Samstag, 29. September 2012

Meeting Emilia [Shopping time]

Hey ♥ You did not expect another post so soon, did you?

The first week of uni is over and it was so much fun. Pretty exhausting, too. 
So much running around, so much to organize but still I am looking forward to next week.

I went to the fashion society meeting and for some reason I don't have any pictures...Oh well, nevermind. I love Fashion and we might even go to London FashionWeek! OMG.

And guess what? I met another Gyaru girl ~~crazy right?
She carried a "Anna Sui" wallet and when we went to the bar I though..."Hm maybe she's a gyaru"
after a while of chatting we realized that both of us love the style.
And decided to meet up again ♪

We also live close to each other ~~ shop at the same supermarket.
That's us today. Of course we went shopping~ my feet still hurt ahh.

Maybe this isn't so interesting for british people but since there are some Germans reading my blog, here is a little shopping guide for scotland (just my experience).

Food: I like Morrisons because it is close by. Asda is cheaper though. You might have heard of Tesco and Sainsbury's but yeah the distance is what counts for me. I am trying to eat healthy stuff but I am always tempted to buy sweets. Will keep you updated on what I eat if that interests you. When you are living alone it's kinda difficult to buy big amounts of food (which is cheaper) because you need to finish it.

Drugstore: Boots or Superdrug? That's the question. Both of them are nice but I have the boots advantage card and it's worth it I think. You get many vouchers etc. Emmi and me bought some cosmetics today and we saved so much money. Also, I got a beautiful eyeshadow for free.

Clothes: Where to start? River Island is nice~ Topshop and New Look too. Check out their websides if cou like. I think these three are my favourites, plus they do student discount (and Zara of course!). I am somewhat tired of H&M and I hope this will change. Primark is great but I think many German people know it anyway ^-^
For lingerie I'd say La Senza. Great deals and so pretty.

Home stuff/Various: glasses, frying pans and so on: Probably pound land because it's cheap haha. Asda carries a lot to and I found some nice cups at Debenhams. For stationary I went to WHSmith but it is ridicously expensive in my opinion. There's a bookshop at uni which is quite nice for pens and so on. Oh yeah and Paperchase is always worth a visit :3 I'm really glad one of my friends showed it to me. This "bento-ish" lunchbox in from there.


It does have dividers.

Do you have any suggestions for "university bento"? Something that's easy to make so I can make it in the morning and then carry it with me.

About today ♪
We met up at 12 and then headed straight to town. Aberdeen has many shopping centery and we went to Bon Accord and St. Nicholas first. Btw, throughout our whole shopping trip, we couldn't find any Asian supermarket. Maybe we can ask our chinese teacher for advice. Because we kinda desperately need chopsticks haha.
--> I am learning Mandarin now and we are in the same course ♥

I bought a really nice necklace for 1 Pound at Ms Selfridge, but I forgot to snap a picture and now it is too dark in my room. T.T Show you guys next time.

We had some Sushi at M&S and it was so tasty.
 Before that, we managed to eat a Pack of "Reese's" each.


Another friend shared them with me once and they are soooo good. They're bad for you. Yep.

Of course we stopped at Primark. :]


Finally one of these collars then create new outfits.


Boots ♪ The picture doesn't do them any justice.




I didn't buy this today but I didn't show it to you yet so...yeah.



When we walked around town, we saw so many places that sold delicious cupcakes. Maybe we'll get one next time (and no, not the giant one haha).


Emi snapping a picture of the cupcakes ♥ I love her hair.


her nails...! Madness.Good.


And last ~ some pictures we took. As per "resumé" I have to say that meeting people who love the same style as you do is so great. Also, we get along so well ♥ even though we just met.







And this is the link to Emi's blog :]

Dienstag, 25. September 2012

Best wishes from Scotland :P

*Please note* This is a personal post, for fashion and such please wait for the next one :3
Hello sweeties,

I am so so sorry that I couldn't do it earlier but I am quite busy these days. I moved in on September 11th but I still don't find my way around this town haha ^^"
Aberdeen is lovely though and the weather isn't that bad. I mean, yeah, today it is but we've had a couple of sunny days so far. And the air is great since my town is next to the sea. I also can't complain about shops,nightlife and culture events. There's always so much to do!

Plus, our university offers so many sport clubs and societies, it's unbelievable. I joined the Fashion Society btw haha ♪ And I think I will go to Japanese society too. But more about this in my next post.

~ I don't know where to start and I don't wanna say too much boring stuff.

Life is different here. It might sound cheesy, but at the uni, you really feel like part of one big family. I really appreciate how kindly everybody treats me and how many friends I've made so far ♥ It's true, the Scottish are crazy and fun haha :D
As Freshers, we have something called "Fresher's Week" and I am only pointing this out because people from the Uk really celebrate this event. In Germany, many universities just have a few inductions and that's about it I guess.
But here, you get loads of free food, other freebies like bags and t-hirts,nice music and so many events that I can't name them all. It's like a party that lasts the whole day.

There was one particular event though- "The fresher's fling"
Basically, it was a night of scottish dancing and food and tradition but seriously it was so much fun!!
I didn't know that i would enjoy myself so much.
We even ate Haggis ahaha xD I liked it though~
If you look it up in wikipedia, you'll probably find it disgusting.

And...what my friends from Germany were looking forward to (I think? xD) my flat. I share it with 2 guys

So yeah please come in haha ~

This is our kitchen. It's quite tidy today and I didn't have to buy a single mug or whatever because it has everything in it. Most important item: The kettle (left,next to cereals) for lots of british tea ♥

One of my flatmates makes tasty soup. I just had some. Yummy!


This is the living room but to be honest I rarely use it. Should change that in the future since it's quite big and the sofa is comfy.

Hehe okay and here's my room. It's the biggest room in the flat so I guess I am lucky. It lacks decoration,photos and such but oh well ♪ I am alright with it.

My mum helped me to settle here. She stayed for one week and helped me to get registered with a doctor and the alike. Thanks again mum >.< Before she went away, she left me a little note. It is still there.


She even bought me BAKLAVA ♥ my friends know how addicted I am to this.


This is in one of my drawers haha...Gotta keep up the girly side.
I'll just show you the pictures and I don't think I need to describe them







It was my birthday on the 14th ;) And since uni hadn't started yet I celebrated it "only" with my mum but it was seriously amazing. ♪ We went shopping (muahaha), went to the beach and to a lovely Italian restaurant.

Sometimes it's not a massive party one needs but more likely a loved one ♥

Oh about this building: It's the university's library! It's so huge and absolutely stunning. The queen officially opened it yesterday.


Special thanks to

And...Greetings to Sue,Jojo,Roman,Muppi,Lo,Dennis,Katha,Kat,Julia,Hermi, Becci,Lelü,Sophie,Peggi, David. (And my "gossipgirl" Juliane. Stay tuned for the "shop post" haha :D) I am sure I forgot somebody though. Please don't be mad at me haha. I already miss Germany.


I will reply to your comments asap. :3 Thanks for your support and your good-luck-wishing. It helped a lot!

Samstag, 8. September 2012

Leaving Germany & Gets

Hello :)
This is my last entry before I will leave Germany to study in Scotland.
My flight is on Tuesday.
As much as I am looking forward to this, I have to see how stressful life is right now. There are so many things to organize when you are moving, it is unbelieveable.
I want to meet all of my friends and relatives (which I can't do because some of them are on holiday) and tomorrow I have a little leaving-party.
Still have to prepare a cake :3

I can only show you some of the stuff I bought in Hamburg/Munich because like 90% of my "pretty" clothes are in my suitcase. So I can show you my new shirts and all that when I am in the Uk
So sorry ~
And I wanted this to be an outfit post but it didn't quite work out. Anyway, enjoy ♥

My bf got me this in Hamburg.
It's a rose and you can either pin in on your shirt/dress or use it as a hairclip. I will take it to Scotland in my hand luggage ♪


This is another gift but it is selfmade and therefore so precious to me :)
Sorry for the blurryness. 

The jumper itself is in my suitcase but this is the pattern/print. It's by C&A so it was quite cheap. The quality is great though and it feels good to wear it. IMAG1165

One of the most wonderful things I finally own :D A trenchcoat. I've been looking for one for AGES. Seriously I was so picky. Whenever I saw one, something was bothering me ("don't like the cut, don't like the buttons,don't like the shade of the colour..." but this one is perfection in my opinion. ♥
It is by Zara.

Just a quick note:

I feel like this post is getting a little superficial. My life doesn't consist of shopping and food but last post was personal so yeah.
And once I am at university there will be plenty of stuff to tell you. I will complain about homework. I will see new places, meet new people. You can check out my apartment once I decorated it a little and well we will see.



An old dress but I don't know what to wear right now ;) The weather is kinda strange.

This is just because I like pictures of food.
Lunch with one of my friends (Hey Katha!)


Our "friends" - Katha and me bought them in Hamburg. (Yes, I went there with Katha and a few days later with my boyfriend in case you are wondering). When you turn them upside down you can open them and then there's tasty lipgloss. Mine is chocolate Caramel. However, it looks extremly wrong to...rubb know, but. :D

In C&A Hamburg, they also sold Usamimis (correct term?) ♥ 1 Euro only! I got this one in red,too.
Please ignore crappy eye-makeup.
Earrings are from Sri Lanka btw~
love srilankan juwelery.


And last: two "coordinates" that I don't own yet hahaha. I sometimes go to changing rooms to snap outfits because my mirror at home is too small and I always have to pretend to try something on. This is what I chose last time.


Tbh I haven't bought these 3 things (shirt,skirt,dress) yet but I love them so so much. What do you think? They're not too expensive.

Goodbye, "see you" in Scotland!
Take care ♥
I will still have time to reply to your comments before I leave.
Please be patient ~ haha
And now I am hungry.
(Instant Noodles prepared by bf are the best!)