Montag, 26. November 2012

Christmas Mood ♥

Hey everyone.

You might have guessed it (the title is so obvious)~ I am totally in a christmas mood.
I haven't been the past few years but for some reason I am super exicited this year.
Vous l'avez su ~ Je suis dans une ambiance de Noel. Ce n'était pas le cas les derniers ans, alors je suis vraiment impatiente cette année.

Maybe it's because I miss home so badly.
Peut-être c'est parce que ma famille me monque trop.

But it's also because everything sparkles. People in Scotland go crazy about gifts, christmas cards (The have cardshops here) and decoration.
I've been to the christmas parade with friends this sounday (we had hot chocolate at Starbucks afterwards) and everybody was just so happy even though it was freezing.
Mais c'est aussi parce que tout les choses éticelent maintenant (je ne sais pas si cet mot est correct). Les personnes en Êcosse sont fana des cadeaux, des cartes de Noel et de la décoration.

Little personal note: I guess I am becoming someone with "traditional" values such as family, home, religion, friends and marriage? These things suddenly seem so precious and wonderful to me. I cannot even tell what I want for Christmas because I just want my family around? :D Worked at a wedding this Saturday and it was so nice! A Scottish wedding where they played the bagpipe haha. I served the groom's dad his food---I was so nervous. But it went well and the kids at the wedding would always talk to us, the staff haha. They are adorable. Man I want kids later on in life! Little personal note ended.

You can imagine how pleased I was when I opened a parcel from my parents which included the most gorgeous decoration items. At least in my opinion. I guess I am becoming modest, too? XD
They are... a wooden christmas tree by Muji (see picture below), some stars to put on my window/ bed and of course christmasy Feodora chocolate. Yummy.
Vous pouves vous imaginer que j'étais contente quand j'ai ouvert un paquet de mes parents. Dans ce paquet, il y avait des choses pour décorer ma chambre.
Voilà....une petite  arbre de Noel
de Muji, des étoiles pour ma fenêtre et mon lit et aussi il y avait du chocolat de Feodora. Hmm délicieux!

I don't want to annoy you with too much text. ► Here you go.

Also there's more pictures from the last couple of days.


They call them "macaroons" here. What a lie! I mean, that's not a macaron to me.
On les appelle "macaroons" ici. C'est un mensonge! C'est pas un macaron pour moi.
Still yummy tho ~

Thanks, mum ♥



Mandarin: pre-exam next week!! AHH!
Mandarin: un pre-exmamen la semaine prochaine!! AHH!


I look fat here ;D
Je suis grosse dans cette photo.

University- make up ♥
Mon maquillage pour l'université



What are you up to this week? I will actually try to get my hands on a copy of "A Fan's Notes" by Frederick Exley because of this article I read ♥
It's quite interesting to know what famous authors read. Maybe Stephanie Meyer or someone else can recommend you a book, too?

Qu'est ce que vous allez faire cette semaine? Je vais essayer d'achèter le livre "A Fan's Notes" de Frederick Exley a cause de cet article que j'ai lu.
C'est plus ou moins interesant de lire ce que les auteurs lisent. Peut-être Stephanie Meyer pourrait vous recommander quelques livres aussi.

By the way ~
Whenever I read a classic or one of those books where people go like "oh, that's so good blabla, marvellous piece of writing blaaa" I honestly like it too. I believe that's really how mainstream I am.
Also on my bookshelf right now:
"Hard- boiled Wonderland and the End of the World"

Only started reading and it's so so strange. In a good way. And since I have some kind of a crush for Alice in Wonderland, the title got my attention when I saw this book at a friend's place. (Hey Claudia :)) Everybody who loves Kafka-> check it out.

J'ai commencé à lire et cet livre est vachement bizarre. Mais d'une bonne facon. Et moi, j'aime Alice aux Pays des Merveilles, le titre m'a plu quand j'ai vu le livre chez une copine. Tout les gens qui aiment Kafka->Lisez ce livre.

xxx Keki


  1. Wow, you speak so many languages?! Good luck for your pre exam! Wish I could read what you wrote~ study chinese also haha!
    Love for the decoration!

  2. du hast soooo tolla haare :)
    ich bin auch schon in weihnachtsstimmung, werde auch bald alles schmücken!

    LG Mona

  3. I love your university make up so fresh and also your little christmas decoration! I'm also excited for this christmas but I'm still busy with work haven't made my christmas gift list and shopping..I always do this lasst minute:) Goodluck with your exam!

  4. Great pictures! I love your hair. I'm really excited for the holiday season this year!

    <3 Melissa

  5. Awesome decorations for christmas but for me it's too early. :D I love Haruki Murakami ! Yeah his books are strange sometimes but in positive way and i'm addicted of his books. :3 Good luck on exam !

  6. I am so excited for Christmas too! : D : D

  7. I like Haruki Murakami a lot but I haven't read this one yet! Your hair is gorgeous (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・ oh and Christmas decoration is awesome! I will have to take pictures of mine too.. hehe university life makes every one of us a little more modest I think ;) Good luck on your Mandarin pre-exams!! I have my Japanse exams in two weeks..(>y<)

  8. Wow also du bist grad gar nich in Deutschland? Oh jee, du arme! Aber zu Weihnachten kommst du doch deine Familie besuchen oder? Ansonsten musst du mit anderen Leuten feiern!

    Und oh mein gott, du bist ja ein richtiges Sprachwunder! :3 Du lernst grad chinesisch O.o und du sprichst so gut Französisch und anscheinend auch Spanisch! ich wünschte ich könnte das so gut! Ich hoffe immer noch daauf, dass ich meinen Japanisch kurs weiterführen kann!

  9. Lovely make-up! And You DON'T look fat at all! That would be Impossible!!!
    Very cute christmas tree - but it needs something green in my opinion ("O Tannenbaum ... )
    Please tell me if you like by Murakami. I've read After Dark, another novel by the same author - truthfully, I found it quite weird. Maybe too ecclectic for me... I'm more of a fantasy buff :)
    The weeding sounds fun - any pictures???

    1. Heya I would like to reply but there is no link? O.o? :D
      And I am not allowed to take pictures at work, sorry about that ♥

  10. I love Christmas time too! ^^ The shoes in the outfit pictures looks really cute! Also this make up is really nice for school ^^ annd good luck for your mandarin exam!

  11. Lovely! i also love to decorate the house in christmas style!

  12. What a lovely present :) I think as we get older, we tend to value friends and family more, which is a good thing! I also think the distant helps, too. Lol what an interesting macaroon hehe I think it's amazing that you're learning mandarin! It must be challenging, I've always wanted to learn it, but I'm scare I'll fail miserably :/

    You're so pretty :D and lovely hair!

    nyuu |

  13. I don't think you look fat at all in that photo! Also the wooden tree your mummy sent you is adorable!!! I'd be over the moon if my mum sent me that, but we have no muji store here, le sad Hahahaha I think having traditional values is very important and becomes even more precious to us as we age because we realize those are the things that are truly important and what makes us happy =) But a brand new chanel bag will make me happy too, no lie =P

    I used to get confused with "macaroon" and "macaron" too but now I remember the one with a single "o" is the cute one I usually refer to =3

    Good luck with your exams, I have them too! Lets work hard!

  14. You look lovely ♥!
    And this wooden christmas tree is so
    gorgeous! I would love to own one D:

  15. This is a crazy load of comments ♥ Thanks sweeties. ♪

  16. sweet outfit - keep yourself warm, sweetheart!

    oh, cool book! Haruki Murakami should be a good writer... I still have a book which I didn't read yet. >w<