Montag, 26. August 2013

Layout Change

I am really in the mood to change, well everything, these days. But I don't have much energy because I cought a cold. Pretty ironic considering it's summer! :D

I really don't know in what direction I should go with my blog. I sort of want to make it look less childish but I can't help it, I just have an obsession for white and pink ♥

So I finally took the time to seach for a pretty layout. This one is by Leonie and I like it so much. What do you think?

Sonntag, 25. August 2013

IG Post

 photo IMG_20130805_182157_zps4b27062b.jpg
Beautiful Bad Ems from our Cycling Tour ♥

Hey, what a quick update, right? At least for me :D

As I promised this to Tina from l0vepirate and since I wanted to do it anway- here is an IG post. I started to really like IG and it's very convenient to just check it on the bus/tram/train. I had huge trouble when uploading these pictures (I alsways have with IG pictures -.-)...But anywhoo ♪

 photo IMG_20130811_172622_zpscb1de3b0.jpg
Leg-picture haha, I wear nothing but these flats in summer.
 photo IMG_20130817_171957_zps6ddfb981.jpg
Cutie Freya and me ♥ Good friends since Kindergarden
 photo IMG_20130809_083130_zpsc480f46a.jpg
Outfit ♥ And I just went to an insurance company...
 photo IMG_20130818_104303_zps9f751967.jpg
Party Outfit ♥ Bought the jacket when Julia came to Hannover

That's it so far. I can't wait to go to Spain with my mum in a couple of weeks and I am looking forward to my birthday (14th September), too :) This time I'm actually celebrating it with a few  people. The last couple of years it was either during the week or I was abroad haha ;D

Bisous :)

Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

Make- up Storage [Room ♥]


I like it a lot when bloggers or people from YouTube reveal a little bit about their personal life, f. ex when they show their wardrobe, their room etc. Not too much though! I am still waiting for my new wardrobe to arrive but that's not gonna happen before October. This is why I decided to tidy up and do a make-up storage post. It's not all make-up in the little cupboard but you will see. When I tidied up I found so much useless stuff, it's incredible. I feel like things from maybe...4 years ago have piled up and I don't even use them anymore. On the other hand, I also realized how much (decent) make-up I have, so these days I try to use it up before buying new things.

This is my make-up and accessory cupboard [Ikea] next to a full-lenght mirror [Nanu-Nana]. As you can see the walls in my room are not straight which is by biggest problem ~
At least everything fits in so far. There is also a pin-board but I just use it for private stuff. The university and work- related board is elsewhere.


I keep ''long'' make-up items in a little starbucks cup which a friend gave me. Brushes, mostly drugstore ones, are in the little glass on the left. Next to it is my Kiko Eyelash-curler. It's not the best I guess but I am quite satisfied. I'm not gonna open that pink and white box with the ribbon- it includes boxes and loads of random items. I decided to keep most of my perfume inside one of the drawers because wasps keep coming in in summer. :( The earring and necklace holder is from Nanu-Nana as well and it is incredibly helpful ♥ The boxes - heartshaped, blue etc.- include my most important/expensive and meaningful jewelry. Do you see that cute little owl? There is lipbalm with caramel taste in it ♥ Bought it with Katha in Hamburg last year.  It's not very visible on the photo but the little doll on the right carries even more necklaces. For some reason I have ''only'' two watches so I usually wear either of them and keep the other one in that place. The box on the bottom right is filled with my daily make-up because I usually don't have much time in the morning. ;D

Welcome to the first drawer [left side]: Many, many blushes among which you can see my favourite label- Sleek. There is also a range of dark eyeshadows. To be honest, I don't think they suit me very well but maybe I just need practice. In the brown box with the gold label are more eyeshadows. Yepp, I am obsessed but more about that below this post :D On the left you can also see a cute japanese pencil case which includes eyebrow-pencils and a manicure set. There are also 3 palettes: Urban Decay Naked, Sleek iDivine and a cheap drugstore one. I also own the ''famous'' Boujours bronzer but I don't really understand the hype. It smells like chocolate though ♥ In the back you can see a platic case in which I keep more earrings. I also own a Thomas Sabo bracelet but since I wear gold quite a lot it doesn't match my other accessory. (It's silver) And then a messy part ~ my hairbows/hairties/hairribbons. :D Many of them are by Primark and New Look ♪

Do you like this Matrioshka- box? In it I keep my skincare items ♥

The right side: I changed a shoebox into a lipstick box. I have way too many products for my lips but I always forget to use them :/ I guess I like lipgloss best and I think real lipsticks make my lips look dry.


And here is a plastic box full of earrings :) Many of them are too long or too big so I don't wear them very often. I wanted a similar (overpriced) box from Muji but my boyfriend suggested this one here ♥ It was really really cheap and works just as fine! Thanks again!

Ready for the second drawer? It contains: Perfume (lots of it...),Bodylotion, deodorant and more boxes haha. Yupp I have a thing for boxes! The one in the front has many items in it but it would take to long to describe them. I think you can see some nailstickers, a badge, a cupcake and a mobile case from here ;D

And yay make-up cases ♥ I made a post about some of them.

The last photo shows my favourite part these days. With this thingy I keep my necklaces and favourite earrings away from getting tangled etc. It's also from Nanu- Nana :)

What do you think? How do you store your make-up and accessory? And hey, I don't have that much. The last drawer of the cupboard contains clothes ;D ♪

xoxo Keki

Sonntag, 11. August 2013

Guess who is back

Hello cuties ♪ I am so sorry~ I haven't posted in quite a while. I was very busy with work and I also started babysitting so I hope you forgive me. I also feel very tired and kinda annoyed by many things these days, but let's not talk about that. The good thing is that I save most of the money I earn so that I can go to Japan next year ^.^ Just for a holiday obviously. Wish me luck!

Last week, my family, my boyfriend and I went on a cycling tour along a river (Lahn) in Germany. We stopped by at Goethe's hometown and a nice thermal town called ''Bad Ems'' where we enjoyed the hot springs. The other towns we visited were not that nice, but still we enjoyed our tour and did a total of around 250 kilometres in five days. No pictures though because we looked tired/sweaty ;D ♥
I will do an instagram-post sometime soon so you will at least get to see one of the towns and the river ♥

Remember that I told in my last post that my mum wants to book a holiday for her and me? Well, she did! We will go to Mallorca at the end of september ♥ So typically German of us...

Here is some more good news. I was thinking of transferring to another university where they offer French and I got accepted in all of them :D Last year when I applied in Scotland, I got rejected by quite a few (for whatever reason -.- maybe German universities are easier to get into?) However, Hannover is still my favourite so I guess I will  just stay here. It is just nice to have many options. I'm still complaining about how much I love languages and the fact that I can only choose two bothers me a bit. The other day japanese customers walked into the store (group of 6 girls ;D) and I spoke in japanese to them ~ haha they were so happy and all of them went like ''kawaiii''. In the beginning I struggeled a bit because all that wanted to come out of my moth was freakin Mandarin :D #firstworldproblem
Also two girls that looked a bit familiar walked up to me a few days ago and they were some of the kids I taught English to when I was doing an internship last year. They really remembered me!

Due to work I feel like the last couple of weeks passed by so quickly... Here are 3 outfits, I don't know why I didn't collect more :(

The pink blazer is by Zara and I like it so much ♥ The shirt is Primark and the jeans are Only. And I hope you are not scared of feet, haha.

A few days ago I wore my new floral print top from Mango ♥ My leather jacket (C&A?) reappeared after 2 years. And the quite little bag is by Bijoubrigitte ♥ My fingers look so long on the seond photo XD

Here is a blue picture, yay. I love that dress and I will take a decent picture at some point!

The last outfit is not really an outfit but I wanted to show you a blouse I bought ♪ A German/Danish girl from instagram wore it and it looked so lovely, I had to get it ♪ Messy hair is super messy. And it's not like I need to prove this to myself or anybody BUT check out how the Lv-bag matches everything *--* I am so happy that I invested in this beauty! It took me a year to decide but it was very much worth it. :D

Hopefully you enjoyed this little post ♥ I mainly wanted to blog to show that I am still alive ;D Now stopping by at yours :)
I am more active on instagram, so stop by there if you like. @kekineko1409