Freitag, 19. Juli 2013

Let's talk about beauty [2]

Hey cuties ♪
A short post is still better than no post at all, huh? I just returned from a trip to my boyfriend's and gosh I have missed the countryside. The town he studies at now is lovely and for a couple of days I could just relax. He had exams to take while I was there so it was all a bit of a struggle whether I should come or not. I am glad I did though~
I am still surprised how well it all worked out. He was super happy and sweet when I helped him cooking and so on ;D
They have a really big swimming pool there. No picture because I didn't take my phone with me. Here in Hannover, it's like--> Whenever the sun is shining and the temperatures are okay, it feels like everyone goes to the same swimming pool. So annyoing >.< You can't even swim there. So you can imagine how happy I was when I visited him ♥

My train was super late [again!] and they gave me a refound. As you might know from my instagram, I was able to buy the fifth season of gossipgirl today. Also stopped by at Kiko. Lovely store ♥ I am happy that we have it here in Hannover.
I started watching it at lunchtime and I still am. Waited for ages to buy it ~ :D

Now let's get started hehe.
I don't think I'm very much different from other girls because yupp I like to carry some beautystuff with me when I go to university, town etc.
And as I have an obsession with pretty  bags, makeupcases/beautybags come in handy. Over time I have collected quite a few ♥

From left to right.

Asian-looking makeup bag from a bazar// Striped bag for like a euro from Primark. Bought it over two years ago and it's still ok// Fluffy beige little bag by H&M// metallic makeupbag (the picture doesn't do it justice)- was a gift// white little bag with hearts from Primark- again surprisingly good quality.


I like all of them, but I mostly use my longchamp one ♥
My godmother gave it to me last Christmas. It has the perfect size and the blue colour is uber-pretty. Maybe you think that 20 Euros are a bit too much for a makeupbag but considering that the quality is really nice and it never looks childish/boring and goes with everything...I think it' worth it. They come in so many colours and I think that each year, there is a limited edition. So watch out for your favourite colour, longchamp surely has it.
Plus you can buy a matching big handbag with it or a tiny lipstick-only bag ♥ Yay to this label!

Now what's in my beautybag?

From left to right again.
Ugh I so need a decent camera...

Ice Cream Blush [Essence LE]// Chubby Stick [Clinique]// Apocalips Lipgloss [Rimmel// Lashes to Kill Mascara [Catrice]// Bepantol Lipbalm [Bayer]// Tissues XD// FITme Powder [Maybelline]//various hairstuff

So as you can see not that much. Hey, I know people who carry more! =)

Deodorant is not included in the photo btw and neither is a brush but I take them with me ;D

So that was it already ♥ I was just in the mood to blog before I head off to work!


  1. you got great things and I am happy that you had a nice stay at your boyfriends place *-*

  2. ~Cute makeup bags/pouches. I'm looking for something new as well. :D

  3. ww i like that h&m bag actually
    so cute!
    but it will probably get dirty fast, right? :/
    i always change make-up bags once in a while.
    but my host family from japan sent me a little twin stars bag, which is made out of plastic. i first was at a lost what to do with that bag, but it's perfect for make-up :D
    and so far i am using that one

    and i only carry the most neccessary items with me. everything else stays at home haha

  4. Really cute makeup bags I liked fluffy one is really in my style. :)

  5. Huhuu...
    Danke, ich hoffe es klappt nächstes jahr für dich mit der Japanreise. ;)
    Wo geht es denn hin? Auch nach Tokyo? :)

  6. Ich freu mich für dich, dass du ein paar schöne Tage bei deinem Freund verbracht hast. ^^

    Kiko ist wirklich toll, ich geh meistens auch immer einmal dahin, wenn ich in der Stadt bin. :)

    Deine beautybags sind so niedlich. :3 Ich hab gar keins, muss ich gestehen. Werfe immer alles, was ich gedenke den Tag zu benötigen, in meine Tasche und gut ist. xD"

    Also Scones im Teehaus klingt gut! Ich hab die nämlich noch nie gegessen und bin da ja immer neugierig. ;D

    Mein Ausflug ans Meer war so schön! T~T ♥ Aber leider viel zu schnell vorbei. Post darüber gibt es auch schon, hihi.

    Bis bald. ♥

  7. Your makeup bags are so cute! the colour of the ice cream blush looks adorable♡

    (Join my blog International Giveaway ♡! 21 items- lots of Japanese makeup and beauty products including cosmetics from Diamond Beauty, Candydoll, Dollywink, etc!)