Freitag, 23. November 2012

Girls ♥ & blog changes

Hello ♥

I hope you are all fine and that November does not make you too sad.
It's such a dark & rainy time of the year (at least in Scotland).
At least that gives us reason to drink more hot chocolate,right?

J'espère que vous allez bien et que le Novembre ne vous rend pas trop tristes. C'est une très sombre saison, n'est ce pas? Aussi il pleut trop!
Heuresement, c'est notre excuse pour boire du chocolat chaud.

So about the past days~
I did not do too much haha XD But that was also due to being ill. I caught an awful cold/flu and it just wouldn't go away. But before that I had a lovely evening with two friends of mine! (I hope they are okay with posting their pictures)
And I actually taught them how to do a nice make up.
And I am clearly not an expert. Quite the opposite. But I just love talking about that beauty and fashion shit haha ♪
So I visited them and we had veeery nice food first (prawns, singapore noodles, spring roles...and Italien sweets that I don't remember the name of)

Les derniers ne'ai pas faite trop. XD Mais la raison pour cela c'est que j'ai eu la grippe. Mais avant de cela, j'ai pris rendez-vous avec deux copines le soir! Je leur ai appris comment se maquieller. Et moi, je ne suis pas un expert, c'est sûr. Mais j'aime beaucoup parler du maquillage et de la mode...haha


By the way.
Since I came here, I gained 3 kilograms, but people say I actually look like I lost weight? I don't know, I don't see a difference actually.

J'ai pris trois kilos, mais il y a des gens qui disent que j'ai perdue des kilos? Je ne sais pas quoi dire, je ne vois pas de difference.

Here is the three of us ♥ And Julie is wearing a wig haha, just for fun. I tried it on but it looked so awful on me that I decided not to post the picture.

C'est nous trois ♥ Julie porte une perruque. Je l'ai portée aussi mais...J'ai décidé de ne pas mettre une photo ici.


Is it creepy of me to say that I want her nose? It's adorable in my opinion ♥


The mess I created ;D


Outfit, just a shirt and a Blazer (and Jeans lol) ♪


And actually I am a bit nervous about posting my eye-make up here because...I surely messed it up. I need a hell of a lot of practice with them bottom lashes ♥ But at least I finally have some.'

En fait, je suis un peux nerveuse à cause de mon maquillage des yeux...Ce n'est pas très bien. Il faut que je praqtique un peut plus! (Ouahh ma grammaire dans cette phrase...:D Haha...mauvaise!!) ♥En tout cas, je les ai finalement: Les bottom lashes (je ne connais pas le mot en francais...)



Sadly, I don't have a picture of Carmen's make- up (it was green with smokey eyes ♥) but for Julie we just went for a super natural look.
For me that's like no make up at all, but for people who don't wear make up that's a lot! Do you understand what I mean?

Malheureusement, je n'ai pas pris une photo de Carmen avec ma caméra (le fard à paupières était verde avec des smokey eyes). Pour Julie, on a créeun  look super naturel.
(Pour moi, c'est presque comme ne pas avoir du maquillage, mais pour quelqu'un qui ne porte jamais du maquiallage, c'est beaucoup. Vous comprenez cela?


Also, I went to "Hobbycraft"- a really nice shop where you can buy stuff for making your own gifts for christmas.

Aussi, je suis allée chez "Hobbycraft"- un magasin super où on trouve beaucoup des choses pour faire des cadeaux pour noel.


Okay and now something I will only say in English because....well /French/ readers will just notice it anyway XD So it doesn't need to be said twice.

There will be some changes :)

I know my blog is kinda girly-beauty-fashion related and while those things really interest me, there is a lot more stuff I would like to tell you guys.
As you might now, I study a politics/languages course at university. I blogged about a poem we had in a literature class once and I think people quite liked that.
So I was thinking ~
I might post some "intellectual" things sometimes? UGH that sounds so bad and snobbish...
I just want to show you that what's really important to me among friends/fashion/fun are the things that we speak of too little.
Literature, culture, Politics.

I recently read a journal on "Why does Politics disappoint people?"

It's kind of true. When people speak about politicians, they are usually annoyed. We have the right to vote, but we don't appreciate it enough in my opinion.

When somebody asks us what politics is, we go like "Uhm, yeah, it's this thing that politicians do. Not my cup of tea."
We, as girls, are fine with our situation but there are tons of girls in the world who cannot "go out for a fancy dinner with their boyfriend, wear that Chanel dress and blog about it". They get raped by men and left alone with their children.

Don't worry, you will still see so so many beauty and lifestyle posts haha

I like blogging, because writing this blog is so different from doing university stuff. It's very relaxing.

I hope this is okay for everybody, and remember, you don't have to read what I write♥


  1. Yeah I like writing letters the same as receive them. ^^ really nice make up ! I need buy bottom lashes also. :D Good idea about writing some another things than life style and beauty it's kind of variety the blog. ^^

  2. Hi, I don't know how but stumbled onto your blog somehow.

    It is very raining here too. It's almost dampening all plans to go out every single day.

    Great eye make up! Love your lashes.

    I'm thrilled to read that you had Singapore noodles coz I'm from Singapore though I don't exactly know which Singapore noodles you had as we have many different kinds with different names and none with the name "Singapore noodles".

  3. Lovely pictures!! Thank you for commenting and visiting my blog! Like yours too! How about following each other on bloglovin and gfc? Let me know once you do, that way I’ll follow you back! Waiting for you!

    -xoxo- lorena

  4. I think your hair looks so nice in that photo and don't worry about bottom lashes, with practice I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in no time! (I can't say much else cause I don't wear any eyelashes ><) To me your nose and your friends nose look the same, both as cute haha I know what you mean that for someone who goes natural everyday even just eyeliner and mascara is a lot! That used to be me =P

    Don't worry or feel bad about posting things that are not girly! It's so blog so you're free to post whatever you wish! Personally I don't like to touch on politics on my blog because it'd just get debatable and it's hard to debate/explain yourself full in writing, my blog post might end up to be 3 pages long. I took some philosophy classes and sociology classes before and really enjoyed them!

  5. You are so pretty! ^^ Love this make up!

  6. Also ich finde dein Make Up schön :3 Das mit den Lashes find ich persönlich auch immer schwer, weils manchmal so dumm aussieht ahh XD ich mach sie teilweise 5 mal wieder ab, um die psoition zu ändern, aber wenn man das öfter macht, kriegt man das denk ich mal besser hin.

    Ich finds gut wenn du auch über andere Sachen als Mode schreibst, das gibt viel Diskussionsstoff und es ist interessant :3 Du solltest immer über alles schreiben was du magst, ich schreibe auch über irgendwelche Animes und bestimmt interessiert es keinen aber ich will das halt XD

    Danke übrigens für deinen Kommentar auf meinem Blog :3 Ich mach bald mal vernünftige Fotos mit meinen Schoko Circle Lenses! :3

  7. Superschönes Top - weiss sieht immer gut aus *___*
    Elegant und Chic <3

  8. Welche Foundation benutzt du denn?
    Deine Haut sieht total schön aus!!