Samstag, 8. September 2012

Leaving Germany & Gets

Hello :)
This is my last entry before I will leave Germany to study in Scotland.
My flight is on Tuesday.
As much as I am looking forward to this, I have to see how stressful life is right now. There are so many things to organize when you are moving, it is unbelieveable.
I want to meet all of my friends and relatives (which I can't do because some of them are on holiday) and tomorrow I have a little leaving-party.
Still have to prepare a cake :3

I can only show you some of the stuff I bought in Hamburg/Munich because like 90% of my "pretty" clothes are in my suitcase. So I can show you my new shirts and all that when I am in the Uk
So sorry ~
And I wanted this to be an outfit post but it didn't quite work out. Anyway, enjoy ♥

My bf got me this in Hamburg.
It's a rose and you can either pin in on your shirt/dress or use it as a hairclip. I will take it to Scotland in my hand luggage ♪


This is another gift but it is selfmade and therefore so precious to me :)
Sorry for the blurryness. 

The jumper itself is in my suitcase but this is the pattern/print. It's by C&A so it was quite cheap. The quality is great though and it feels good to wear it. IMAG1165

One of the most wonderful things I finally own :D A trenchcoat. I've been looking for one for AGES. Seriously I was so picky. Whenever I saw one, something was bothering me ("don't like the cut, don't like the buttons,don't like the shade of the colour..." but this one is perfection in my opinion. ♥
It is by Zara.

Just a quick note:

I feel like this post is getting a little superficial. My life doesn't consist of shopping and food but last post was personal so yeah.
And once I am at university there will be plenty of stuff to tell you. I will complain about homework. I will see new places, meet new people. You can check out my apartment once I decorated it a little and well we will see.



An old dress but I don't know what to wear right now ;) The weather is kinda strange.

This is just because I like pictures of food.
Lunch with one of my friends (Hey Katha!)


Our "friends" - Katha and me bought them in Hamburg. (Yes, I went there with Katha and a few days later with my boyfriend in case you are wondering). When you turn them upside down you can open them and then there's tasty lipgloss. Mine is chocolate Caramel. However, it looks extremly wrong to...rubb know, but. :D

In C&A Hamburg, they also sold Usamimis (correct term?) ♥ 1 Euro only! I got this one in red,too.
Please ignore crappy eye-makeup.
Earrings are from Sri Lanka btw~
love srilankan juwelery.


And last: two "coordinates" that I don't own yet hahaha. I sometimes go to changing rooms to snap outfits because my mirror at home is too small and I always have to pretend to try something on. This is what I chose last time.


Tbh I haven't bought these 3 things (shirt,skirt,dress) yet but I love them so so much. What do you think? They're not too expensive.

Goodbye, "see you" in Scotland!
Take care ♥
I will still have time to reply to your comments before I leave.
Please be patient ~ haha
And now I am hungry.
(Instant Noodles prepared by bf are the best!)



  1. Die Jacke steht dir richtig, richtig gut!!!

    Ich wünsch dir viel Spaß und vorallem viel Erfolg bei deinem Studium!!!

    LG Mona :*

  2. hihi danke :*
    und was sagt er dazu, dass du weggehst zum studieren? Oder kommt er mit?

    LG Mona

  3. The coat looks amazing! :3
    You are so beautiful!! :-)

  4. Great post! Good luck with your moving to scotland :)
    My brother and wife are in hamburg on a little holiday at the moment there loving it.

  5. wow der trench-coat steht dir total gut!:) wir fliegen auch dienstag, jedoch in den urlaub:) wie lange bleibst du denn da? scotland sounds intersting:) xx

  6. your outfits are really cute. Wish you the best luck in Scotland!

  7. Moving to another country must be hard! :o To another city is kinda ok, haha, depends on how good you are at organizing things like that.^^

    Lol, i take pictures at changing rooms as well! :D

    1. haha yeah it was quite tough the first few days ♪

  8. Ohhh ich wünsch dir auch ganz viel Erfolg in Schottland!!!
    Und pass auf dich auf ♥

    Danke auch für dein Kommi in meinem Blog!!!
    Mein neuer treuer leser *-*
    Im Vapiano war ich bisher einmal in Bonn in einem das ist aber schon Jahre her und neuer Stammgast in dem in Köln :) yammi <3333 Ich mag auch die Einrichtung total dort :D
    Werd demnächst bei uns im Supermarkt 'hit' mal nachschauen eine freundin meinte zu mir da soll es die koalabären geben *_*


  9. I hope you arrived safe and sound n the UK! The trench coat is perfect indeed and looks so good with your blonde hair! I've seen that cat sweater too at c&a but it didn't fit... T.T it's so cute though!

    1. thank you :] Yeah I did. Oh really? I always feel like blonde people look pale easily haha ;D Oh that's a shame cause its soo comfy.

  10. I think it takes a ton of time and patience searching for the perfect coat! The trench coat you bought looks amazing and fits your body to a T! That's sweet of your bf to buy you those gifts/make them!

    OMG! That owl hahahahahaha that'd be so funny to see in person =P

    1. I knooow :) it took ages haha but thanks a lot :D

      Yeah the thing with the owls.. xD still makes me laugh!

  11. Hope you are enjoying Scotland and is prepared for the extremely cold weather to come!! I haven't been Scotland but I know it's much colder than London. Can't wait to see the pictures! X