Dienstag, 25. September 2012

Best wishes from Scotland :P

*Please note* This is a personal post, for fashion and such please wait for the next one :3
Hello sweeties,

I am so so sorry that I couldn't do it earlier but I am quite busy these days. I moved in on September 11th but I still don't find my way around this town haha ^^"
Aberdeen is lovely though and the weather isn't that bad. I mean, yeah, today it is but we've had a couple of sunny days so far. And the air is great since my town is next to the sea. I also can't complain about shops,nightlife and culture events. There's always so much to do!

Plus, our university offers so many sport clubs and societies, it's unbelievable. I joined the Fashion Society btw haha ♪ And I think I will go to Japanese society too. But more about this in my next post.

~ I don't know where to start and I don't wanna say too much boring stuff.

Life is different here. It might sound cheesy, but at the uni, you really feel like part of one big family. I really appreciate how kindly everybody treats me and how many friends I've made so far ♥ It's true, the Scottish are crazy and fun haha :D
As Freshers, we have something called "Fresher's Week" and I am only pointing this out because people from the Uk really celebrate this event. In Germany, many universities just have a few inductions and that's about it I guess.
But here, you get loads of free food, other freebies like bags and t-hirts,nice music and so many events that I can't name them all. It's like a party that lasts the whole day.

There was one particular event though- "The fresher's fling"
Basically, it was a night of scottish dancing and food and tradition but seriously it was so much fun!!
I didn't know that i would enjoy myself so much.
We even ate Haggis ahaha xD I liked it though~
If you look it up in wikipedia, you'll probably find it disgusting.

And...what my friends from Germany were looking forward to (I think? xD) my flat. I share it with 2 guys

So yeah please come in haha ~

This is our kitchen. It's quite tidy today and I didn't have to buy a single mug or whatever because it has everything in it. Most important item: The kettle (left,next to cereals) for lots of british tea ♥

One of my flatmates makes tasty soup. I just had some. Yummy!


This is the living room but to be honest I rarely use it. Should change that in the future since it's quite big and the sofa is comfy.

Hehe okay and here's my room. It's the biggest room in the flat so I guess I am lucky. It lacks decoration,photos and such but oh well ♪ I am alright with it.

My mum helped me to settle here. She stayed for one week and helped me to get registered with a doctor and the alike. Thanks again mum >.< Before she went away, she left me a little note. It is still there.


She even bought me BAKLAVA ♥ my friends know how addicted I am to this.


This is in one of my drawers haha...Gotta keep up the girly side.
I'll just show you the pictures and I don't think I need to describe them







It was my birthday on the 14th ;) And since uni hadn't started yet I celebrated it "only" with my mum but it was seriously amazing. ♪ We went shopping (muahaha), went to the beach and to a lovely Italian restaurant.

Sometimes it's not a massive party one needs but more likely a loved one ♥

Oh about this building: It's the university's library! It's so huge and absolutely stunning. The queen officially opened it yesterday.


Special thanks to

And...Greetings to Sue,Jojo,Roman,Muppi,Lo,Dennis,Katha,Kat,Julia,Hermi, Becci,Lelü,Sophie,Peggi, David. (And my "gossipgirl" Juliane. Stay tuned for the "shop post" haha :D) I am sure I forgot somebody though. Please don't be mad at me haha. I already miss Germany.


I will reply to your comments asap. :3 Thanks for your support and your good-luck-wishing. It helped a lot!


  1. Nice pics!!! *_* I've never been to scotland before, looks awesome^^
    Baklava is one of the best sweets in the world*-*

  2. Cute post!
    You look very beautiful! :-)

  3. wow! Das muss ein großes Abenteuer sein und ich kann mir vorstellen, dass es dort viel spannender ist als in DE xD
    Der Mantel ist super hübsch! <3

    1. Ich find's überall spannend aber ist schon ein kleines Abenteuer, das stimmt :3

  4. Ahh es freut mich das es dir gut geht und das du auch dort die Gelegenheit hast zu posten :D Wie lange wird dein Aufenthalt dort sein?
    Die wohnung sieht richtig gemüdlich aus und ich bin gespannt was du dort so erlebst!!!

    Und danke für dein kommi ;°; +knuff+

  5. Your life in Scotland sounds nice : 3 And your school must be awesome, on my school we don't even have clubs : <

    Take care♥ ^^

    1. It's actually uni not school ahah ;D but yeah my old school didn't have clubs either.

      will do ♥ you too!

  6. Würde mich auch interessieren obs die Sachen auch in Schottland gibt! Sag dann mal bescheid wenn du magst :3
    Was machst du den genau in Schottland? Also warum bist du da? :o

  7. Dorm life looks fun! Happy birthday btw. I agree, it's all about the quality of time spent on birthdays. Shopping is equally awesome :D

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com