Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Some Gets & Outfit

Hello everyone♥

I'm feeling quite down today (various reasons and it's too privat to blog about, sorry) so I thought I might post a little something to brighten up.

Although I have to say that my bf,family and friends already helped me cheer up.

Except for today which was a strange cloudy/rainy/sunny day, the weather is very nice in Germany.
I can travel 'round the north of Germany for free, because I got a special ticket that is "school kids only" but since I went to school until June I was able to get it.

This is why I went to Hamburg and I plan to go to Hamburg and maybe Bremen again.

In Hamburg, I bought "directions". I might do a review on it because I only just tried it out.

Basically, it's a hair dye with a very intense colour. You can make this colour less intense by mixing it with conditioner etc.
However, I used only little of it and I didn't "dip-dye" the upper part of my hair. Just the bottom. I'm not sure if I will actually do more but the colour fades away after ...3-4 times of hair-washing maybe?
If you google "dip dye" you will not what I am trying to archive here.
Leave me some time and I think I'll figure it out and have blonde-pink hair ♥
I'm not happy with what you see above ;D

This is a recent outfit. I found this dress at the very back of my wardrobe and it's at least 3 years old.

The bag is from Sri Lanka this year. I really like it ↓

When I was in this country, my boyfriend was in China and he stayed there for a month. Tomorrow we will finally meet each other. I'm so so sooo looking forward to this.  While he was away, I kept a little diary for him.

"While I am writing this, you are at you uncle's place, I suppose. Come herrre! Oh my that looks scary! Well, I think I'll be on the internet for a while. I hope I can see you soon [at "whatsapp"].I love you, yours ke-ai-de"
Ke-ai-de is chinese for "darling" I think ;D
As you can see I chose one of the pages that weren't so...cheasy. I must have written "I love you, I miss you" like a hundred times. And I mean it every time >.< Okay, enough of this.


When we meet, I might wear these earrings. They're also from Sri Lanka because you can buy a lot of cute stuff for really cheap. ♪ They were something like 100 Rupies which is less than 1 Euro.

Pretty much like Primark with better quality actually. But speaking of~~ here's a cardigan I simply had to buy. It was a little bit annyoing to buy size 36 because 34 fit just fine BUT it was too short on my arms. T.T But you can't really tell the difference.

This pair of jeans is by Zara but I customized it myself. Are you interested in seeing an outfit with it? Let me know please♥

I am going to bed now ♥
Good night!




  1. Your outfit is really cute! : D I love it!

  2. Beautiful! I love ur style and hair :D
    Earrings are so amazing! :)

  3. danke für dein Kommentar^^
    Es soll nach Japan gehen (da ichs ja studiere) aber es ist natürlich noch gar nicht konkret, es ist ohnehin sehr schwer bei uns, einen Platz an ner uni zu bekommen..:(

  4. nice.

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