Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

Superspecial Sunday [2]

Hey everyone ♥
Whatever happened to the idea of doing regular Sunday posts? I totally ignored my blog, sorry. And then I'm getting even more readers, ugh I don't deserve this :D
And there will be decent posts some time :)

I'm seriously trying to keep in touch with my friends (especially the lovely Aberdeeners ;D) but there is just too much to do atm. I know that I am responsible for this mess because I am just unable to ever say no. For example, if someone asks me "hey, would you like to meet up?" or "Could you do me a favour...?" then I instantly say yes. I should change that, I know.

The good thing is, that I got a lot done lately ♪

For example I am writing an essay about Germany's school system (here it is not very common to stay at school all day; especially younger students can go home around noon but there are also quite a few schools where students can stay all day and eat lunch there, do sports and get help with their homework] and doing research for this is very time consuming but also a lot of fun.
In case anyone doesn't know already haha I aim to become a teacher :) And at university 'future teachers' have to choose certain courses along with their main degree so that they know how to handle children etc. ~
I really really want to be a teacher and I had a hard time admitting this to myself. Hopefully this dream can become true XD ♥
A conversation I had with one of the kids I'm tutoring:
She is 8 years of age~

Me: [...] yeah and Maths is also important if you want to be good at Chemistry!
Her: What is Chemistry?
Me: That's a subject where you learn how to make poison!

:D It's very difficult to always find explanations that children can understand but I think making poison is not too far fetched :D Sometimes talking to children can be so relaxing, really. They make things like  love and friendship seem so easy, it's almost inspiring.

Here are some pictures from my instagram ♥ Still a newbie and I've never been good or even interested in photography but I like it a lot these days.

From left to right:
Favourite sweater ♥ Ballet class with Sue ♥ Bought a perfume I wanted for a long time ♥ meeting Stefania who has a similar watch as I do ♥ Build a Bear shop: Boyfriend made this one (voucher was a gift of mine)♥ preparing chocolate fondue with the bf ♥ bf made traditional chinese dinner ♥
[You might have guessed that I was able to spend some time with my boyfriend ;D But actually he was only here for 4 days]
 photo IMG_20130523_080533_zpse34c3a7d.jpg photo IMG_20130527_094436_zpseb598f77.jpg

 photo IMG_20130602_100210_zps25e2b60e.jpg     photo IMG_20130527_181933_zps0c4b10d0.jpg


 photo IMG_20130522_085730_zpse7d70921.jpg     photo IMG_20130520_222614_zps2f688fd6.jpg

 photo IMG_20130518_195951_zpse5827169.jpg

Bye the way this is out of context but some nerdy Awesome person decided to upload all episodes of Dragonball Z on youtube and this makes me more happy than anything! Oh tempora! Oh the times. Haha

I hope you all are well. What do you do when you are stressed? I'm always speaking to my mum and she instantly makes me feel a lot better. ♥


  1. ich bin so froh, dass du jetzt instagram hast <3
    haha ich will auch ein teddy machen :((
    die sind so süß hihi

  2. finds auch toll, dass du instagramm hast <333
    Dragon Ball Z ist Liebe!!

  3. I have a sweater similar to your heart one that I bought from Charlotte Russe! Very cute!

  4. Sweet pictures! I hope your dream of becoming a teacher will come true! ^^ Seems like you are very good with kids! the explanation of chemistry was cute! ^^

  5. das parum find eich auch ganz toll


  6. hallo :3
    aw freut mich das sie dir gefallen, aber momentan bin ich echt nicht so zu frieden mit meinen sachen und alles, langweilt mich so! naja deshalb habe ich erstmal paar neue sachen gekauft ; x ; vielleicht kommt meine kreativität wieder >< ahh das ja schön! sag bescheid wenn du da bist, werd im august da sein, vielleicht bist du ja auch in der zeit da!