Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2013

Update+ Private + Instagram

Hey everyone ♥ I thought I should maybe write a little update every now and then because my life is changing a lot these days. I also try to keep in touch with my cuties from Scotland, meet up with friends that I still haven't met [even though I returned like a month ago...] and so on. If you like you can skip the private stuff and continue where the next little heart is :D

Things are not going so well in my closer group of friends. I'm getting seriously annoyed. And yupp I deleted the long part :D Maybe I'm not better than the others, maybe I should speak out and not write things down...:(

The good thing is, that I get to spend time with those who I don't meet often enough ♥ For example lovely Katha ♥ And I recently met Roman without our usual group for an evening full of waffles, pokémon, a taylor swift shooting and germany's next topmodel. Wow, that's an interesting combination :'D

Roman and me are also starting to plan a trip to Japan :')

I also got a job :) I'm only doing a certain amount of hours [I still study...] and my first shift was yesterday. But before I signed the contract, I'm not telling you, what it is ♥ Maybe guess, haha..?

The volunteering I mentioned in my last entry continues~ there is quite a few kids that need help in Maths, English and German and I agreed to help one more girl. These days I need to be careful not to plan to much because then I'm gonna get stressed out and stuff :/  So yeah not too much work please.

We're also redecorating and more or less changing the interior of our house and we also get a whole new bathroom. ♪ And as my wardrobe situation is horrible I might also get a new wardrobe with lots of space for my clothes. At the moment I have three ridicously small wardrobes/cupboards. No clue why. Things just added up as I grew older and no one bothered to buy a propper wardrobe :( Whatever, I'm not even sure where I'm gonna live the next couple of years. So...:/

The other day I met Julia from honeymilkshake! ♥♥ We spend a lovely day in Hannover with breakfast, shopping [and actually planned to go partying but Katha and me totally failed at that :/ We will never drink cheap weird berry-vodka again.Never. ]. Her friend Lan Anh came along, too. It was really nice to meet you :) And how could we forget to take a picture? XD
Julia gave me this skirt. Thanks again!

 photo C360_2013-05-13-11-54-55_zpsdd83bd2f.jpg
Shirt: French Conncetion//Bag: LV-it matches everything, my other bags are jalous//
skirt: Tally Weijl//shoes: I forgot it,sry

With Julia I also discussed blog layouts a little and she told me that longer texts are easier to read when being left-bound. Hope everyone likes it ♪

To make this post not too boring ~ I got Instagram YAY! Haha I believe I'm the last one to jump on the bandwagon? I think I had instagram ages ago and found it rather boring but maybe that'll change ♥ Feel free to add me, I'd be happy to have some bloggers on my list, maybe leave a comment so I know who you are.

It's kekineko1409

 photo IMG_20130515_171956_zpsa855e1b6.jpg   photo IMG_20130515_194706_zpsc84668ff.jpg
 photo IMG_20130514_080857_zps0e4c16e3.jpg   photo IMG_20130513_192540_zps7bc09ef1.jpg

♥hope my eyebrows look ok now;; made a mistake and had to let them grow out before plugging again. And Asian-makeup attempt♥ cute box given to me by my mum♥ keyring, it says ''friends'' on the yellow flower, Emilia has the one with ''forever'', aren't we cute♥ first instagram picture to try it out♥

For the make-up in the first picture, I used Ivy's tutorial. Thank you:) She is a cute new blogger.

Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

Let's talk about Beauty [1]

Hello everyone ♥

As some of you might now [especially Julie and Carmen XD I miss you guys], I can get really passionate about cosmetics, even though I am sometimes too lazy to use any.
I'm not quite seeing the logic in that, but nevermind.
When I put on make-up, I try to treat myself to these goodies below ♪

Following this post, there will be two or maybe three similar ones where I recommend some products. I hope you like this idea as I am not a 'Beauty Blogger' ♥

Now on we go ~
oh and of course all these opinions are based on my own experience
pff~ I was just talking to Julia about how we don't get sponsored for really cool stuff xD Anyway haha ♥

For me, all of these products work really well. This includes that they last long, that they don't smudge etc. But everyone is different, don't take my word. :)
I'm sorry if this is just a mix of German and British Make-up brands. If I go to China or America next year, I will get my hands on different stuff.

Part 1: Decorative Cosmetic


 photo C360_2013-05-08-08-16-04_zpsb37dc2b5.jpg
MUA LipstickAstor Lipstick [It lasts quite long and the colour is matte and bold which I love, I have number 201]♥ Clinique Chubby Stick [Surely my favourite of all; I've heard there are some pretty good dupes though. My colour is 14 Curvy Candy]♥ Vaseline Rosy Lips [Any British girl who doesn't use it? It is lipcare but leaves a nice rosy glow]

Eyes & Eyebrows

 photo C360_2013-05-08-08-25-48_zpsbfa042a0.jpg

Naked Palette by Urban Decay [The ultimate palette in my opinion! None of my eyeshadows can beat it haha. I'm sorry that it looks...not very clean but I take it everywhere]♥ Essense Eyebrow Pencil [sometimes I use it before I add powder]♥ Catrice Kohl Eyeliner in whiteEssence Eyebrow Stylist Set [my favourite! You can't tell from the picture but I use it a lot]♥ 2 Essence Mascaras [Multi Action and Xtreme Lashes; I use the bigger one for my upper and the other one for my lower lashes, but these are maybe the only products I am not 100% happy with]

Face Make-up

 photo C360_2013-05-08-08-24-10_zps89265dc9.jpg

Astor Skin Match BB cream [it can't compete with Asian BB creams I guess but it is okay; my skin is really pale so I had a hard time finding a BB cream]♥ Boots No. 7 ConcealerCatrice Concealer Palette♥ Alverde Concealer♥ [Okay yes, I have quite a few concealers and so far I like the one by Alverde best but the consitancy is really thick :/ I guess one day I have to try a MAC]♥
Fit me! Poweder by Maybelline [it's really nice and does not cover a lot but it doesn't leave my face 'caky'. So if this was an advertisement I'd say 'for a natural finish']♥ Manhattan 2 in 1 Perfect Teint Powder & Make-up [I love this! It comes with a mirror and a nice applicator. This is my 3rd box]


 photo C360_2013-05-08-08-17-14_zps1b95eba6.jpg
Only British products ♥
Natural Collection Blush [my colour: Pink Cloud And uhhh I don't know why it is a little broken]♥ Sleek Contour & Blush Palette [not open because very messy]♥ Sleek Blush [my colour: Flamingo 937. For Sleek in general, I'd say that they are super nicely pigmented and I only use very little amounts. Sleek is only for the skilled though  haha~ ]

Now I have to go to uni ♪
On a sidenote: I recently started teaching Maths, German and English to children from poor families, uni is going well, my boyfriend will visit me soon and I started to play tennis again (I took part in many competitions before I had my final exams at school and I missed it a lot). Also I started hanging out with my best friend from childhood again :)

The past couple of weeks were stressful and I had some issues like 'what do I want to do with my life' but I didn't want to annoy you with that ~
I guess I am fine now and I'm looking forward to summer!

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