Montag, 3. September 2012

Hamburg Again :)

Hey ♥
(And hello new followers.)

This is a personal post ♥

I am sorry ~
I rarely find the time to blog. At least I got a pretty good excuse :D I was in Munich for one week, but first I was in Hamburg with my boyfriend. It was my birthday present for him. 2 Days, one night. I don't want to post stuff that's too private but I think every girl knows what I mean when I say how special it feels waking up next to your boyfriend ♪

We took the train from Hannover early in the morning and arrived around 11.30. Had massive trouble finding the hotel :D It was a very good one though.

Then we decided to have an early lunch and go to the city centre of course. We went shopping ( I can show you my gets another time) a little and we went on a little boatstrip. The guide/captain was very funny and it didn't cost much.
In the late afternoon we were able to get our rooms in the hotel and we stayed there some time to relax a little.

And then...OMG we went to Vapiano.
I am sure many people know it but still: It is an Italian restaurant but their idea is to make their guests feel as if they were visiting friends at home. You can't book a table and the meals are below 20 euros. Most of them are below 10 euros, too. They've got an open kitchen and you can chose all the ingredients of your pasta ♪
It's the best stuff ever. I'm honest.

I took pictures in Vapiano but for some reason they are gone :o

At least I got to keep some other pictures from Hamburg so enjoy.


I love you ♥

At night ↑


Our food ↨



They're so cute, aren't they? We ate loads of them on the trainride. It's a sweet from China and I think many of you know it.


These are actually two pictures but they look nice together ;D

I know this post isn't exactly fashion or even Gyaru related but I just wanted to share my joy ^-^ I truly love this man and I am happy that he liked his present.

Next time: Outfit post! I swear.



  1. You guys look so sweet together! : D : D

  2. Beautiful photos. :-)
    You look so cute.

  3. Aww you guys looks so cute together ;)
    I love those panda sweets ^3^They are so good~!!

  4. Awww süßes Bild von deinem Freund und dir ♥

    Vapiano ist toll!!!
    War da gestern erst mit meiner Schwester essen. Und scheint es ja wirklich überall zu geben :D

    Diese kleinen Koalabären sind toll, die hab ich früher auch immer gegessen!!! Gibt es die überhaupt noch im normalen Laden zu kaufen? Hab die ewig nicht mehr gesehen...

  5. danke für deinen kommentar ^^ ich verfolg deinen blog schon ne weile ^^ sehr süß gemacht ^3^

  6. You look so cute together~~!
    Staying at a hotel with your boyfriend must be nice ♥
    And I think i've seen these koala cookies somewhere! They are so adorable! :)

  7. Das Bild mit deinem Freund ist sooo süß, beneidenswert ♥
    Ist er Asiate? :D
    Mir gehts soweit ganz gut...oder auch nicht, wechselt ständig :D
    Ich konnte mich auch schlecht entscheiden, ein Glück hab ich bald Geburtstag ♥

    LG Mona

  8. so cute!
    i can exactly understand what you mean XD
    my boyfreidn was in germany and i was with him on a germany tour also (*-*) i showed him so many places, that even I didnt know before! but yes, the best moment is when you wake up near your boy :D

    you both look very cute and happy^^

    oh~ and if you have time, please check out my new blog post!(。・ε・。) and if you like it you can write a comment☆彡 i would be happy!!^^
    have a nice day and take care~~ 

  9. sweet >< so lucky to have a nice trip with your bf :3 how long have you two been together?

  10. That's sweet you two had some time to yourselves on your bday! Kekeke and yes waking up to our bf's is the best! Though sometimes I get grumpy because he steals all the blankets -.-

    Can't wait to see your gets kekeke

  11. Thanks for your comments ♪ I will reply on your blogs I suppose :3