Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

Salut ♥

Hey everybody,
unfortunetely I was not able to chose a nice French Language Course at university because I did French for 8 years and I really wanted a course where I could speak and write French, but all my university offers is a pure Grammar course which, in my opinion, totally sucks. I withdrew from it and I am now happy to be in "French Literature" which is a lot nicer but they don't speak much French in the lectures...So annyoing.
I love this language though^-^
All I can hope for is to go to Brussels in my third year.
I have to take a year abroad anyway, so I really want to go to either France or Belgium.
I would prefer Belgium because shhh little Keki might want to be a diplomat one day and Brussels is perfect for political thingies. ♥
Haha when I write it down, it sounds even more unbelievable... I have so many doubts, I always think I won't succeed.
Also my French is quite bad, so excused-moi! I really want to improve but I believe that the best way to really learn a language is not by doing 10 hours of grammar a day. You have to go to the country :3

Salut a tous.
Malheureusement, je ne pouvais pas choisir un bon cours de francais parce que j'ai appris le francais pour 8 ans, alors j'ai besoin d'un cours où on parle le francais, mais mon university ne nous donne pas cette possibilité. Ils ont seulement un cours pour practicer la grammaire ce que je n'ai pas aimé. Maintenent, je suis dans un cours de littérature (c'est super!), mais ce n'est pas en francais et j'ai peur d'oublier mon francais.
J'adore cette langue^-^
Je qui me reste c'est d'aller en Bruxelles dans mon troisième an.
Je dois aller dans autre pays parce que c'est un part de mon cours. Je voudrais bien choisir la France où la Belgieque. Et je préfère la Belgique parce que...shuush la petite Keki voudrais bien être diplomate un jour.
Alors Bruxelles serait parfait pour des choses de la politique...♪
Haha quand je l'écris c'est encore plus uncroyable.
Je ne suis pas vraiment confidente... C'est mon rêve mais je ne sais pas si je peux avoir du succès.
Et excusez-moi pour mon francais, ce n'est pas très bien.

Haha okay, here we go.
Haha d'accord, allons!

I am now a member of the gym here in Aberdeen. (Sports Village)
I really like the sport and I am not one of these people who use it to lose weight :3
Picture is stolen from google hehe. Also, one of my friends (Katrin) is a member and two other (Brooke and Emilia) want to join ♥

Je suis devenue une membre de  la salle de sports à Aberdeen (Sports Village).
J'aime faire du sport et je ne le fait pas pour maigrir :3
L'image c'est de google hehe. Aussi, une de mis copines (Katrin) est une membre et j'ai encore deux copines qui veulent devenir des membres aussi. ♥

Last week, I mostly hung out with friends, did some studying (always not enough...It's a "Fass ohne Boden" if German people know what I mean haha), talked to a friend I haven't spoken to in ages (Charlotte! Njeeeh x) and...missed my boyfriend.
He got accepted for medicine, but he had to move towns and he doesn't have a flat yet. He is so stressed out and busy.
-->No internet.
-->No time.

La semaine dernière, j'ai pris rendez-vous avec mes copains d'université, j'ai fait mes devoirs pour mon cours et j'ai parlé avec une copine. Je ne lui ai pas parlé il y a beaucoup des moins, alors cette trop bien :)
Aussi...Mon petit ami me monque.
Il était accepté pour étudier médicine (super, hein?) mais il n'a pas d'apartement. Il est vraiment enervé et il est très occupé.
--->Pas d'internet
-->Pas de temps

It's deffinetely not good for our relationchip but true love is stronger than that :p cheesy me.
C'est definitivement pas bien pour notre relation mais l'amour vraie est plus forte que cela.

Here are some pictures and then off I am, because a friend is coming over ♪
Voilà des images et après une copine va aller chez moi ♪

In Scotland, they have this really nice shop calles "Oasis"
En Ècosse, il y a un magasin super qui s'apelle "Oasis"


Of course I bought something...
Bien sûr j'ai achété quelqu chose.

It used to be 60 pounds but because of dicount it was 16 pounds. YAY!
C'était 60 Pounds mais à cause d'un reduction du prix, c'était seulement 16 pounds. YAY!


I did not buy this bag but I like it a lot.
Je n'ai pas achété cet sac mais je l'aime becaucoup.

I had a presentation at uni and this is what I wore.
It's my favourite dress. It's from my mum.

Je me suis habillée comme cela pour une présentation à l`université.
C'est ma robe préferée. Ma mère me l'a donné.


At Brooke's place. I like her parfume and her room! And I like Brooke too hahaha x
Chez Brooke. J'aime son parfume et sa chambre. Et j'aime Brooke aussi hahaha x


We shad chocolate fondue♥ Girly evening
Nous avons eu le fondue du chocolat. Une soirée des filles.♥




See you :)


  1. Keysire you shouldnt go shopping to often :P

  2. Keysire you should'nt go shopping to often. You look brilliant, like you have been on a beaty farm the last weeks and not at university. How do you do that? Tell me please. :P

  3. omg ich haaaasse französisch :D
    ich war zwar nicht schlecht in der schule, aber mir ist das zu kompliziert (vor allem das konjungieren mancher verben 0.o)...

    sehr schöne bilder, du bist wahnsinnig hübsch :)

    LG Mona ♥

  4. I think the dress looks lovely on you and how sweet that your mum gave it to you! I really admire that you have such desire to learn another language and such high and positive career goals! I know how hard it is to learn another language and I agree that the best way to learn is to completely immerse yourself into it, the best way is to usually move to the country/place hahaha but of course not always possible/practical. I read somewhere that people would get newspaper in a different language so they can practice it etc.

    re: The 48$ was for one person only >< So expensive, I usually only do these expensive teas once in a while or on vacations. Oh and for the Rayure neverfull that I have, I feel so bad to tell you but it was a limited edition from last fall ><!!!! They have limited edition every year so keep your eye out for them and if you like it and know you really want it then I suggest you put yourself on the wait list/preorder it! That's what I had to do for my rayure never full. If you really like the look of the rayure you might be able to find some on ebay. Some people will buy these limited edition bags then sell them off after they stop making them but they price might be higher than what it would have been if it was sold at the store, I sometimes hear bags going for up to 3 times their original price just because they are LE! Oh and don't worry about offending/copying me! I'd love it if we became bag twins! Hahahaha

  5. You look so beautiful! Your style is elegant and very lovely.
    Your hair is perfect as always! :33

  6. like your mom's dress :)


  7. ach, mein exfreund ist jetz mit einer (jetzt ehemaligen) freundin von mir zusammen...
    update: ich scheiß auf ihn!

    aber dir viel glück, dass ihr beide das packt!

    LG Mona

  8. Hallo Süsse! bist du eigentlich noch in Irland?:)
    jaaa jucystar kenne ich auch... ich finde sie hat so eine pieps-stimme haha. es gab eine zeit da hab ich ihre videos geguckt, aber jetzt nicht mehr... ja unbedingt, hoffe dir gefällt die eine oder andere:) es gibt ja so viele gurus auf youtube, vielleicht findest du auch eine die deinem geschmack besser enstpricht:) liebe grüsse & schönes weekend xx

  9. You have such a cute blog and you look so cute!!! Would you like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin to stay in touch <3

    The Closet 365

  10. Aww thank u ! Haha U also made me so hungry ! It's coffee ? That's awesome I never saw star on coffee >.< I had one time Panda ! haha ^^

  11. This dress suits you very well! ^^