Dienstag, 13. November 2012

Fun time ☼

Hey everyone ♥

I know, I am constantly complaining how much work for university I have to do, but to be honest it wasn't all work I did last week.
After working for hours on my essays, I felt the urge to go out and have some fun. This is not so strange, right? ~ XD

One conversation my boyfriend and me had went like this:
David: I love you sooo much *insert other cute stuff* you're such a cute girl, I want to hug you. What are you doing? :3
Me: Thinking about the atomic bomb.
David: ... WTF XD

But I love you too ♥

Anyway...I finished that atomic-bomb-essay just now and this is why I blog before going to the gym.

Yesterday in the evening, I met up with my girls from Fashion Society (including Emilia ♪)and we just chatted and made our own jewelery. It enjoyed that a lot.


I will show you the other two pairs in my next entry because the light is so bad in the evening...but today I wore these:


Sorry, the next picture is a little blurry. I should really get a decent camera. /D:


So basically one of my friends took a bag with her where she had collected "stuff" (like pearls and other things) over a couple of months. She shared with all of us ♥
However, this is why some of the earrings are not matching but I actually ended up liking it. I mean this whole "the earrings are different from each other" thing is kinda cool and creative. To my mind at least ;D

So the left side carried the white skull and on the right side I had this pearl with a bow.


And now onto something else ~

On Sunday, we had "Staff Night out" with my colleagues from work.
First we went Bowling together which I haven't done in years. And it was so much fun! If Claudia is reading this...hey Claudia!

She is a very nice and fashionable person, once she starts her blog I will let you know.
At 10 pm or something like that, we went to a bar and then to a club called Exodus. It was pretty good in my opinion ♠

I liked the lightening a lot.


My hair & outfit from that night. I didn't know we were planning to go to a club haha ♥
I thought it was just bowling butI guess my outfit was alright. /I was probably the only girl wearing jeans in a club haha. Oh and a little note here: Let's just say most Scottish girls show a little bit more skin if you get my hint. ^^" Clearly this does not apply to everybody here!




It's a bit of camwhoring here, sorry for that. But when I really like a look, I take so many pictures :3

Okay and third good thing that happened this week ♪ I actually found two very nice items in town.
And since I am... not very large chested (T.T) I always fit into the children's tops.



And I found this jumper.



Btw I really want to post on Daily-Gyaru at lifejournal one day, but I don't have the guts haha ♥ I need to get better at this style first. Does anybody have any advice?
On Friday, I will recieve my very first bottom lashes kyahh!! :)

I have work tomorrow but I like it so far. It's such a good experience and I might blog a little about that soon. And when I come home, I will work for the Spanish Pre-Exam next week.


PS: Next time in French again ♪


  1. you look so cute and good luck with your essay!! ^-^ you can do it!!

  2. tolles oberteil *___*
    und die 2. ohrringe find ich auch schön :)

    LG Mona

  3. first blouse is nice !
    anyway great time in club :D
    I love ur hairs !

  4. i love those earrings ;_;!!
    must have been fun crafting them XD
    i want cute one like that too!

  5. Oh nice, I love making jewelleries as well! You made so cute pairs of earrings! The shirts are very cute as well, especially the polka dot shirt with black skull! <3

    1. aw thanks, I know it's adorable right...and I got it for free :)

  6. Halloo!
    Danke, dass du mich im Gyaru Forum begrüßt hast! :3
    Ich fange natürlich direkt an zu stalken oh je du musst denken ich bin komisch XD
    Also ich finde dieses weiße Top echt hübsch! Woher hast du das? :3
    Du arme musst so viel lernen! ( Muss ich eigentlich auch bald mal anfangen, aber ich bin Aufschieber)
    Du hast auf jeden Fall einen echt süßen Blog und ich will auch so Ohrringe basteln! :3

  7. Hi Keki! I like your skull earring pretty cute! I would wear that hahah! Don't feel bad I can fit in children's clothes too because Asian sizes are like midget sizes in UK! hahah..

    1. Haha yeah I guess you're right ~ I mean it kinda means that we are thin :D

  8. I think the ribbon earrings you made are adorable! haha I'm also small chested too but that means we can fit into cute tops! I dunno if I'd fit childrens clothes though because I think the cut is different from adults clothes.

    I don't have too much advice for styling or a daily look photo but I think it is a good idea to make one for yourself even if you don't post it up anywhere. That way you can see the gradual change for yourself =3 and maybe when you get comfortable enough with where you are in your fashion style you can make a journal then?

    Congrats on finding a job!!! And yes, you are right, lv always comes out with nice stuff, I know they're having another illustrus line this year so keep an eye out for that. Right now I'm drooling over their new red empriente speedy! Ugh but I told myself no more lv bags hahaha