Montag, 24. Juni 2013

Good Morning Upper East Siders ♥

Okay, just kidding. Hey everyone! I'm sure most of you know where I chose this sentence from. I got addicted to gossip girl- again! After having watched all six seasons I was a bit disappointed in the end. (Don't worry, no spoilers here) I mean, it's a great show but when I found out who gossipgirl was, I didn't know what to think. But a few weeks ago, I started watching the series again and I like it a lot. The cast, the costumes, the scenerie, the plot, the, well almost everything. Many of my friends like it, too and even my cousins watch it. I like to flatter myself and say that I liked the books and the series before they were released in Germany :D But I can totally understand the hype. Anyway, enough of the blabla, let's get to the point.

Isn't the wardrobe in Gossipgirl just so adorable? I feel like they put so much detail into what the characters wear; they seem 'real' even. And as for many people, my favourite character and fashion inspiration is Blair Waldorf ♥ Last week I started looking up online tutorials for getting her look etc. and I found quite a few helpful and interesting ones. Btw not saying that anyone should imitate a character from a TV show or anyone else for that matter- but I think we all could use some gossip girl glitter in our everyday lives, right? ♪

The oldest tutoria/wardobe analysis of Blair Waldorf's style l known to me is by collegefashion,
but I think it's still very good. Just a second ago I went to google and this webside popped up: Blair Waldorf Fashion. Okay, maybe I wouldn't dedicate an entire blog to this character, but it's really great to find pictures of her outfits. Here are my favourites by the way:

Thanksgiving  ♥

From my favourite episode Viktor Victrola ♥

At a wedding ♥

And as there are so many pictures of the outfits from the gossip girl series, I don't want to show you too many. Typing it into google does the trick ♥

Overall, there are 5 things that I find very inspirational concerning Blair's Wardrobe.

1.) The best of both worlds: I think this is how one of the fashion people on set called her style. She mixes classics like pearl necklaces, pencil skirts etc. with modern elements like highheels, sexy stockings, headbands and very vibrant colours.

2.) Her clothes fit her perfectly. I read this on several blogs and overall I think this is very, very important. No matter what we wear, it should fit. Otherwise we will look 'lost' in the outfit. No dress should be too tight, but it shouldn't be too loose either.

3.) Accessories. Need I say more? Headbands, bows, ribbons, necklaces, lots of other fashionable jewelry (even though it's never too much)...

4.) Not sure how to label this point but basically her clothes are always appropriate to the occasion. Even at home when she is 'just' hanging around and reading a magazine she wears gorgeous lingerie, pyamas and so on ♥ Check out the second picture where she is eating strawberries in this gorgeous silky bathrobe :) Truthly speaking I never put on make up when I know I'll be lazy all day but pretty clothes make me feel way better, so why do I always wear boring shirts and sweatpants? :D I guess having cute/pretty nightwear is a nice investment for oneself ♥ Take a look at this collage: (found it on google)

5.) Blair is all matchy- matchy. Maybe this is even a little bit too much because I think that she doesn't have to always match the umbrella with the skirt and the headband but when I look at her outfit I just realize how well everything goes together. But obviously the show has tons of resources and so many designers send them their pieces so that they'd be worn on the show. I'm still impressed how much thought they put into Blair's/all the characters' style ♥

So far, most (German and British) fashion magazines included GG style in them. I didn't see this happening for many other TV shows, so yeah have a look online. I'd love to own some clothes from the show.

And as it is very difficult to lead a gossipgirl-esque life (there are even articles about that; I wouldn't recommend reading them because they are quite stupid. We shouldn't pretend to be rich kids if we are not! Plus the show is fictional), I'm just currently trying to add some sparkle to everyday's life ♥

Here is a recent outfit by the way ♥ Totally not Blair-ish (more Serena maybe ;D) but why not share it?
Credit goes to Sue for the photo. We were laughing because we had never taken 'walking pictures' before. Y'know those pictures where somebody has a drink in their hand and walks to the camera, haha. We were making a bit fun of that. It was a lovely day, too ♥


Meaning: New pyamas (obviously ;D), dressing more according to the occasion, not always saying no when my parents want to take me to a museum or a classical concert, finally stopping to wear Mickymouse tshirts [I got 2...] and wearing--lipstick. I would have never imagined how good lipstick would make me feel, haha ;D Okay, yeah I guess I am one of the girls who need lipstick and clothes to feel more grown up *sigh*. My boyfriend's mum recommend me a really good one. Have a look if you like ♥

It's by L'oréal and the eyeshadow is, too.

Does anyone else love this show as much? Or the books?
Do you like lipstick at all? :p I know many people own some; but do you use it on a daily basis?

I guess now I have to say 'xoxo' :)


Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013

Catching a Cold & Catching up


I have no clue how this happened, especiall since the weather is finally getting warmer, but I cought a bad cold >: And I couldn't resist but go out this weekend (not out-out as in clubbing but I left the house :'D)
to watch the Great Gatsby on Friday with a good friend and to meet sweetheart on Saturday.

I enjoyed it very, very much.
I think these days it's rare to find movies with an actual meaning behind them and blogbusters usually contain a lot of action, sex and crime in my opinion. Not saying that I don't enjoy watching movies, but there just wasn't anything I liked in the cinemas until the Great Gatsby.
Since I read the book I was super worried that the movie might turn out shitty- just like Twilight ^-^- but they put a lot of effort in it and Leonardo DiCaprio is, despite his age, to die for. His German voice is my favourite of all time ;D An old Anime crush of mine has the same haha ♥
I don't read classics that often and I remember thinking that ''the Great Gatsby'' is a book impossible to make a movie of. I was convinced otherwise! ♥ It's a great piece of work; and I called it ''Happyness for the Eyes'' when I spoke to my friend after we left the cinema. It was 3D, too.
Now we want to have a massive 1920's style party haha :'D
The costumes, the music and the whole atmosphere are great ♥ Okay enough of the movie haha go watch it.~

Last week I went with my mum to a nice Teahouse (correct word?) which is not very known in Hannover. We had vouchers (and still got some left ♪) so we ordered lovely Black Cylon Tea and Scones. When the Scones arrived, the waitress said: "So which scone is for who?" and I replied: "...they're actually both for me" :D ^^"
It's true ~ I really like scones and I couldn't decide between plain and matcha green tea scone ♥ This is why I ended up eating both. Greedy right?

 photo C360_2013-06-12-12-33-20-345_zpsfb1bdd22.jpg

 photo C360_2013-06-12-12-33-28-941_zpsec59e27c.jpg

The Teahouse is located at ''Lister Meile'' and many of my friends make fun of me because we always go to this little shopping-street with our family. ;D

Here are some recent outfits :)
I usually don't wear shoes in my room because I take them on & off when I am downstairs.

trousers: Cubus
shoes: from my parents when they travelled to Lissabon
bag: peanuts by codello
shirt: charity shop in Scotland
hairbow: forever21
 photo C360_2013-06-15-12-21-24-594_zps423c0582.jpg   photo C360_2013-06-15-12-22-41-165_zpsb89aaafc.jpg

trousers: Zara                                            just a random hairstyle for shower :)                                                                     (sometimes those are the best!)
shirt: no name ;D with fake chanel logo
bag: lv
cardigan: H&M                                       
 photo C360_2013-06-12-20-53-37-560_zps8d7618f3.jpg   photo C360_2013-06-12-07-58-25-607_zps5c52f86f.jpg

Weird pose :'D                                          dress: republic
jeans: one green elephant                         belt: republic
shirt: H&M
cardigan: warehouse in oasis                 
 photo C360_2013-06-05-08-44-14-662_zpsa3873152.jpg   photo C360_2013-05-29-08-58-20-951_zpsde4986ca.jpg

On Monday I went to a new gym but I swear I'll never to there again. The gym itself was alright; I mean you got the usual things like crosstrainer and weights but the people there...Oh dear! [I sound like an old lady right?] right away when I entered, some guys started to hit on me and even my coach seemed to want to know everything about me :/ I went there with my neighbours -> their daughter is 15 years old; some older guy came to her and annoyed her so much, that she left the area! >.< I got super annoyed but I tried to make the best out of my free gym session ~ it ended up being a leg day haha ;D
I said I'd call them back. I won't. Hehe.
This reminds me of something else ♥ I joined a tennis club again and when I had my trial session, the ladies said I'd fit in perfectly ♥ wohou looking forward to some matches! And from my experience I can tell that I haven't met any weirdos at the tennis court yet. Plus many of our neighbours play tennis and a friend of mine joined, too :) She lives right next door.

So this was just a little update and I hope everyone is looking forward to summer ♥ Next week, my cousin graduates from school so you can expect some nice pictures I guess.

And now that I signed the contract and everything ~~ it's official wohouu I'll be working at Bijou Brigitte (a store for jewelry # accessories) ♥


Samstag, 8. Juni 2013

Build a Bear and let the Sunshine in

It sounds like an actual sentence :D
Hello ♥
Quite a while ago, my boyfriend visited me and I gave him a voucher for our town's ''Build A Bear''
store as a gift since we celebrated our 2-year anniversary in April ♥
Now- what is this store?
It's located in the city center and I see many children walking in because you can make your very own teddy bear in there. I think depending on how much you (or your parents ;D) are willing to pay, there are different options for the material and you can even give it a ''heartbeat'' - a little electronical device so that it seems like your bear lives. There are also clothes available but in my opinion they are very pricey and...teddy bears look good naked!

My voucher contained the basic option and my boyfriend chose blue fur due to a childhood memory. Appearently he had a blue teddybear when he was still a baby ♥ Since I knew that I would never be able to make a decent replica of this ''ancient teddy bear'' I let my boyfriend choose a new one :)

 photo C360_2013-05-18-12-48-03_zps46149dc5.jpg

 photo C360_2013-05-18-12-48-32_zps79950079.jpg

The fur (the empty body) was given to a lady from the store and she filled the bear with...something like wool. Not sure. My boyfriend also had to jump (so that the bear gets energy XD) and he had to put a little heart made of soft fabric between his hands so that the bear will get a warm heart ♥
Next, we went to the ''hairdresser'' with the bear haha XD I did not take photos of everything, sorry. Here you can see the ''lifeless body''

 photo C360_2013-05-18-12-47-50_zps9023583a.jpg

When we had finished our work at all of those little stops (it was so much fun!) we went to a machine where my boyfriend created the birthcertificate of his bear. He named the bear ''Zack'' and Zack got a cute little home --> a lovely carrier box.

Even though my boyfriend did not jump around like all the other kids, I could see how happy he was :) I guess guys never want to admitt that they love cute toys, right? :D

 photo IMG-20130602-WA0001_zpsd2e9c48a.jpg

The two of us ♥ And outfit

 photo IMG-20130519-WA0007_zpsa1dfe4ad.jpg      photo C360_2013-05-18-11-42-16_zps97699d6d.jpg

Now let's change topics haha ;D

Summer is finally here in Germany! At least in the North, we are able to enjoy a weekend full of sun ♥ If we didn't have finals coming (in Scotland they are already done with them) we could get a nice tan and enjoy every day to the max! Okay, actually we can still do that.
I started working out properly again. Meaning that I mix cardio and muscles, eat more healthy and get inspired on Instagram. A while ago there simply wasn't any room- neither in my daily routine nor in my mind. So I guess that's where the lazyness comes from. The nice weather is super good for working out and getting lots of energy :)

I'm back in game!
Also my friend Freya and I finally managed to talk to our neighbour who is one of the administrators of our local tennis club ♥ He can get us a membership soon! I seriously hope that this summer will be an outdoor-summer if you get what I mean. I want to play tennis, swim in the sea, go to the lake with friends and have an awesome time :)
On Wednesday, I signed my contract for work ♪ So now I can say that I'll be officially working at a jewelry/accessory store beginning 1st July ♥ Just thought I'd share the joy. I even bought something there today.

 photo C360_2013-06-08-17-31-27-004_zps979fcc43.jpg
 photo C360_2013-06-08-17-31-04-466_zpscc75d9bd.jpg

Isn't it lovely?
Underneath you can see a skirt I bought when Stefania and I went shopping at the mall close to her place :) They have pretty nice things there; even a store called ''Kult'' which I haven't seen in Hannover city center yet! There we bought kinda twin dresses~ actually both of us liked the same dress and then we were like ''why not?'' :D But no picture of that yet because I plan to wear it for my cousin's graduation party.

 photo C360_2013-06-08-11-53-40-974_zpsc130ed6e.jpg

As you can see, I don't wear my fringe down because...well it's summer and I like to have my hair off my face :'D And maybe I will let it grow out but I keep changing my mind about that every day. I love how VS- models wear their hair with the middle-partie and I wonder if I can to this too~

Oh Gosh, so much blah blah.

Anyway, we will have a barbeque with our family now and then in the very late evening, I will go for another run along the river ♥

Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

Superspecial Sunday [2]

Hey everyone ♥
Whatever happened to the idea of doing regular Sunday posts? I totally ignored my blog, sorry. And then I'm getting even more readers, ugh I don't deserve this :D
And there will be decent posts some time :)

I'm seriously trying to keep in touch with my friends (especially the lovely Aberdeeners ;D) but there is just too much to do atm. I know that I am responsible for this mess because I am just unable to ever say no. For example, if someone asks me "hey, would you like to meet up?" or "Could you do me a favour...?" then I instantly say yes. I should change that, I know.

The good thing is, that I got a lot done lately ♪

For example I am writing an essay about Germany's school system (here it is not very common to stay at school all day; especially younger students can go home around noon but there are also quite a few schools where students can stay all day and eat lunch there, do sports and get help with their homework] and doing research for this is very time consuming but also a lot of fun.
In case anyone doesn't know already haha I aim to become a teacher :) And at university 'future teachers' have to choose certain courses along with their main degree so that they know how to handle children etc. ~
I really really want to be a teacher and I had a hard time admitting this to myself. Hopefully this dream can become true XD ♥
A conversation I had with one of the kids I'm tutoring:
She is 8 years of age~

Me: [...] yeah and Maths is also important if you want to be good at Chemistry!
Her: What is Chemistry?
Me: That's a subject where you learn how to make poison!

:D It's very difficult to always find explanations that children can understand but I think making poison is not too far fetched :D Sometimes talking to children can be so relaxing, really. They make things like  love and friendship seem so easy, it's almost inspiring.

Here are some pictures from my instagram ♥ Still a newbie and I've never been good or even interested in photography but I like it a lot these days.

From left to right:
Favourite sweater ♥ Ballet class with Sue ♥ Bought a perfume I wanted for a long time ♥ meeting Stefania who has a similar watch as I do ♥ Build a Bear shop: Boyfriend made this one (voucher was a gift of mine)♥ preparing chocolate fondue with the bf ♥ bf made traditional chinese dinner ♥
[You might have guessed that I was able to spend some time with my boyfriend ;D But actually he was only here for 4 days]
 photo IMG_20130523_080533_zpse34c3a7d.jpg photo IMG_20130527_094436_zpseb598f77.jpg

 photo IMG_20130602_100210_zps25e2b60e.jpg     photo IMG_20130527_181933_zps0c4b10d0.jpg


 photo IMG_20130522_085730_zpse7d70921.jpg     photo IMG_20130520_222614_zps2f688fd6.jpg

 photo IMG_20130518_195951_zpse5827169.jpg

Bye the way this is out of context but some nerdy Awesome person decided to upload all episodes of Dragonball Z on youtube and this makes me more happy than anything! Oh tempora! Oh the times. Haha

I hope you all are well. What do you do when you are stressed? I'm always speaking to my mum and she instantly makes me feel a lot better. ♥