Freitag, 20. September 2013

Update & Birthday

Hello :) Hehe it's me with slightly darker hair from now on.

I know, I know. Tell me about it, I rarely blog these days. At least I have some personal reasons for that- (I don't feel very well at the moment) But I am going to Spain tomorrow and when I am back I will probably be recharged with positive energy ♥ University doesn't start until October; very late in October actually so I don't do much besides working a hell of a lot and meeting friends.

I managed to save a lot of money so far because I'd like to go to Japan next year ♥ And I feel like it's really gonna happen because lovely Emilia from Ningyo Haru Haru said that she'd join me. We also have a friend who studies there- all three of us met at university in Scotland.

Did you know that idealising the past is a common phenomenon? I wasn't always happy back in Scotland but now I'm like ''ohhh we had such a good time'' haha. Well that's still kinda true, it just seems as if I am starting to forget the unpleasant things. The only thing that I know for sure is that I met so many lovely people there ♥

Anyway, let's move on to another topic :) On September 14th it was my birthday, wohou! My best friend Charlotte from England came all the way to Germany to spend the weekend here ♥ Let's talk about my best birthday present haha :)

Whenever we talk or meet, topics from ''back then'' which means England 2009/10 come up. We had such a great time at school :D Not to mention all our activities after school ~ we went cheerleading, bollywood dancing and volunterring together. We had the best sleepovers and we didn't forget about all our inside jokes. I swear I had such a sore throat from all the laughing and talking on my birthday weekend!

On my actual birthday we had a lovely brunch/ breakfast with some neighbours and then relatives called and so on ♪ In the evening, Cornelius arrived and Charlotte, he and me made a Chinese meal. At 7 pm my other guests came to the little party and we enjoyed the evening with food and drinks ♥ I have to admitt that I hate being a host though ~ I feel like it's kinda stressful. Is that just me...?

Here are some pictures from my birthday and other random things ♥

Some of the gifts :) And gets haha because I....yeah, I gave something to myself. :D

A movie and books!! From bottom to top: Pitch Perfect came with a voucher for a cosy dvd evening from a friend, "Bob der Streuner", Death Note 1 [yupp, I used to be a Manga addict but this is my first one in years], "Ein ganzes halbes Jahr" and at the very top is a book which includes stories and poems written by a dear friend ♥ Thanks again :)


A parcel from Emilia arrived in the mail ♥ It includes many cute things like ribbons, chocolate and fake eyelashes.


So many lovely items ♥ Sue and her boyfriend gave me a nailpolish I wanted for a long time and a chocolate foundue set ♪

Yuxí got me some supercute notebooks because I started Mandarin lessons again ♥ The one with the giraffe says: If you become far taller than me could yo still talk to me?


Here is what I bought for myself. Hey, if you knew that sort of drama I was going through since the beginning of September, you'd need a Chanel lipstick as well :D It is my very first one and I was very picky. More about that in another post ♥ The jewelry set is angel-wings inspired. Big love!


And here is lovely Char :) We burst out laughing when we were in Primark and she was looking for a hot water bottle. The ones they have at the moment are kinda cute as they have little animal attached to them with strings ♥ However, on one of the bottles a string was broken and a cute little hedgehog fell on the ground. When I asked Charlotte why she still wants to buy that one, I could tell from the look on her face what she was thinking! :D "Look, this little hedgehog's string is broken...I'm the only one who's gonna take care of him and buy that bottle! He needs a loving home" Haha so yupp we bought the bottle ♥ 

 We went to a wonderful café/teashop [Tina, if you are reading this--> We still have to go! :D It's the little teashop I was speaking of] and enjoyed Matcha latte, tea and matcha scones.

And now two low-quality shots from the evening ♥



 My mum and I are going to fly to Mallorca tomorrow ♥  And if you are wondering what my parent's gift is~ haha it's my new wardrobe.

See you soon ♥


  1. Wunderschöne Bilder!!! *_* sieht nach sehr viel Spaß aus! Wünsche dir einen schönen Urlaub :3 ich mag mit ins Cafe kommen mit dir und Tina!

  2. Congrats! Looks like you had a wonderfull Birthday :*

    Hope your vacation in Mallorca is awsome... Guess you're there now. Oooo and I'm at work ... Monday morning>>> Very envious :P

    Love the new hair! Looks very elegant :)
    We both made some hair-doo changes at the same time ... It's good to have a change of look... Maybe it will bring a change of perspective too.

    About idealising the past ... I do that too. We all do, I guess. I mean what's the point in dwelling over the bad things?... I should ask our psychologist friends if it's a matter of repression or just formatting the hard-drive ;)

    Please, take lots of cool pics in Mallorca and show them to us, do some bragging!

    Miss you! And our fun times together :*
    Have a wonderfull holiday!

  3. viel spaß in mallorca <3 ich erwarte viele viele fotos wenn du wieder da bist :)!

  4. Bist du schon wieder von Mallorca zurück? :3
    Ich hoffe du hattest eine schöne Zeit mit deiner Mum und konntest das alles ein bisschen hinter dir lassen. <3

    Freut mich auch nochmal, dass du so einen schönen Geburtstag mit dem tollsten Besuch hattest. ^-^ Haha und ich bin erstaunlicherweise relativ gerne Gastgeber.

    Aber unbedingt müssen wir noch in den Teeladen. *_* Die Jahreszeit passt jetzt auch wunderbar, finde ich. :3 Vielleicht können wir Jenny dann auch gleich mitnehmen. Und wir müssen unbedingt alle nochmal Sushi essen gehen. *_*

  5. Oo ^^ Awesome hair ! I see you got really awesome gifts ! Ahh I need back to study Chinese too. >< The most important for me is that u had good time. ^^ Best wishes !