Montag, 24. Juni 2013

Good Morning Upper East Siders ♥

Okay, just kidding. Hey everyone! I'm sure most of you know where I chose this sentence from. I got addicted to gossip girl- again! After having watched all six seasons I was a bit disappointed in the end. (Don't worry, no spoilers here) I mean, it's a great show but when I found out who gossipgirl was, I didn't know what to think. But a few weeks ago, I started watching the series again and I like it a lot. The cast, the costumes, the scenerie, the plot, the, well almost everything. Many of my friends like it, too and even my cousins watch it. I like to flatter myself and say that I liked the books and the series before they were released in Germany :D But I can totally understand the hype. Anyway, enough of the blabla, let's get to the point.

Isn't the wardrobe in Gossipgirl just so adorable? I feel like they put so much detail into what the characters wear; they seem 'real' even. And as for many people, my favourite character and fashion inspiration is Blair Waldorf ♥ Last week I started looking up online tutorials for getting her look etc. and I found quite a few helpful and interesting ones. Btw not saying that anyone should imitate a character from a TV show or anyone else for that matter- but I think we all could use some gossip girl glitter in our everyday lives, right? ♪

The oldest tutoria/wardobe analysis of Blair Waldorf's style l known to me is by collegefashion,
but I think it's still very good. Just a second ago I went to google and this webside popped up: Blair Waldorf Fashion. Okay, maybe I wouldn't dedicate an entire blog to this character, but it's really great to find pictures of her outfits. Here are my favourites by the way:

Thanksgiving  ♥

From my favourite episode Viktor Victrola ♥

At a wedding ♥

And as there are so many pictures of the outfits from the gossip girl series, I don't want to show you too many. Typing it into google does the trick ♥

Overall, there are 5 things that I find very inspirational concerning Blair's Wardrobe.

1.) The best of both worlds: I think this is how one of the fashion people on set called her style. She mixes classics like pearl necklaces, pencil skirts etc. with modern elements like highheels, sexy stockings, headbands and very vibrant colours.

2.) Her clothes fit her perfectly. I read this on several blogs and overall I think this is very, very important. No matter what we wear, it should fit. Otherwise we will look 'lost' in the outfit. No dress should be too tight, but it shouldn't be too loose either.

3.) Accessories. Need I say more? Headbands, bows, ribbons, necklaces, lots of other fashionable jewelry (even though it's never too much)...

4.) Not sure how to label this point but basically her clothes are always appropriate to the occasion. Even at home when she is 'just' hanging around and reading a magazine she wears gorgeous lingerie, pyamas and so on ♥ Check out the second picture where she is eating strawberries in this gorgeous silky bathrobe :) Truthly speaking I never put on make up when I know I'll be lazy all day but pretty clothes make me feel way better, so why do I always wear boring shirts and sweatpants? :D I guess having cute/pretty nightwear is a nice investment for oneself ♥ Take a look at this collage: (found it on google)

5.) Blair is all matchy- matchy. Maybe this is even a little bit too much because I think that she doesn't have to always match the umbrella with the skirt and the headband but when I look at her outfit I just realize how well everything goes together. But obviously the show has tons of resources and so many designers send them their pieces so that they'd be worn on the show. I'm still impressed how much thought they put into Blair's/all the characters' style ♥

So far, most (German and British) fashion magazines included GG style in them. I didn't see this happening for many other TV shows, so yeah have a look online. I'd love to own some clothes from the show.

And as it is very difficult to lead a gossipgirl-esque life (there are even articles about that; I wouldn't recommend reading them because they are quite stupid. We shouldn't pretend to be rich kids if we are not! Plus the show is fictional), I'm just currently trying to add some sparkle to everyday's life ♥

Here is a recent outfit by the way ♥ Totally not Blair-ish (more Serena maybe ;D) but why not share it?
Credit goes to Sue for the photo. We were laughing because we had never taken 'walking pictures' before. Y'know those pictures where somebody has a drink in their hand and walks to the camera, haha. We were making a bit fun of that. It was a lovely day, too ♥


Meaning: New pyamas (obviously ;D), dressing more according to the occasion, not always saying no when my parents want to take me to a museum or a classical concert, finally stopping to wear Mickymouse tshirts [I got 2...] and wearing--lipstick. I would have never imagined how good lipstick would make me feel, haha ;D Okay, yeah I guess I am one of the girls who need lipstick and clothes to feel more grown up *sigh*. My boyfriend's mum recommend me a really good one. Have a look if you like ♥

It's by L'oréal and the eyeshadow is, too.

Does anyone else love this show as much? Or the books?
Do you like lipstick at all? :p I know many people own some; but do you use it on a daily basis?

I guess now I have to say 'xoxo' :)



  1. Es gab mal eine Studie, in der bewiesen wurde, dass Leute produktiver sind, wenn sie sich schön anziehen - also auch wenn sie den ganzen Tag zuhause sind! Ich versuchs umzusetzen! ;)
    Love you <3

  2. Ich find gossip girl auch meeeega...aber ich würde nicht gern in so einer Umgebung leben...klar die outfits sind mega, aber da lob ich mir meine freunde :D

    LG Mona ♡

  3. Even if I wouldn't have watched GG I would want to after reading your post! ^^ I haven't watched the 6th season yet, because I started watching it in german and I don't like to change the voices into english.. so I have to wait a little longer ^^;
    But for now I can say, I LOVE this show, it's probably the best I ever saw. And I totally loved - as you already mentioned - how much effort there was in the appearence of the characters. I probably liked the styling of Jenny most ^^ (but in the end I am probably dressing more like Serena, too xD) And totally would have gone for Nate! Haha ^^.

    Errr...enough fangirling already...
    I really like your blog btw! ^.^

  4. Off topic what food is that in the first picture?

    1. I replied on your blog but in case anyone else wonders- it's tiramisou, an Italian dish :3 :)

  5. the lipstick and eyeshadow look gorgeous*-*
    I love your ouftit:3 very classy.

    don't know much about gossip girl thoughxD

  6. i like gossip girl, but not as much as it girl <3 (jenny got her own books :D fuck yeah)
    but i liked blair the best too (next to jenny of course :D)

    love your 'walking' pictures haha
    i want to take such pictures too :(!

  7. I didn't watch gossip girl just a few episoded and I'm not huge fan of this. :) But outfits which u showed are really nice ~! And that outfit on u looks really nice !!

  8. was für ein toller post <<3
    hab noch ein schönen Abend!

  9. Ich muss gestehen, dass ich Gossip Girl überhaupt nicht kenne. 8D Haha. Aber ich mag dein Outfit!
    Und ich hab total viele Lippenstifte irgendwie, davon nutze ich aber selten einen im Alltag. Wenn dann nur etwas sehr nude-iges. xD

  10. nice blog.follow you!

    pls follow me :33

  11. Firstly, congrats on you job! I read this in the previous post lol I haven't been blogging very much >< Just catching up on some blogs now I love this post about Blair Waldorf, in fact I've only watched one episode of Gossip Girl and I instantly liked Blair lol My sister liked reading the books though. I always had a feeling her character is super classy even when she is wearing new fashions <-- does that make any sense? Haha

    I think that blue dress looks really nice on you! And I see you're using your lv ;) Oh yes I want to invest in nice pj's too but I'll probably do that when I move out with my huns haha However you are right about Blair being a fictional character who is rich to boot!