Freitag, 12. April 2013

Day with Sue ♥

Wohouu hey cuties ♥ This is gonna be a quick post because I have to go to uni soon-ish! I have a lecture about British culture and literature (I guess it's not all Shakespeare) and after this, I am off to go to Marburg with my boyfriend. He studies there and soon his next term starts :'(
But we will spend the weekend together ♪
So, on we go!

We recently noticed that we usually meet up when the rest of our 'gang' is coming, too XD

This is really strange because when we were younger, we used to spend many days just the two of us, looking for pretty bags, trying to do webdesign [and totally failing at it, at least me] and eating Golden Toast Croissants. Good ol' times, eh?
Anyway, both is fun, meeting up with a group of friends and meeting just one friend.

So yesterday, we went shopping. Both of us snatched some really cool pieces, but actually we talked more than we shopped ;;

 photo C360_2013-04-11-14-21-46_zps1d941878.jpg

First we went to Starbucks and had Vanilla Latte since it was Glamour Shopping Week. We got 2 drinks for one ♪ Amazing, right? Especially since Starbucks is super pricey :/

Next we went to a store where Sue spotted the perfect uni bag ♥ She bought it after Ballet class when I was already home.
Some of you might remember George, Gina& Lucy bags because they were totally hyped when we were around 14 years old. At least in my town. And whether or not you like them, I guess you have to admitt how useful they are. The material is like unbreakable;; the bag doesn't mind when it gets wet and they are not too heavy. I'd say they are the more 'cool' and 'rock-ish' alternative to Longchamp for many school girls. If you don't know what I am talking about, have a look here

 photo C360_2013-04-11-17-42-11_zps5eee251a.jpg

The two of us ♪ In Deichmann, haha ~
I bought a pair of really pretty shoes there. They were not expensive at all and I've been looking for these kind of everywhere. It was the last pair and they had my size! Fate?!

 photo C360_2013-04-12-09-57-57_zpsb0759614.jpg

We also had a look at Primark and discussed child labour a little. It makes me really sad that so many stores, even the ones you wouldn't expect to do it, use children to make their production cheaper. On the one hand, you shouldn't support it because it is morally not correct. On the other hand, if you don't buy their products, these children can't make a living for themselves and their families.It's a whole pro and contra thing, really.
Have you heard about the scandal around Zara?:(

Okay, let's get back to shopping ;D I don't want to make anyone sad. Everybody has to make a decision for themselves. I personally will continue to shop at Primark and Zara, but not too much.

At Pimkie [I didn't enter this store in years] I bought a pair of shorts and then Vero Moda also had something nice ♪ >//< A super cute top. With lace *-* Sue sad that she's probably gonna buy it as well because it is so simple yet so pretty ♥

The  shorts fit perfectly ♥ Now I kinda get the feeling that I really am a size 36 (UK10), not a 34, not a 38, and that I could order clothes online because they will fit. Before I wasn't so sure of that but it turns out really everything I bought in the last 2 years or so is a 36. hm ♥

 photo C360_2013-04-12-09-37-46_zps124552a1.jpg

 photo C360_2013-04-12-09-57-01_zps062249ea.jpg

Here is the top ♥ It's just white so I'm showing you the bottom part~

 photo C360_2013-04-12-08-52-22_zpsc4e802f3.jpg

At some point we took a break and went to 'backfactory' :D But no picture of that because their stuff is tasty and cheap but not very pretty ^^"

Before Sue and me met, I bought this here. Certain bloggers ('cough Julia, cough') said they love Essie nailpolish and that it would last long ♥ My nails are super short and dead at the moment tho.

 photo C360_2013-04-12-10-00-00_zps6787b516.jpg

This is 'Go Ginza'. Whatever that means.

I'm always so 'greedy'. When I get new clothes, I want to wear them immediately.
Sorry for the blurry picture.

 photo C360_2013-04-12-09-56-38_zps81eb6117.jpg

It was a super lovely day, Sue ♪
I hope we can meet again soon :)

Ps: Out of randomness. I found this and I have no idea what to think of myself (and my friends) back in 7th grade :D
I'm not gonna translate the first part, but the 'treaty' underneath says:

"Keysire, Losnn and Roman happily declare themselves to be 'anti-croissant' for one week. Signature: I won't eat any chocolate croissant for one week'. WTF?! XDD Were we that addicted? They surely taste nice though.

 photo C360_2013-04-09-16-21-39_zps8aeefe29.jpg


  1. ich fands auch so toll gestern <3
    und mit der tasche bin ich super zufrieden! ich habe sie ANPROBIERT :p und heute hatte ich sie auch in der uni und alles ist gut :)
    das top fehlt auch noch in meiner sammlung.

    wir sehen uns ja sicher nächste woche wieder :) viel spaß in marburg!
    :-* Sue

    1. ♥ Beste Tasche!! :)

      Danke es war supiii ♪ Morgen gehts ab haha ;D ♪

  2. jaa ich liebe essie :'D
    und mit good to go drüber hält es so ewig lange <:
    erzähl mir von deiner erfahrung dann :)
    die farbe sieht schön aus :))!!

    ich hab von dem scandal mit zara gar nicht gehört :(
    aber wie du schon echt ein pro kontra thing.
    weil wenn kinder nicht arbeiten würden, dann wären teils echt ganze familien gefährdet....
    es wäre so schön wenn die menschen dort so viel verdienen würden, dass es wirklich zum leben reichen würde :((

    freu mich auf mai :**

    1. ♥ Hihi hab ich ja, ich will wirklich noch mehr!!

      Ja total..:/ Echt schade, aber ich vertrau einfach darauf, dass das Problem der Kinderarbeit mit der Verbesserung der Lebensumstände in der dritten Welt eines Tages gelöst oder zumindest verbessert wird :)

  3. Hii lovely! I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! You can check it out on my blog xxx

  4. Also die Kleider hab ich alle von eBay. Von zweien könnte ich dir den Shop raussuchen, aber zwei waren Privatkäufe. ^^"

    Ahh ja, damals in der 7. Klasse war man schon ganz schön verrückt. xD Ich kenn das von mir und meinen Freunden und wenn ich heute noch etwas von damals finde, wundere ich mich aus jedes Mal. xD

  5. I wish you lovely weekend with ur bf. ^^ Cool shoes I'm looking for similar. :) I didn't heard scandal about Zara but I dont buy there nothing mostly because of prices. I prefer H&M and Reserved. ^^ Cool top and shorts ! I love them. ;3 Really nice nail polish colour~


  6. I love everything that you bought and both of you are so pretty. :))
    I saw Hyuna on your sidebar. 8D 4minute released their teaser photos for their comeback this month. :D

  7. Haha I understand you. I'm stressed last time to because I have final exams soon to graduate high school because I couldn't join them last year and had to wait for them now.


  8. really cute photos!


  9. I love your blog. *w*
    You are so pretty :3

    I started to follow you. <3

  10. i love ur boots, it's must be a fate :p
    u both so cute

    i'm following u dear~
    thanks for drop by on my blog :D

  11. Haha, danke. ^-^
    Aww ja, manchmal möchte man einfach etwas an seinen Haaren ändern, nicht wahr? Aber von hell auf dunkel ist ja immer so ne Sache, das geht dann erstmal nicht wieder so einfach rückgängig zu machen. xD"

    Und wegen Linsen ... also ich hatte auch jahrelang total Angst, welche einzusetzen. Ich bin da auch echt ein Schisser, was Augen und so angeht, davon hat man ja schließlich nur zwei. xD Aber zur LBM hab ich mich dann doch mal überwunden und jetzt bin ich irgendwie voll fasziniert. *-* Und es sind wirklich nicht alle unbequem oder so, man muss nur Glück haben bei der Auswahl. xD Und wenn man sie echt nur selten trägt und nicht ständig, ist das denke ich auch kein Problem.

    Das mit dem Treffen finde ich übrigens eine super Idee. ^0^ ich werd dir in den nächsten Tagen mal eine Mail schreiben. :3

  12. Das letzte outfit is voll suess:3 und die neue hose passt dir perfektxD
    bei mir variieren die groessen iwie immer von geschaeft zu geschaeft (laden?xD)