Freitag, 15. November 2013

Chī Fàn ♥

Bonjour :)

I successfuly neglected my blog again. However, this weekend I had some very charming blogger girls tell me that I have to write a post ♥ And so I did.
I met up with Tina & Jenny in Hannover to go shopping and to eat Sushi at Ichiban.


Ichiban used to be called "Kabuki" under different ownership ~
It is an all you can eat Sushi restaurant. The catch is that you don't have to go to a boring buffet. Instead, you get one Ipad per Table and each one of you can order up to five dishes per round which are then served at the table. So no annoying running-to-the-buffet ♥ I love that principle. I hate how you can never have a propper conversation when you go to a Buffet-place with many people. I'm usually the one who stands up to get more food like ten times haha

Jenny, two of her friends, Tina and me met up there around lunchtime. This is what we ordered:
[in the first round]

My favourite are the inari-pieces. Jenny told me that they are called like that ♪ It's Tofu filled with rice and the whole thing tastes kinda sweet yet savoury. You should try it them ♥

After having stuffed ourselves we went to town :) I'm not gonna show you what I bought because I've bought quite a lot these days and I'm just gonna show it to you when I do an outfit post. One thing though~ Did it ever come to your mind that Primark seems to have a "Disney" print licence? I mean so many of their shirts etc. have Disney characters printed on them; it's crazy!
Even though I feel too old to wear Disney shirts I bought a Bambi pyjama ♥♥ BIG LOVE! Isn't it just so cute? And guess what: Tina and Jenny bought the same one. Now we are Bambi sisters.
We had so much fun! Let's do it again some time. Hopefully with Julia coming along!

Outfit from that day ~
Please ignore how messy my room is. It got a lot better recently! And since I finally own leatherpants I wear them pretty much all the time.


Now moving on to my second "date" this week. I met Yuxi and Fiona after university and they took me to this amazing Chinese restaurant. It was more of an Imbiss actually but sitting there was super nice. I think it's run by a family and everyone spoke Chinese. YES in case you are wondering why I'm pointing it out: Many so-called "Chinese" restaurants in Hannover are either run by Vietnamese people or they do not sell authentical dishes at all. For example, the usual sort-of greasy fried noodles are not typically chinese! Their food is quite healthy and it's not 'fast-food' at all. The owner gave us a Chinese menue and talked to us a little bit ♥ I couldn't understand him very well though haha ~ I only understand girls for some reason! Here are some pictures ♥

First of all ~ the food. Pictures taken by Yuxi with her amazing iphone 4 camera. Seriously, I feel like her pictures always turn out so much better than mine [HTC Desire S]


This one here was my favourite. It's some sort of Tofu and Soy stuff and it has got shrimps in it. :3


With Fiona :)

With Yuxi ♥

Next week, Yuxi. Fiona and me plan to meet up again ♥ We all study at the same university




  1. Danke für dein Kommentar ^^ Echt tolle Bilder, du bist wirklich suuuperhübsch*-* Da werd ich ganz neidisch XD
    Also zu den karten,nein, die brauche nur etwa eine woche von Japan nach Dland aber ich habe sie schonmal geschrieben damit ich dann zur Weihnachtszeit keinen Stress habe und vor allem weil ich das schreiben und dekorieren so mag^^

  2. awww happy you blogged again beauty!
    I had so much fun and I can't wait until you and Tina come over to my place! *-* It was such an amazing time!!
    Loved your outfit and the food. And the pyjamas hahaha !
    And the Chinese food looks great ;;

  3. so lecker essen ;A;
    ich könnte btw auch ne bambi sister sein yo :D
    ich hab ein pajama mit bambi von H&M hahaha
    aber mit kurzer hose und so <:

    schon die sylvie collection bei hunkemöller gesehen? omg ich brauch alles ;A;
    ein set musste vorhin gerade mitgehen /hust

  4. one might believe that you report from your live in boston or seattle something like that but than they say hannover^^ which was a bit funny to me. but i really like the frist picture..

  5. Bambi-Schwester. ♥

    Oh Gott, wo fang ich denn jetzt bloß an? xD

    Es war wirklich toll mit euch, schreit echt nach Wiederholung! :33
    Und ja, du kannst gerne mal zu Besuch kommen. ^-^ Schade, dass Emma Tea sonntags nicht geöffnet hat, das wäre sonst voll praktisch. Aber vielleicht kriegen wir es dieses Jahr ja noch hin. ^^
    Ich war übrigens gestern im Audrey Café und es war so toll. *_* Sie hatten so tolle Kuchen, da müssen wir auch mal hin! Unbedingt.

    Oh wow, echt? Voll toll, ich glaube ich konnte noch nie jemanden motivieren, haha. xD Aber ich denke, mittlerweile ist es zum joggen für mich zu kalt geworden. :( Ich vertrag die kalte Luft in Kombination mit Sport nämlich echt nicht gut. ><

    Voll gut, wo ist denn das chin. Restaurant? Ich seh das nämlich ähnlich. ;) Gibt in solchen Restaurants ja kaum authentische Gerichte aus China sondern nur so an den europ. Geschmack angepasste Sachen. xD Würde gerne mal wieder etwas "richtig" chinesisches essen. :3

  6. You and your friends look really pretty and happy to be spending some girly bonding time together. You all ordered so many maki! Oh yes, I love a la carte buffet too coz I like how they would send the food to me and I'm also those who would stand up many times at a buffet. I can't see how messy your room was actually. It looked cozy. I agree that most Chinese restaurants in Western countries aren't authentic at all. They once had Singaporean noodles and I swear I do not know what a Singaporean noodles is coz we have sooooooo many varieties of noodles but none called the Singaporean noodles.And I agree about the oiliness too.

    Good to see you here Keki. And woots! I love reading long comments coz the sweet words in there would really make my day! I'm so sorry to hear about you accidentally deleting your comment. It happened to me a few times and I would be quite annoyed when that happened especially after typing so much.

    There really was/is a period of time when the usual bloggers stopped visiting. I hope this phase would die off soon. I understand how busy we all are and I was also like this during the last few months when it was the peak of my work and also other after work commitments.

    I walked past Starbucks yesterday and we didn't have that drink. We have 3 new Christmas drinks though not the pumpkin spiced latte.

    I always believe that words can make or break people. Nice positively words would always create positive vibes around you and affect others positively too. So if there are things to compliment one about, why not voice it out? Of course, there are times when I have bad things to say about bad people but most of the times, the people around me are good. I think it's a culture too. Different people in different situations would talk differently too. I haven't been to Germany before! I wonder about the people and culture. If I were to just generalize Germany based on you, I would think the people there are lovely like rainbows and cupcakes.

    I hope a vet would soon be able to diagnose what is wrong with your kitty cat. How old is she? I really hope it isn't related to her organs affecting her mobility. Lots of hugz sent over to keki and neko!

  7. oh my goooosh:D das essen sieht so lecker aus!! hab hunger jetzt:)
    ist sushi bei euch auch so teuer wie bei uns in der schweiz?? würde definitv mehr essen, wenn der preis nicht wäre... habe mich gefreut wieder von dir zu hören:) und wowiee*.* du und deine freundinnen sehen so toll aus! ganz liebe grüsse & bis zum nächsten mal:))

  8. OMG <3 foooooood made me so hungry >< haha.. That's nice u spend great time with ur friends. ^^