Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

Make- up Storage [Room ♥]


I like it a lot when bloggers or people from YouTube reveal a little bit about their personal life, f. ex when they show their wardrobe, their room etc. Not too much though! I am still waiting for my new wardrobe to arrive but that's not gonna happen before October. This is why I decided to tidy up and do a make-up storage post. It's not all make-up in the little cupboard but you will see. When I tidied up I found so much useless stuff, it's incredible. I feel like things from maybe...4 years ago have piled up and I don't even use them anymore. On the other hand, I also realized how much (decent) make-up I have, so these days I try to use it up before buying new things.

This is my make-up and accessory cupboard [Ikea] next to a full-lenght mirror [Nanu-Nana]. As you can see the walls in my room are not straight which is by biggest problem ~
At least everything fits in so far. There is also a pin-board but I just use it for private stuff. The university and work- related board is elsewhere.


I keep ''long'' make-up items in a little starbucks cup which a friend gave me. Brushes, mostly drugstore ones, are in the little glass on the left. Next to it is my Kiko Eyelash-curler. It's not the best I guess but I am quite satisfied. I'm not gonna open that pink and white box with the ribbon- it includes boxes and loads of random items. I decided to keep most of my perfume inside one of the drawers because wasps keep coming in in summer. :( The earring and necklace holder is from Nanu-Nana as well and it is incredibly helpful ♥ The boxes - heartshaped, blue etc.- include my most important/expensive and meaningful jewelry. Do you see that cute little owl? There is lipbalm with caramel taste in it ♥ Bought it with Katha in Hamburg last year.  It's not very visible on the photo but the little doll on the right carries even more necklaces. For some reason I have ''only'' two watches so I usually wear either of them and keep the other one in that place. The box on the bottom right is filled with my daily make-up because I usually don't have much time in the morning. ;D

Welcome to the first drawer [left side]: Many, many blushes among which you can see my favourite label- Sleek. There is also a range of dark eyeshadows. To be honest, I don't think they suit me very well but maybe I just need practice. In the brown box with the gold label are more eyeshadows. Yepp, I am obsessed but more about that below this post :D On the left you can also see a cute japanese pencil case which includes eyebrow-pencils and a manicure set. There are also 3 palettes: Urban Decay Naked, Sleek iDivine and a cheap drugstore one. I also own the ''famous'' Boujours bronzer but I don't really understand the hype. It smells like chocolate though ♥ In the back you can see a platic case in which I keep more earrings. I also own a Thomas Sabo bracelet but since I wear gold quite a lot it doesn't match my other accessory. (It's silver) And then a messy part ~ my hairbows/hairties/hairribbons. :D Many of them are by Primark and New Look ♪

Do you like this Matrioshka- box? In it I keep my skincare items ♥

The right side: I changed a shoebox into a lipstick box. I have way too many products for my lips but I always forget to use them :/ I guess I like lipgloss best and I think real lipsticks make my lips look dry.


And here is a plastic box full of earrings :) Many of them are too long or too big so I don't wear them very often. I wanted a similar (overpriced) box from Muji but my boyfriend suggested this one here ♥ It was really really cheap and works just as fine! Thanks again!

Ready for the second drawer? It contains: Perfume (lots of it...),Bodylotion, deodorant and more boxes haha. Yupp I have a thing for boxes! The one in the front has many items in it but it would take to long to describe them. I think you can see some nailstickers, a badge, a cupcake and a mobile case from here ;D

And yay make-up cases ♥ I made a post about some of them.

The last photo shows my favourite part these days. With this thingy I keep my necklaces and favourite earrings away from getting tangled etc. It's also from Nanu- Nana :)

What do you think? How do you store your make-up and accessory? And hey, I don't have that much. The last drawer of the cupboard contains clothes ;D ♪

xoxo Keki


  1. You own a looot of makeup. I don't even know what to do with most of these!
    But everything looks clean and organized, good job~

  2. Cute storage ! :)
    thanks for the cute comment on my blog !
    Maybe we could follow each other if you want ?
    Let me know honey :)


  3. Really nice corner I like this cute style. :) Well ogranized place. :) I wish I could have something similar to this. ^^

    Of course I don't miss any posts on your blog ! I understand you can be a bit busy and have no time to care of blog. I feel a bit pity. >< Movie is really nice ! Yes I also can't believe I will believe when I will be on the way to TW. :D Can't believe you're going to Taiwan next year! Anyway it's good u had nice time with your mom. :)

  4. I also like it when bloggers, youtube personas reveal a bit of themselves on their blogs or videos coz it makes them more real to me.

    You have such a neat little space there. How lovely! The pink and white theme rocks!

    You finally made it here, Keki. Never too late! And thanx for your lovely comment. Ooh, I didn't know your boyfriend is a Chinese. That's so cute. I think I should stalk your blog and instagram more often to catch glimpse of him.

    PS: I'm married so it's hubby not bf. =)

  5. die box mit den blumen hab ich auch hihi <:
    dein makeup tisch ist o voll omg haha wär nichts für mich. aber ich hab in meinem auch eher schmuck und perfüm. mein richtiges make up hab ich in einem schrank im bad. schmink mich da auch immer :))
    und yay für naked *_*

    1. nanu-nana ist das beste :)
      ich schmink mich mal hier und da, aber unser Bad ist zu klein um groß make-up reinzutun :(
      jaa ♥ hast du 1 oder 2?