Dienstag, 30. April 2013

[Review] Trio Academy

Hey everyone ♥
Today I want to do a little bit of an unusual Review. It is a bit of a shame that this will mainly interest people who live in Germany, or more precicely in some party of Germany, but I believe that something like Trio exists everywhere.
So~ what am I talking about anyway?

Trio Academy is a place where people can get a super nice haircut for a really decent price. The catch is, that the haircut will be done by trainees. In a way, this means that it won't be a professional hairdresser who takes care of your hair but a person who is still about to become a hairdresser and is therefore quite unexperienced. But you will find my pros and cons at the end of this post.

Let's talk about my experience first ♪
I think I should also say that I wasn't sponsored or anything and that these thoughts are solely of my own.

If you are interested in the 'real thing', namely the haidresser, then you can go here:

Trio is based in many towns ♥
Wolfenbüttel [seriously, no offense but why there?]

And as far as I know, there are two Trio academies♥
Hannover (Listermeile 25)
Köln (Maarweg 18)

Here is the webside

As for the Academy in Hannover I can say that I had no trouble finding it, however it is located in the backyard of some buildings in a little bit of an dodgy area.
When I entered the building, the atmosphere completely changed ♥
It is super clean, bright (many windows) and they have a little coffee bar as well as rooms which they use for training and seminars as well as lectures. :D
It was super interesting to see how haidressers learn their stuff.

Here you go, have a look for yourselves ♪

 photo C360_2013-04-24-13-24-08_zps9dfac92e.jpg

My hair before :D

 photo C360_2013-04-24-13-34-49_zps9306381f.jpg
As you can see, rather brown hair started to grow. I am a natural blonde; however I think I was really blonde when I was younger and now my genes 'decided' that I should have brown hair. I disagree. So I had no choice but to go with highlights ♥ Also I asked for a cut because I thought my ends were broken. The hairdressers [I will tell you later more about them] said that it would be in excellent condition ♥ So they did not have to cut off a lot. Yay!
I am one of these people who always say ''cut off as little as possible...pleeease''

During haha
Luckily I could read a magazine and chat with the hairdressers.

 photo C360_2013-04-24-13-26-54_org_zpse6352daa.jpg

 photo C360_2013-04-24-14-48-17_zps3fa36936.jpg

Making curls ♪ I look like an old lady.

 photo C360_2013-04-24-16-47-15_zps82530d1e.jpg

And after [little picture spam]

 photo C360_2013-04-24-19-13-46_zps4ab8fd86.jpg

I changed my outfit because it was quite warm at home.
The shirt is from Primark, only 3 euros ♥ Had to get it. The trousers are Cubus.

 photo C360_2013-04-24-19-17-34_zps22a57c14.jpg

Hairdressers: I used the plural form before, and that's correct. There was one trainee but he was supervised by his mentor ♪ I felt really 'save' haha. The mentor gave advice and was constantly looking at us so there was really no need to worry. I panicked only for a moment when I saw that there was green stuff on my hair but it was only the haid-dye :'D It gets green when it gets dry (and is ready to be taken off)
The trainee was really nice and talkative; maybe a little bit too much but he gave me the best cut/styling advice I ever got. I felt like he really took his time to make sure that I was happy in the end.
I also had the feeling that I learned a lot, both from the trainee and his mentor. They had so many names for different cuts; there exist even 4 different sets of highlights! It was like entering a whole new world haha ;D

Location/Atmosphere: As said before-> clean, elegant, just how I like it. They offered me a drink, some yummy chocolate and gave me a lot of attention.

Time: Now this I knew before. It took literally 4 hours. I timed it (4:10 I think). Ugh~
Well it was after uni and I didn't have any plans so it was okay but I guess that's quite something. On the other hand, even an experienced hairdresser takes up to 2-3 hours when he does colours and gives you propper advice before.

Money: The best part ♥ For a students it is quite hard to afford, well, everything that we want so at 33 euros this was more than alright♪ Other hairdressers asked freakin 90-140 euros[my favourite one wanted 140!] for the same service O.O The trainee and his mentor even had an explanation for this-> 'ordinary' hairdressers see my long hair which is why they ask for so much.
They don't see at first sight that I don't have a difficult cut, for example no layers.

I had noticed this before and it makes me pretty sad because I feel in a way 'betrayed' by my old favourite hairdresser who kept asking for more and more money for the same cut, even without colour.
It's a propper injustice. >:

I also have to say that-why yes- I was satisfied in the end, however in my opinion my hair could still be a little brighter than it is now. I could tell the trainee had a hard time doing the layers and I know he still has to learn a lot ^^"

Summary ♪

 photo C360_2013-04-24-19-21-27_zps9bc35ce6.jpg

- really good advice and attention, no rush
- price
-location and 'information' on the business of hairdressers
- fun factor! I enjoyed my time there!

- time
- if you are very picky, then you might not be happy with the result

I will surely go there again. As I said before, I want my hair to be even a little brighter than it is now, but I am very happy with the result ♥
Also they cut bangs for free and a dry haircut is super cheap ♥

Hehe and here on a little sidenote: One of the mentors asked me whether I'd like to model for them (both for training and shows) so I sad yes!
Mainly because there was no contract ~
I don't really believe in modelling and so on. In my opinion, it's not a nice business at all.
When I went home, I could tell people were looking at me in the street and a guy asked me for my number (which I didn't give him ehh). Maybe it was the haircut, maybe I was just happy that day but it's a big "YES" for Trio Academy.

Maybe it doesn't have to be Trio; there could be a Hair Academy where you live, too. I think it's a great thing but you have to be quite patient when you go there. ♥

Next time will be a personal post or something about make-up.

I'm off to a friend now and we will go clubbing later!



  1. wir haben in wien auch sowas. ich war selber noch nicht dort, aber ein bekannter hat mal was davon erzählt und ich glaube, das war sogar gratis oder sehr sehr bilig xD
    33€ is echt wenig. ich zahl auch imer länge aml breite, wenn ich zum friseur geh=_= und das is echt nur wegn den langen haaren..

  2. Wow that's great. Prices of professional hairdressers sometimes are really weird therefore I don't go to hairdresser often. >.< I go there only if i have to cut fringe. :P Because even cutting only ends is expensive.. It's really good idea but I would be afraid to be a tester in some way. :D


  3. Haha, ich frage mich auch wieso es das gerade in Wolfenbüttel gibt XD Naja Hildesheim ist jetzt auch nicht so die Metropole :D
    Vllt kommen die Gründer von daher oder so :D Vllt sollte ich das mal Probieren, ein haarschnitt ist längst überfällig nur hab ich nie das Geld dazu ;_;

    Danke für die Review ich kannte diese Trio academy noch nicht <3

  4. I really really love your hairstyle!!

  5. Hameln *_* hihi~ Heimat! Mag die Locken sehr *-*
    Muss auch bald mal zum Frisör..will nich xD

  6. Very cute new hair-cut! You look lovely with light blonde hair... I'm amazed that your hair is turning brown ... I wonder if it was the lack of sunshine in Scotland... I noticed my hair is darker since coming here too ... :(
    Miss you

  7. wow das klingt irgendwie interessant :)!
    ich hab jetzt ein termin bei mamas friseur wo sie neuerdings hingeht. mit haare tönen! am mittwoch hehe
    bin schon super gespannt ♥!

    zu der wo ich sonst hingeh, hab ich erst am 4.6. einen termin gekriegt (+ wer anders trägt farbe auf XD randomly wer zeit hat - gut in dem slaon sind eh alle gut aber joa)

    muss den termin noch absagen <:

    aber dein haar sieht echt schick aus ♥♥

  8. Deine Haare sehen so schön aus! Besonders deine Locken! *-*<3
    Dein Review war auch interessant zu lesen und ich finds schade, dass ein Trio Academy nicht in unserer Stadt vertreten ist. Den hätte ich zu gerne ausprobiert, da es wieder Zeit für mich ist zu einem Friseur zu gehen. ;_; Aber bei Trainees bin ich mir ein bisschen unsicher xD

    Much Love