Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

The Hype (actually just blabla)

Hello hehe
I did not quite know how to choose a title for this post but anyway ~
I faced two days of almost no internet haha tonight I am so happy#firstworld
how is everyone? ♥

I am so tired from my workout today. I guess I mentioned it a couple of posts back but Emilia and me are going every day before or after [or both...] uni to the gym and do not only cardio but also weights. And no, we're not gonna become bodybuilders. That's what my boyfriend feared actually.
Today we did not take the time to do stretching and I can already feel my legs. Anyway, something else I did while internet was not working was- actually starting to do some kpop moves. Two friend from Aberdeen got me totally into that kind of music and even one of my close friends in Germany listens to it now. I guess it all started with the gangnam style but shhh don't tell anyone ;D I've always liked it but I did not look at the dance moves until recently. ♥
Some of the groups are pretty good. Okay no, they are really good.

I guess I failed but I was home alone and danced a little to 4minute's huh and o tarantallegra (the spelling XD) from jyj since I had their amazing music videos flying around on my laptop.
Uh yeah. I also did a French essay. Whatever, I feel like it was nice to try doing the steps a little:)
I also had some videos from the dance group Black Queen and I was like 'woaah' when I watched it closely.

There is nothing better than...♥
 photo 1360939266133_zps68720485.jpg
Look at them microsoft paint skills ;D

I guess the fitness/health thing is hyped a lot lately.
Actually when one of my friends recently said she wanted to do a diet where she'd only eat Bananas for a week I got really angry. Looking back I guess I overexaggerated but don't do this to your body :/ lose fat the healthy way.

 photo C360_2013-03-14-17-50-06_zpsc648ab87.jpg

This was me today after the gym at a Carmen's and Julie's place.
I started wearing lashes on a regular basis but they are not very noticable? :o
And yeah there is an Usamimi in the first picture but I decided to leave it in my bag because the weather was awful and then I forgot to put it back on.

and tadaaa ~ new shirt.
This isn't meant to be any outfit/coord, it's literally just a photo to show you guys the shirt and to whine a little about the fact that I really need blonde highlights in my hair soon. :(

Until then call me 'Brownie'...
 photo 6910280e-6855-4ae4-81c0-063ff5636d21_zps78fae7b6.jpg

'Pardon the Hype' is maybe a little arrogant and I swear at some point Republic had it in 'Not worth the Hype' should think positively about yourself, right?

Plus I just liked the letters, the fabric and the whole 'idea' of this shirt. It works as a shirt and as a short dress, perfect for clubbing but not too tight.♫
I've walked past this shirt so many times and when it was finally 40% off I bought it ♪
I had to be very patient; like checking every now and then because the sale kept changing between 10 and 30 %. When it was 40% one day, I finally bought it with Brooke. Strange shop :/

The two of us ♥
We realized that we did not hang out in quite a while (as in only seeing each other at uni) so going to our 'traditional' restaurant Nando's was really nice and we actually couldn't stop talking haha ;D The food was so spicy again but really yummy ♪

 photo C360_2013-03-13-15-50-18_zps4d983fd7.jpg

Random picture of Orangina ♪
I looove this drink. Out of all bad drinks that contain too much sugar, this one is the only one I like. Okay and maybe Mezzomix, but only when skiing...

 photo C360_2013-03-14-10-16-29_zps143ce3cb.jpg

Don't you ever call it Fanta ♪

Outfit from that day.
Okay, maybe I should not do 'Asian' poses when I don't look Asian? ^^"
And you can see my new phone case. I made it myself °w°

 photo C360_2013-03-13-11-00-58_zpsfa702167.jpg

I's basically 'just' a pink silicone case I bought in...Barcelona? Nothing special. But I added tons and tons of glitter pearls. I even bought cheap HK necklaces for like a pound and check out these cute bears ♥ ~
Seriously, what do you think?
I mean next time (probably for Summer) I will get a real decorated case from online, but I was so excited and felt so artsy that day that I wanted to give decorating a shot. None of the products is from Japan ♪

 photo C360_2013-03-14-22-20-54_zps8a796385.jpg

What else could I say? post I might have a surprise for you. No, it's not a giveaway but it is something 'personal'.
Okay I start talking nonsense :3
It is quite late.

Good night :)



  1. awww, you lok great! Love the last picture and I want a LV too T___T jealous girl is jealous~~
    Eating banana for a week is really not healthy ._. I hope she doesn't do it.

  2. Ich mag die Hülle! *_* Eigentlich wollte ich mir auch selbst eine Blingblinghülle machen, aber ich glaube ich warte bis ich in Japan bin und such mir da eine x'D

    Bah, ich will auch trainieren (;.;) War jetzt 3 Wochen erkältet und hab mir letzte Woche ganz blöd den Fuß gezerrt, und bin somit zum Nichtstun verdammt... Kanns kaum erwarten endlich wieder zum Zumba zu gehen und wenn dieser Schnee weg ist, laufen♥♥♥
    Wie kann man ne Woche nur Bananen essen...? Ich schaff grad mal eine am Tag und dann denk ich mir schon: "Vergiiiiss es." xDD

    Liebe Grüße,

  3. Neeeein die Hülle hast du nicht in Barcelona gekauft! Das hätte ich gewusst und dann hätte ich auch eine, you know ;)
    Wollte eigentlich nur sagen dass ich das rote Kleid supergeil finde!

    1. Upsi :D /fail haha. Aber dann weiss ich nicht mehr wo. Voll lieb, danke ♥ Wenn ich wieder in Deutschland bin kommt sowieso die ganze Zeit "...und dann mit Sue getroffen" :D Ich freu mich so auf dich! ♥

  4. woah is this a fitness junkie I see?! Keep up the good work chick! Hehe, very motivational!

  5. I really love your blog. Your writing style is so much fun to read. And that's a really cute phone case! I love the pearls and the bears! c:

    Oh, and I gave you the Liebster Award :)


    1. awww that's so nice to hear :) hoho ;D

      oh wow :')

  6. süße hülle <3
    und kpop ist toll <: war es auch schon vor gangnam style haha <:

    apropos noch ein tip: Evol
    haben bald ein comeback und nur eine single draußen aber super catchy <3

    1. Danke ♥ und haha wie schon geschrieben, bin gespannt auf Get up ♥

  7. oh, in Japan they really have this banana diet, is was popular some years ago. I don't know details but it's crazy. You are right, better to diet and train with being healthy! Anyway lovely pictures! Your "Asian"pose is cute too ;) and you decoration is so sweet! <3

    1. omg that sounds really crazy haha XD thanks hahaha ♥

    Love your t-shirt.
    Would you like follow each other?
    Let me know.

  9. Oh sweetie you have a really cute hair.
    Btw now i´m following you i hope your follow me back.


  10. Deko-phone :D yay! Hast du selber gemacht? Sieht süss aus ^^

  11. Uuuiuiui das rote Kleid finde ich sehr schön und du weißt gar nicht wer ich bin, voll mysteriös & shit muhaha! :D

    1. :D Oh Mist haha wer bist du? ;D freaks me out a little

    2. Es ist ein Pferd was mich ernährt!

  12. You're so pretty! Have you tried the 30 Day shred videos, results are great compared to most diets :)

  13. Really nice shirt and u know I love ur hair. ^O^ This phone case is really nice~ :)


  14. Hi Keki! (is that your real name?) I love your outfit and your phone case is really cute! I remember the time when I was obsessed with deco hahaha The hardest part was actually designing the actual product itself , at least for me it was. I'm so confused about the google reader shutting down, I'm not a very technologically advanced person but I started to add more blogs on my blog loving just in case it does happen ><