Samstag, 29. September 2012

Meeting Emilia [Shopping time]

Hey ♥ You did not expect another post so soon, did you?

The first week of uni is over and it was so much fun. Pretty exhausting, too. 
So much running around, so much to organize but still I am looking forward to next week.

I went to the fashion society meeting and for some reason I don't have any pictures...Oh well, nevermind. I love Fashion and we might even go to London FashionWeek! OMG.

And guess what? I met another Gyaru girl ~~crazy right?
She carried a "Anna Sui" wallet and when we went to the bar I though..."Hm maybe she's a gyaru"
after a while of chatting we realized that both of us love the style.
And decided to meet up again ♪

We also live close to each other ~~ shop at the same supermarket.
That's us today. Of course we went shopping~ my feet still hurt ahh.

Maybe this isn't so interesting for british people but since there are some Germans reading my blog, here is a little shopping guide for scotland (just my experience).

Food: I like Morrisons because it is close by. Asda is cheaper though. You might have heard of Tesco and Sainsbury's but yeah the distance is what counts for me. I am trying to eat healthy stuff but I am always tempted to buy sweets. Will keep you updated on what I eat if that interests you. When you are living alone it's kinda difficult to buy big amounts of food (which is cheaper) because you need to finish it.

Drugstore: Boots or Superdrug? That's the question. Both of them are nice but I have the boots advantage card and it's worth it I think. You get many vouchers etc. Emmi and me bought some cosmetics today and we saved so much money. Also, I got a beautiful eyeshadow for free.

Clothes: Where to start? River Island is nice~ Topshop and New Look too. Check out their websides if cou like. I think these three are my favourites, plus they do student discount (and Zara of course!). I am somewhat tired of H&M and I hope this will change. Primark is great but I think many German people know it anyway ^-^
For lingerie I'd say La Senza. Great deals and so pretty.

Home stuff/Various: glasses, frying pans and so on: Probably pound land because it's cheap haha. Asda carries a lot to and I found some nice cups at Debenhams. For stationary I went to WHSmith but it is ridicously expensive in my opinion. There's a bookshop at uni which is quite nice for pens and so on. Oh yeah and Paperchase is always worth a visit :3 I'm really glad one of my friends showed it to me. This "bento-ish" lunchbox in from there.


It does have dividers.

Do you have any suggestions for "university bento"? Something that's easy to make so I can make it in the morning and then carry it with me.

About today ♪
We met up at 12 and then headed straight to town. Aberdeen has many shopping centery and we went to Bon Accord and St. Nicholas first. Btw, throughout our whole shopping trip, we couldn't find any Asian supermarket. Maybe we can ask our chinese teacher for advice. Because we kinda desperately need chopsticks haha.
--> I am learning Mandarin now and we are in the same course ♥

I bought a really nice necklace for 1 Pound at Ms Selfridge, but I forgot to snap a picture and now it is too dark in my room. T.T Show you guys next time.

We had some Sushi at M&S and it was so tasty.
 Before that, we managed to eat a Pack of "Reese's" each.


Another friend shared them with me once and they are soooo good. They're bad for you. Yep.

Of course we stopped at Primark. :]


Finally one of these collars then create new outfits.


Boots ♪ The picture doesn't do them any justice.




I didn't buy this today but I didn't show it to you yet so...yeah.



When we walked around town, we saw so many places that sold delicious cupcakes. Maybe we'll get one next time (and no, not the giant one haha).


Emi snapping a picture of the cupcakes ♥ I love her hair.


her nails...! Madness.Good.


And last ~ some pictures we took. As per "resumé" I have to say that meeting people who love the same style as you do is so great. Also, we get along so well ♥ even though we just met.







And this is the link to Emi's blog :]


  1. hey :)
    haha you both are you cutee :) its always soo nice to meet someone with the same interest's :D

    btw thanks for you touriguide :D
    when i visited london 3 years ago i totally fall in love with river island :D
    i love to order from their online shop when i can't visit their store :D new look and topshop are also great !! ;D

  2. ohhh i'm so happy for you! it's so cool and so much fun meeting somebody you get along with so fast and somebody who shares the same interests:)

  3. Das war ein Jahrespraktikum, habe es gemacht weil ich dachte dass ich dann da auch eine Ausbildung machen kann aber wurde ja nichts draus ._.
    Dankeschön! Voll lieb von dir! :)
    Ohhh wie cool.... würde auch gerne mal nach Schottland <3 auch wenn der H&M nicht toll ist xD warum ist der eigentlich doof? :o

    Oh mein Gott! Die Ohrringe sind sooo toll! Will schon total lange auch solche haben! x.x und ihr beiden seid echt hübsch! :3

  4. Amazing shoes, make up and hairstyle;)

    BTW - I love german's candy:)

    Maybe you'd like to exchange one day? We send the products of our countries - sweets, cosmetics and inne.Me Polish, you German?

  5. You and your friend are so cute! ^^ I love your friends hair! Your is cute too^^ :) That Cookie monster cupcake was so cute~ ^^ Those shoes are so pretty!! ^^

  6. Thank you for your comment ^^
    I think your blog is very interesting.
    I like River Island but the shop in Barcelna close down more than year ago... I'm still sad. I know I can buy online but I prefer try the clothes... T.T
    I'm amazed because the sushi is cheaper than in Spain! 1 pound is a nice price ^^
    And I loved see your outfit. Is elegant and casual at the same time.
    I follow you now :D

  7. I had so much fun yesterday!! ♡
    We have to go soon to the Chinese restaurant!!
    You are so pretty~! and the lashes looked so great on you ♡

  8. So beautiful photos! You look amazing together. :-) I love your hair :3
    Earrings, shoes,...are amazing too! :3

  9. Ahhh ich freu mich das du dort gleich jemanden mit gleichen interessen gefunden hast!!! Und ihr seht sooo toll zusammen aus ♥ Du bist sooo hübsch T^T ♥ +bild mit rosa pulli anlieb+

    Wow, 3 Jahre? OO Das aber wirklich lange zeit, ich drück dir die daumen das du das alles gut schaffst! Für mcih wäre das nichts so wiet weg von allem hier und vor allem die Sprache +sprachlich untalentiert+ Respekt ♥
    Nein ich studiere nicht :)

  10. That's sweet you met someone who likes the same fashion as you! To me, that's something that can bond two people very quickly and it's nice to have some support as well since I know gyaru can sometimes be intimidating to wear out to public so kudos to you two!

    I hope you have fun at your new uni, I know I am but am already stressed about a paper proposal hahaha and it's also so tiring going to school everyday T_T

    re: Don't every worry about asking me about bags or anything in general! I'm a really open person and am a chatter box =3

    As for a good LV bag for school/everyday life it depends on what types of bags you like. If you like or prefer shoulder bags like me then you'll like the speedy baudelaire, neverfull or artsy. Personally I use my lumineuse for school because it has a zipper and lots of pockets (I haven't showed the bag on my blog yet, so lazy haha) But it's really expensive and I would have never gotten it if I didn't go to Paris. I think the neverfull is an awesome bag for school, especially the mm size (medium), I have the largest size and personally think it's too big for school especially since I don't carry too much. The best way to find out is to go to the store and try on some bags =) Or "google" around hahaha

    The neverfull is a really common bag but it's because it does make a great everyday bag, it's really sturdy and you don't need to baby too much. Try not to get anything with too much leather because it can't get wet or else there will be marks =( I think speedy's are a great starter bag too but it can't hold things like folders and it's a handheld bag = might get tiring. I have the speedy idylle though and love that bag to bits =) Hope this helps and feel free to ask me more questions, I also don't mind talking about price points etc. =)

    Hope you're doing well!

  11. Aww! It's too bad you can't see your friends back in Germany as often, but it's good to see you're making friends at your new school already. =) So you won't feel as lonely.
    I always have troubles figuring out what to pack for lunch to the University too! Need something quick and convenient, but also healthy.
    I envy both of you, you have such pretty long hair ;__; I love your coat as well =)
    Hope you're doing well at your new school.

    1. haha yeah and I already made my first bento ^-^ it was tasty!
      thank you I am doing well ♥ but it's uni :p

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