Dienstag, 6. November 2012

Quick update [Edit] ♥♥

Hey cuties,

originally I posted a quick update but now I decided to make it a little longer.
Also, I decided not to watch the US elections even though they interest me a lot. They last the whole night though.

D'abord j'ai volou faire un tout petit post mais j'ai décidé de le faire un peu plus long.
Aussi, je ne vais pas regarder les élections des Ètats Unis même s'ils m'intéressent vraiment.

So yeah ~
I have something to announce.

I got a Job. ♪ And its such a good one too. I am quite picky with part time jobs because I still want to get good grades.
University is clearly more important than working. I am one of the lucky ones who don't have to work because my parents finance my education. I truly appreciate that but I want to support them a little. ♥

J'ai trouvè un boulot. Ce n'est pas facile pour moi d'être satisfait avec certains boulots parce que je veux avoir succès à l'université.
Mes parents payent pour mon éducation mais je voudrais bien les aider un peu.
I will continue in English only because the rest of my post is just pure blah blah.

My current "look"
So so boring.
I need to get my bangs cut again but I am not so sure because people tell me I look better without them. Help anyone?

Now onto the past few days.
Studying consumes quite a lot of time, but I still managed to meet up with friends in the last two weeks.
I do not want to complain about the essays I have to write because I really like the subjects I study.

Also I recently got 90/100 in my first Mandarin test ♪

We partyed a little and I do have to say that people celebrate Halloween completely different here.

Everyone was out on the streets in costumes. It was so nice ♥

Unfortunetely I did not take many pictures and I am not happy with the ones I took.
But at least I can tell you about something else.

The clothes swap of Fashion Society. ♪
The idea is that everybody takes the clothes they don't like anymore and swap them (hence the name. :D)
The thing was that Emilia and me did not really have anything to swap because we only arrived a month ago. I did not want to give a way the clothes I like most. However, we were lucky since they gave us two coupons each when we payed the entry fee (3 Pound if I remember correctly).
We could apply those coupons on any two items each.
So cool, right?

I got this jumper- just like that.
With Emilia in the picture ♥


Cute skull top and the picture does not do it any justice. I will do an outfit post at some point and then you will see it properly.


Only some of the clothes ♥
The flash destroys the atmosphere ~~
The place our society chose was the club "Snafu".
actually it was a bit like in a shop only that I could take whatever I wanted. Such a good feeling.


I went to a party afterwards and my outfit was boring and all black.
Here is how I did my hair though. I used a lot of hairspray. And yeah, I was meant to be a cat. You can see the mask in the picture with Emilia.


Hehe okay and a few days ago I went to the hotel where I had my interview and then to Brooke afterwards. We had such a good time ♪
Also I got to know her granny and she's soo cute!
When Brooke was in the shower, I made breakfast. The most important thing- the pain au chocolat- is missing because it had been in the oven at that point. Sorry! Je suis désolée.


I sincerely hope that nobody gets the impression that I am constantly shopping here. To be honest I rarely go shopping, only when I need something. For example, I had to buy the work uniform (which you will see in a later post) and this winter jacket because I needed a water-proof one.
I don't get why I did a Ballet-Pose :D


Little thing that made me happy: One of my German friends (Hey Peggy ♥) gave me this for my birthday in September and I only opened it today. Who does not love some pretty the Body Shop cosmetic?


Trying to keep healthy haha ♥
Btw I found the most amazing sweets in the British supermarkets. Maybe I will do something like a cooking-grocery-whatever post soon.


Hope you are alright and I will answer to the comments from the last entries soon ♥


  1. oohh i'm sooo sorry! ok schottland!:) hatte es falsch im kopf. herzlichen glückwunsch zu deinem job!:))
    von swap parties hab ich auch schon gehört, muss ne menge spass sein:) ganz liebe grüsse <33

  2. really nice winter jacket and pancakes ? :D yummy. I really rare write personal posts because most of this things are so private but i think in this way i don't show it too much. I also don't like too much fashion blogs. I would love if I would study Chinese and Japanese and get some good work in some company or something but I'm not sure it's idea for now. And you know what? It's a good think to be a little unsure about this but you are right ^^ Yeah maybe boring but no different than my life now. My life now is also so boring I hope future will be better.

    Take care

  3. wow I want your polka dot sweater!!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Followed you via gfc, it'll be a pleasure if you can follow back.

    Love, Maria

  4. Whaaaa süßer Post^^
    Der Laden ist auf der Immermannstraße^^ die habena ber auch facebook und eine homepage http://brickny.com/relax/food-menu/
    Uuuh lckeres essen*_*

  5. YOu are so pretty! So nice outfits! <3

  6. du hast so ne bomben figur!!
    und deine haaaaare ♥
    und die neue jacke sieht toll aus :)

    LG Mona

  7. Hi Keke!! I had no idea that you could speak french fluently! I have been taking French for 2 years now and it is not easy to pronounce! eeps Congrats on getting good marks for Mandarin! I took it during high school, so much easier compared to French! You look as pretty as usual. Love all your outfits! they look so cozy ^_^