Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

Bye Bye Scotland- Vlog ♥/Bloglovin

Hey cuties ♥
It took me ages to decide whether I should upload this video or not and I will probably chicken out at some point and just delete it.

I will quit my studies in Scotland and return to Germany! Wohouuu!! :)
In the video, I tried to explain a little why I am doing that as I thought it might be more interesting than a long written post.
If you can, please take your time and watch it ♥
Please excuse my (still bad...) English ;D
Gosh I really am super shy about it but I wanted to share my thoughts with you XD
Here you go:


Oh and because of all the panic with Google Reader shutting down, here is bloglovin for my blog. (Not sure if I managed to paste the code correctly...~ugh)
I will try following all the blogs I love with bloglovin as well but to be honest, I just hope the rumours are not true. If you know more about this, let me know please :)

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  1. haha selbst WENN dein Englisch schlecht ist (was ich nicht glaube :P) versteh ich wahrsch. nur Bahnhof :'D

    aber vll. werd ich trotzdem mal rein schauen

    LG Mona

  2. richtig gutes englisch! und sehr verständlich :) find es aber schade dass du dein studium abbrichst :(

    1. Danke ♥ Haha ewig nichts von dir gehört :) Hoffe alles klar bei dir und Maxi! Ja..ich finde es auch ein bisschen schade, aber der Kurs war nicht das richtige für mich. Jetzt erstmal new horizons usw :p♥

  3. Dein Englisch ist gar nicht schlecht ;) New horizons sind immer gut, also viel Glück! :D

  4. Ur English is really good for me. :D I can't speak so fast and speak so many words like u for example I stil dont know how to say "thought" haha but ok I need to train it and remeber lol. Anyway really nice video I like it ! So happy u back to Germany ^^

  5. Hi Sweetie now I´m following you in Bloglovin´
    i hope your follow me back there!


    1. aw thanks :') sure I'll do the same, we're all a bit confused are we haha :)