Montag, 26. November 2012

Christmas Mood ♥

Hey everyone.

You might have guessed it (the title is so obvious)~ I am totally in a christmas mood.
I haven't been the past few years but for some reason I am super exicited this year.
Vous l'avez su ~ Je suis dans une ambiance de Noel. Ce n'était pas le cas les derniers ans, alors je suis vraiment impatiente cette année.

Maybe it's because I miss home so badly.
Peut-être c'est parce que ma famille me monque trop.

But it's also because everything sparkles. People in Scotland go crazy about gifts, christmas cards (The have cardshops here) and decoration.
I've been to the christmas parade with friends this sounday (we had hot chocolate at Starbucks afterwards) and everybody was just so happy even though it was freezing.
Mais c'est aussi parce que tout les choses éticelent maintenant (je ne sais pas si cet mot est correct). Les personnes en Êcosse sont fana des cadeaux, des cartes de Noel et de la décoration.

Little personal note: I guess I am becoming someone with "traditional" values such as family, home, religion, friends and marriage? These things suddenly seem so precious and wonderful to me. I cannot even tell what I want for Christmas because I just want my family around? :D Worked at a wedding this Saturday and it was so nice! A Scottish wedding where they played the bagpipe haha. I served the groom's dad his food---I was so nervous. But it went well and the kids at the wedding would always talk to us, the staff haha. They are adorable. Man I want kids later on in life! Little personal note ended.

You can imagine how pleased I was when I opened a parcel from my parents which included the most gorgeous decoration items. At least in my opinion. I guess I am becoming modest, too? XD
They are... a wooden christmas tree by Muji (see picture below), some stars to put on my window/ bed and of course christmasy Feodora chocolate. Yummy.
Vous pouves vous imaginer que j'étais contente quand j'ai ouvert un paquet de mes parents. Dans ce paquet, il y avait des choses pour décorer ma chambre.
Voilà....une petite  arbre de Noel
de Muji, des étoiles pour ma fenêtre et mon lit et aussi il y avait du chocolat de Feodora. Hmm délicieux!

I don't want to annoy you with too much text. ► Here you go.

Also there's more pictures from the last couple of days.


They call them "macaroons" here. What a lie! I mean, that's not a macaron to me.
On les appelle "macaroons" ici. C'est un mensonge! C'est pas un macaron pour moi.
Still yummy tho ~

Thanks, mum ♥



Mandarin: pre-exam next week!! AHH!
Mandarin: un pre-exmamen la semaine prochaine!! AHH!


I look fat here ;D
Je suis grosse dans cette photo.

University- make up ♥
Mon maquillage pour l'université



What are you up to this week? I will actually try to get my hands on a copy of "A Fan's Notes" by Frederick Exley because of this article I read ♥
It's quite interesting to know what famous authors read. Maybe Stephanie Meyer or someone else can recommend you a book, too?

Qu'est ce que vous allez faire cette semaine? Je vais essayer d'achèter le livre "A Fan's Notes" de Frederick Exley a cause de cet article que j'ai lu.
C'est plus ou moins interesant de lire ce que les auteurs lisent. Peut-être Stephanie Meyer pourrait vous recommander quelques livres aussi.

By the way ~
Whenever I read a classic or one of those books where people go like "oh, that's so good blabla, marvellous piece of writing blaaa" I honestly like it too. I believe that's really how mainstream I am.
Also on my bookshelf right now:
"Hard- boiled Wonderland and the End of the World"

Only started reading and it's so so strange. In a good way. And since I have some kind of a crush for Alice in Wonderland, the title got my attention when I saw this book at a friend's place. (Hey Claudia :)) Everybody who loves Kafka-> check it out.

J'ai commencé à lire et cet livre est vachement bizarre. Mais d'une bonne facon. Et moi, j'aime Alice aux Pays des Merveilles, le titre m'a plu quand j'ai vu le livre chez une copine. Tout les gens qui aiment Kafka->Lisez ce livre.

xxx Keki

Freitag, 23. November 2012

Girls ♥ & blog changes

Hello ♥

I hope you are all fine and that November does not make you too sad.
It's such a dark & rainy time of the year (at least in Scotland).
At least that gives us reason to drink more hot chocolate,right?

J'espère que vous allez bien et que le Novembre ne vous rend pas trop tristes. C'est une très sombre saison, n'est ce pas? Aussi il pleut trop!
Heuresement, c'est notre excuse pour boire du chocolat chaud.

So about the past days~
I did not do too much haha XD But that was also due to being ill. I caught an awful cold/flu and it just wouldn't go away. But before that I had a lovely evening with two friends of mine! (I hope they are okay with posting their pictures)
And I actually taught them how to do a nice make up.
And I am clearly not an expert. Quite the opposite. But I just love talking about that beauty and fashion shit haha ♪
So I visited them and we had veeery nice food first (prawns, singapore noodles, spring roles...and Italien sweets that I don't remember the name of)

Les derniers ne'ai pas faite trop. XD Mais la raison pour cela c'est que j'ai eu la grippe. Mais avant de cela, j'ai pris rendez-vous avec deux copines le soir! Je leur ai appris comment se maquieller. Et moi, je ne suis pas un expert, c'est sûr. Mais j'aime beaucoup parler du maquillage et de la mode...haha


By the way.
Since I came here, I gained 3 kilograms, but people say I actually look like I lost weight? I don't know, I don't see a difference actually.

J'ai pris trois kilos, mais il y a des gens qui disent que j'ai perdue des kilos? Je ne sais pas quoi dire, je ne vois pas de difference.

Here is the three of us ♥ And Julie is wearing a wig haha, just for fun. I tried it on but it looked so awful on me that I decided not to post the picture.

C'est nous trois ♥ Julie porte une perruque. Je l'ai portée aussi mais...J'ai décidé de ne pas mettre une photo ici.


Is it creepy of me to say that I want her nose? It's adorable in my opinion ♥


The mess I created ;D


Outfit, just a shirt and a Blazer (and Jeans lol) ♪


And actually I am a bit nervous about posting my eye-make up here because...I surely messed it up. I need a hell of a lot of practice with them bottom lashes ♥ But at least I finally have some.'

En fait, je suis un peux nerveuse à cause de mon maquillage des yeux...Ce n'est pas très bien. Il faut que je praqtique un peut plus! (Ouahh ma grammaire dans cette phrase...:D Haha...mauvaise!!) ♥En tout cas, je les ai finalement: Les bottom lashes (je ne connais pas le mot en francais...)



Sadly, I don't have a picture of Carmen's make- up (it was green with smokey eyes ♥) but for Julie we just went for a super natural look.
For me that's like no make up at all, but for people who don't wear make up that's a lot! Do you understand what I mean?

Malheureusement, je n'ai pas pris une photo de Carmen avec ma caméra (le fard à paupières était verde avec des smokey eyes). Pour Julie, on a créeun  look super naturel.
(Pour moi, c'est presque comme ne pas avoir du maquillage, mais pour quelqu'un qui ne porte jamais du maquiallage, c'est beaucoup. Vous comprenez cela?


Also, I went to "Hobbycraft"- a really nice shop where you can buy stuff for making your own gifts for christmas.

Aussi, je suis allée chez "Hobbycraft"- un magasin super où on trouve beaucoup des choses pour faire des cadeaux pour noel.


Okay and now something I will only say in English because....well /French/ readers will just notice it anyway XD So it doesn't need to be said twice.

There will be some changes :)

I know my blog is kinda girly-beauty-fashion related and while those things really interest me, there is a lot more stuff I would like to tell you guys.
As you might now, I study a politics/languages course at university. I blogged about a poem we had in a literature class once and I think people quite liked that.
So I was thinking ~
I might post some "intellectual" things sometimes? UGH that sounds so bad and snobbish...
I just want to show you that what's really important to me among friends/fashion/fun are the things that we speak of too little.
Literature, culture, Politics.

I recently read a journal on "Why does Politics disappoint people?"

It's kind of true. When people speak about politicians, they are usually annoyed. We have the right to vote, but we don't appreciate it enough in my opinion.

When somebody asks us what politics is, we go like "Uhm, yeah, it's this thing that politicians do. Not my cup of tea."
We, as girls, are fine with our situation but there are tons of girls in the world who cannot "go out for a fancy dinner with their boyfriend, wear that Chanel dress and blog about it". They get raped by men and left alone with their children.

Don't worry, you will still see so so many beauty and lifestyle posts haha

I like blogging, because writing this blog is so different from doing university stuff. It's very relaxing.

I hope this is okay for everybody, and remember, you don't have to read what I write♥

Freitag, 16. November 2012

New Layout ♥

I just felt like changing it.
Do you like it?

I recieved bottom lashes today and I finally set up an ebay account (I should've done that ages ago, don't shout at me).

If there are any sellers that you can recommend for cute items, let me know :)

Hm, it is quite late and since I am not going out tonight, I decided to reply to comments, emails and the alike.
Also, my boyfriend has a little bit of time for me ♪ (Long distance sucks...)


Dienstag, 13. November 2012

Fun time ☼

Hey everyone ♥

I know, I am constantly complaining how much work for university I have to do, but to be honest it wasn't all work I did last week.
After working for hours on my essays, I felt the urge to go out and have some fun. This is not so strange, right? ~ XD

One conversation my boyfriend and me had went like this:
David: I love you sooo much *insert other cute stuff* you're such a cute girl, I want to hug you. What are you doing? :3
Me: Thinking about the atomic bomb.
David: ... WTF XD

But I love you too ♥

Anyway...I finished that atomic-bomb-essay just now and this is why I blog before going to the gym.

Yesterday in the evening, I met up with my girls from Fashion Society (including Emilia ♪)and we just chatted and made our own jewelery. It enjoyed that a lot.


I will show you the other two pairs in my next entry because the light is so bad in the evening...but today I wore these:


Sorry, the next picture is a little blurry. I should really get a decent camera. /D:


So basically one of my friends took a bag with her where she had collected "stuff" (like pearls and other things) over a couple of months. She shared with all of us ♥
However, this is why some of the earrings are not matching but I actually ended up liking it. I mean this whole "the earrings are different from each other" thing is kinda cool and creative. To my mind at least ;D

So the left side carried the white skull and on the right side I had this pearl with a bow.


And now onto something else ~

On Sunday, we had "Staff Night out" with my colleagues from work.
First we went Bowling together which I haven't done in years. And it was so much fun! If Claudia is reading this...hey Claudia!

She is a very nice and fashionable person, once she starts her blog I will let you know.
At 10 pm or something like that, we went to a bar and then to a club called Exodus. It was pretty good in my opinion ♠

I liked the lightening a lot.


My hair & outfit from that night. I didn't know we were planning to go to a club haha ♥
I thought it was just bowling butI guess my outfit was alright. /I was probably the only girl wearing jeans in a club haha. Oh and a little note here: Let's just say most Scottish girls show a little bit more skin if you get my hint. ^^" Clearly this does not apply to everybody here!




It's a bit of camwhoring here, sorry for that. But when I really like a look, I take so many pictures :3

Okay and third good thing that happened this week ♪ I actually found two very nice items in town.
And since I am... not very large chested (T.T) I always fit into the children's tops.



And I found this jumper.



Btw I really want to post on Daily-Gyaru at lifejournal one day, but I don't have the guts haha ♥ I need to get better at this style first. Does anybody have any advice?
On Friday, I will recieve my very first bottom lashes kyahh!! :)

I have work tomorrow but I like it so far. It's such a good experience and I might blog a little about that soon. And when I come home, I will work for the Spanish Pre-Exam next week.


PS: Next time in French again ♪

Dienstag, 6. November 2012

Quick update [Edit] ♥♥

Hey cuties,

originally I posted a quick update but now I decided to make it a little longer.
Also, I decided not to watch the US elections even though they interest me a lot. They last the whole night though.

D'abord j'ai volou faire un tout petit post mais j'ai décidé de le faire un peu plus long.
Aussi, je ne vais pas regarder les élections des Ètats Unis même s'ils m'intéressent vraiment.

So yeah ~
I have something to announce.

I got a Job. ♪ And its such a good one too. I am quite picky with part time jobs because I still want to get good grades.
University is clearly more important than working. I am one of the lucky ones who don't have to work because my parents finance my education. I truly appreciate that but I want to support them a little. ♥

J'ai trouvè un boulot. Ce n'est pas facile pour moi d'être satisfait avec certains boulots parce que je veux avoir succès à l'université.
Mes parents payent pour mon éducation mais je voudrais bien les aider un peu.
I will continue in English only because the rest of my post is just pure blah blah.

My current "look"
So so boring.
I need to get my bangs cut again but I am not so sure because people tell me I look better without them. Help anyone?

Now onto the past few days.
Studying consumes quite a lot of time, but I still managed to meet up with friends in the last two weeks.
I do not want to complain about the essays I have to write because I really like the subjects I study.

Also I recently got 90/100 in my first Mandarin test ♪

We partyed a little and I do have to say that people celebrate Halloween completely different here.

Everyone was out on the streets in costumes. It was so nice ♥

Unfortunetely I did not take many pictures and I am not happy with the ones I took.
But at least I can tell you about something else.

The clothes swap of Fashion Society. ♪
The idea is that everybody takes the clothes they don't like anymore and swap them (hence the name. :D)
The thing was that Emilia and me did not really have anything to swap because we only arrived a month ago. I did not want to give a way the clothes I like most. However, we were lucky since they gave us two coupons each when we payed the entry fee (3 Pound if I remember correctly).
We could apply those coupons on any two items each.
So cool, right?

I got this jumper- just like that.
With Emilia in the picture ♥


Cute skull top and the picture does not do it any justice. I will do an outfit post at some point and then you will see it properly.


Only some of the clothes ♥
The flash destroys the atmosphere ~~
The place our society chose was the club "Snafu".
actually it was a bit like in a shop only that I could take whatever I wanted. Such a good feeling.


I went to a party afterwards and my outfit was boring and all black.
Here is how I did my hair though. I used a lot of hairspray. And yeah, I was meant to be a cat. You can see the mask in the picture with Emilia.


Hehe okay and a few days ago I went to the hotel where I had my interview and then to Brooke afterwards. We had such a good time ♪
Also I got to know her granny and she's soo cute!
When Brooke was in the shower, I made breakfast. The most important thing- the pain au chocolat- is missing because it had been in the oven at that point. Sorry! Je suis désolée.


I sincerely hope that nobody gets the impression that I am constantly shopping here. To be honest I rarely go shopping, only when I need something. For example, I had to buy the work uniform (which you will see in a later post) and this winter jacket because I needed a water-proof one.
I don't get why I did a Ballet-Pose :D


Little thing that made me happy: One of my German friends (Hey Peggy ♥) gave me this for my birthday in September and I only opened it today. Who does not love some pretty the Body Shop cosmetic?


Trying to keep healthy haha ♥
Btw I found the most amazing sweets in the British supermarkets. Maybe I will do something like a cooking-grocery-whatever post soon.


Hope you are alright and I will answer to the comments from the last entries soon ♥