read some of this. Actually my friend Emilia found some nice words to describe the very same thing that's happening at the moment XD So check out her post on this as well.

I am still struggeling to explain this properly to people, so I apologize if there are things you don't understand right away.

I decided to split this post into "food", "workout" and "feeling" ;D

I would say I used to eat like the average teenager//young adult~ maybe a little better since I have never liked fast food and fizzy drinks. But I am a big sucker for pasta, chocolate and all sorts of candy and also I used to think that living a healthy lifestyle with lots of fruits & veggies would cost a lot of money.
So I usually stocked up on pizza and ready-to-eat meals :'D

But let me tell you that the pizza in the British supermarkets is actually shitty :'D I mean it tastes okay... (usually around 2 pound, but I've tasted some super disgusting ones for 60p!) but you don't get what you pay for unless you go to a restaurant.
At some point, I stopped trying the pizzas here because I was so disappointed and after I had "super-watery-singapore-noodles" I gave up on the prepared meals.
That's about when I heard about clean eating.
Which is NOT a diet ;D

At my current state, I don't want to lose weight. After christmas I lost 1-2 kg or whatever because everyone gains weight in the festive season, but that's normal isn't it?
So when you look at that picture; the "obvious" strikes you: Lots of veggies, fruits, a little carb and...hey, what's that? Dark chocolate! *-*
Actually meat and fish are missing but google images did not want to help me.
You might think that this picture could come directly from a boring women's magazine where it says "with this plan, you're gonna lose x kilogram in x weeks"
Well~ that's not it. Once you eat healthily, the weight will take care of itself because clean eating is not something you do for a couple of weeks, it's for your entire life and it has nothing to do with diet.
No food is forbidden, you don't do ridicously small portions, you can actually eat carbs in the evening and YES you can have this super-cheese-pasta, the pizza, the chocolate...as long as
1) you don't have it too often
2) It is not too much processed.

Y'know that the food industry adds a freakin high amoung of chemistry to products in order to give them more taste, right? Exactly this stuff is what makes us tired & hungry again after a few minutes.
Sorry for talking so much about the difference between this & diets but I think it is important.

Typical mini-food haul ;D
Brown pasta, lots of quark, cucumber.

 photo C360_2013-02-04-19-24-24_zpse0e83200.jpg

Here is come chocolate lovely Julia sent me ♥ A survival pack for Scotland hehe♥ She also wrote me a cute card. I am very happy ♪
Uhm...and cookies and cream never made it safely into my kitchen because I ate the pack (was a small one luckily) in the hallway haha XD

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If you want to follow this lifestyle too, there is a lot of stuff about it on the internet and great recipes too! For example, check out these pancakes on Emilia's blog.
Or the whole weat bread with quark and avocado *-* next to oatmeal, natural yoghurt and kiwi plus honey hehe. In the past few weeks, I did not add any sugar to any of my meals, just banana or honey ♪
OK now enough about the food part.

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Of course the gym is an important part, but "abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym".
However, I do love working out & tips of this amazing lady here.
Her Youtube channel is soo addictive haha XD
Many woman underestimate how important it is to NOT ONLY DO CARDIO. So skip that crosstrainer once in a while, or just go for 10 minutes and then to crunches, plank, squats...!
It sounds painful and it is but it's worth it.

I've always liked sports and as a kid I was in a swimming team and I enjoyed playing hockey with friends, going ice skating and of course play tennis. I come from a tennis family so for us, a good tennis match is leisure, not sports actually ;D My father STILL beats me 6:3 or 6:4,...I gotta push harder there. It is a shame that I can't play tennis in Scotland :(

In Aberdeen, I somehow find the gym easiest to go to because it is very cheap, the classes are great and it costs only 17 Pounds a month *-*
I go there with Emilia these days, but today Julie is also gonna join us ;) Sometimes I see other classmates because our gym is absolutely great! It's clean, easy to get access to...and open early in the morning till late.
More about this maybe at another point ~

A gym outfit ;D It's a twin outfit with Emilia haha.
Uhm yeah~
these days I never wear my bangs down because it's so annoying when I do sports and when I study I usually put them up anyway.

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I am dying to get exactly this top though~
It's designed by Cassey.

Omg, absolutely my favourite part. I feel so good despite of university stress, being away from home and boyfriend etc. It's like...my body thanks me for giving it the food it needs and taking it to the gym ;DMy skin is very happy too ^-^
No break-outs etc. I could go out without make-up but of course I don't since I love make-up so much. :3

I've always thought that the stuff people say about eating healthy food is "fine and interesting, but nothing a normal human being can do".
Well, I was wrong.
It is actually even cheaper to cook yourself rathet than buy those prepared meals XD And I usually cook for two days & I do that in the evening becaue I still study.-->pff of course.
Food at university is so expensive T.T I prepare my own salad&sandwhich these days.

Yesterday's look
Wearing a sleek blush again.
Any very simple make-up.

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It was Namwan's belated birthday party and we just met up with the girls to have some nice dinner, watch a movie and drink champaign (my first champaign ever and I didn't like it ~ bye, bye, high society!! :D).

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Should probably get instagram again T.T Pictures like this look boring without a filter...

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The cake was a bit too heavy for me, so I actually didn't eat any of it. But Namwan gave us something called "flower cookie"? XD Have a look

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it's a Thai sweet and truly pretty. Just like her ♥ I am glad that I have met you, sweety.

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Our food ♥ Most of it was selfmade. Yay to healthy food!
Look at them fish egg bread thingies ;)

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Thanks for reading :)
And the long post was long...Soryy ♥