Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013


Hello mes chèrs ♥

I am feeling really good and motivated these days so I thought I should use my energy to blog again.
I don't know how you feel, but I love dolling up even when I am "just" meeting a friend for breakfast. Yuxi and I met up at Emma Tea [we wanted to go there for ages and we finally made it. This makes me realize~ Jenny and Tina we still haven't met up at this place!].

Fridays became our regular meetup-days because we are both busy studying and having breakfast or lunch usually doesn't take too much time. For some reason I still ended up being in a rush at the end- sorry again- !

Here are some photos, all of them were taken by Yuxi because she is so good at taking photos. I believe she'd be a great photographer although she studies biochemical science.

Do you know the japanese legend of the 1000 origami cranes? It is said that whoever manages to fold 1000 paper origami cranes will be granted a wish. I think it's a beautiful idea and I wish I could actually do that. Someone told me this story many years ago but I looked it up and found it on the Internet if you are interested in reading it. It is most commonly told in the context of Sadako Sasaki, a victim of the nuclear bomb attacks on Hiroshima during the Second World War.

I know that this was kind of a a self-obsessed post but I'm just so happy about these pictures :)

My outfit on this day consited of ...

A blouse by Vero Moda inspired by Blair Waldorf
A skirt worn many, many times these days. It's by Zara.
Calzedonia leggings
A bracelet from a special someone & another bracelet from another special someone
Mango boots

I wish you a lovely week ♥


  1. WOW! *______________*
    These pics are lovely. And you know what? I love your smile. And yes! We need to go there. And I can't wait till January! My cats are awaiting you and Tina, hehe~

  2. your pictures are really beautiful*-* you're so pretty

  3. das outfit ist super toll ♥ genau wie die fotos hehe ♥

  4. Die Bilder sind wirklich schön geworden. :)
    Und es wird echt mal Zeit, dass wir zu Emma Tea kommen T_T !!!
    Freut mich aber, dass es dir gut geht im Moment, hihi. ^^

  5. So pretty pics ! and that legent is interesting because i never heard about it before. :)
    Thank you Keki. :)