Freitag, 19. Juli 2013

Let's talk about beauty [2]

Hey cuties ♪
A short post is still better than no post at all, huh? I just returned from a trip to my boyfriend's and gosh I have missed the countryside. The town he studies at now is lovely and for a couple of days I could just relax. He had exams to take while I was there so it was all a bit of a struggle whether I should come or not. I am glad I did though~
I am still surprised how well it all worked out. He was super happy and sweet when I helped him cooking and so on ;D
They have a really big swimming pool there. No picture because I didn't take my phone with me. Here in Hannover, it's like--> Whenever the sun is shining and the temperatures are okay, it feels like everyone goes to the same swimming pool. So annyoing >.< You can't even swim there. So you can imagine how happy I was when I visited him ♥

My train was super late [again!] and they gave me a refound. As you might know from my instagram, I was able to buy the fifth season of gossipgirl today. Also stopped by at Kiko. Lovely store ♥ I am happy that we have it here in Hannover.
I started watching it at lunchtime and I still am. Waited for ages to buy it ~ :D

Now let's get started hehe.
I don't think I'm very much different from other girls because yupp I like to carry some beautystuff with me when I go to university, town etc.
And as I have an obsession with pretty  bags, makeupcases/beautybags come in handy. Over time I have collected quite a few ♥

From left to right.

Asian-looking makeup bag from a bazar// Striped bag for like a euro from Primark. Bought it over two years ago and it's still ok// Fluffy beige little bag by H&M// metallic makeupbag (the picture doesn't do it justice)- was a gift// white little bag with hearts from Primark- again surprisingly good quality.


I like all of them, but I mostly use my longchamp one ♥
My godmother gave it to me last Christmas. It has the perfect size and the blue colour is uber-pretty. Maybe you think that 20 Euros are a bit too much for a makeupbag but considering that the quality is really nice and it never looks childish/boring and goes with everything...I think it' worth it. They come in so many colours and I think that each year, there is a limited edition. So watch out for your favourite colour, longchamp surely has it.
Plus you can buy a matching big handbag with it or a tiny lipstick-only bag ♥ Yay to this label!

Now what's in my beautybag?

From left to right again.
Ugh I so need a decent camera...

Ice Cream Blush [Essence LE]// Chubby Stick [Clinique]// Apocalips Lipgloss [Rimmel// Lashes to Kill Mascara [Catrice]// Bepantol Lipbalm [Bayer]// Tissues XD// FITme Powder [Maybelline]//various hairstuff

So as you can see not that much. Hey, I know people who carry more! =)

Deodorant is not included in the photo btw and neither is a brush but I take them with me ;D

So that was it already ♥ I was just in the mood to blog before I head off to work!

Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

Meeting Tina ♪ and small Update

Hello! A week ago I met lovely Tina from l0vepirate. It's super nice to meet other bloggers and truthly speaking I'm always excited to talk to them in 'real life'. I know that many people blog- because there is a huge amount of blogs- but I rarely recognize anyone on the street yet know many bloggers in person. But since Tina and me live in the same town, we thought we should finally meet up! It took us ages to find a date though haha ~
It was a sunny Sunday [yay....;D super good joke] and originally we had planed to go to a tea house but when we found out that they were closed, we changed plans and walked a little bit around the city. Then we ended up in a nice café. :D We started laughing when we sat down on our table in a nice backyard and realized....that there were only old people in that café. Literally everyone except for us was like 80 or something! :D
Tina if you're reading this: I remember how we started laughing at the same time without having to say anything :DD

Sadly I didn't take a picture of the backyard but it was pretty and there were many places to sit ♥

We ordered cake and iced coffee. The iced coffee was super big ♥ And tasty! Just the right amount of sweetness and coffee I'd say. I could barely finish it.

 We talked about lots of stuff and found out how much we both like travelling ♪ I'm still super jalous that she has been to Japan and Malaysia. But since I really want to go to Japan next year (I might have a host family already because a friend of our family knows many people there and a former workmate of my father is japanese ♥)...but if I go Tina advised me to really take a trip around and not only stay in Tokio!
If anyone has any tips, hotels, etc, let me know ♥

Here are the two of us.
Photo taken by Tina. Her hair looks so good and she told me she even had it super long some time ago. (Like way longer than mine)


This was my outfit. I like this skirt a lot, it's super cute, comfy and wearable, even on the bike. As you can see, it has little 'shorts' underneath. And... It reminds me of a tennis skirt (I love tennis!).
I'm sorry I had to take a filter- photo but the light in my room just sucked that day. And yupp that British flag is like on every outfit picture. Today I removed it :D

The café also had lovely cake for special occasions ♥

And last but not least; a little Update so that you know what I've been up to lately. 

It's the end of the German semester and I've had an English exam which went...okay. I didn't get my mark yet so I just hope for the best. Unfortunately the weather kinda sucked until recently and even today it was...warm but cloudy.
This is the reason why my mum and I decided to still go on holiday, even though we said with all the hazzle of me moving back to Germany it wouldn't be possible.
I'm so happy. Next week, she's gonna book our flights. And then I can tell you guys where we go!

The good thing about the un-summerish weather is that I was able to work on my essay for another subject and today I managed to clean my room. I 'kicked' my old TV and computer out and lots of papers, too. I also managed to call Carmen in Romania [my family has EU-wide phonecalls :)] and tomorrow I'm going to meet a friend whom I haven't seen in two years. I like her a lot, especially since we got to know each other in highschool in England and share amazing memories. The stupid thing is that she didn't know/forgot that I am actually not free tomorrow and on Tuesday I'm in another town for a few yeah arranging everything was a bit annoying but I think it will be fine.
We had a really funny phonecall btw ;DD At the end I had to say that I have to hang up~

Me: Sorry, I have to go now! Gotta prepare some Schnitzel.
Her: That's the most German thing you could've said!

I'm sure most of you know German 'Schnitzel'! I had to practice making a dish with it because I want to surprise a special someone this week ♪

On a sidenote...Just a few seconds ago I was nearly in tears because stupid blogger didn't manage to get my instagram pictures in a nice and decent order! >.< So I guess I'll just leave you my account name (kekineko1409) and if you like, come and fine me on there. I must say I didn't like Instagram a lot but this totally changed over the past few weeks ~

Bye Bye!

Ps: Care to meet lovely Baklava?
It's a turkish sweet made of honey and nuts ♥ It tasted really great. I think Kebab places usually have it.

EDIT: And there is this super massive gap in this post which I can't get ridd off :D Nevermind, gotta grab a hot chocolate or something now...;D sorry.

Montag, 1. Juli 2013

Fake Label Shirts- Yay or Ney?

Hello everyone ♪ Hopefully most people are still reading this because of Google Reade closing down. Or something. I forgot the date when this is supposed to happen but I'd be very happy if you'd continue to read my blog through bloglovin ♥

I also plan to blog more. But isn't every blogger saying that? sigh

I was thinking of mainly doing a picture post today and asking for your opinion on ~ tadaa shirts that have the 'label' (or rather something similar) of famous companies on them and usually make fun of that very label. [For example the shirt includes elements of Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Chloé etc.] Have a look!

My favourite clearly is the LV- Lord Voldemort shirt :D (Seriously who came up with that?) I'm not sure if I'd wear it but I'd love to have one.
The last picture even points out that it is fake and I'm just trying to understand this fashion right now.

Why would someone think of doing this? How come these shirts get popular? (At least in Hannover ~ you can find them in any 'cheap' store but New Yorker carries them, too).
The only explanations I can think of are...
♥ they look 'interesting' and some people like fun shirts
♥ not absolutely everyone can understand the jokes (is that a plus?), for example 'Karl Who?'
♥ the mainstream effect of the fashion blogger community ;D
♥people want to criticise how for example 'Chanel' is just a brand name and two c's- nothing more and there is no need to pay so much for a real Chanel Shirt. But not so much this reason maybe!

♥ They seriously like b/w prints with labels?

For me it's reason 1 and the last one. I've always, always liked the two C's and I'm not sure why! B/W looks super classy, too. However, I'd never wear something saying 'fuck' on it. Just because...

Here are the two shirts I bought bye the way. On the left I am wearing one of them. A plus is certainly that they are super cheap :)

And I had to treat myself after a day of studying and makinga massive collage of British History ...^^" There is a second one just as big! Passing this exam on Friday is important haha.

Anyway, I was wondering what to you think?

Fake Label Shirts that even proclaim how fake they are- yay or ney?

xoxo Keki