Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Germany Part 2 + Long Distance Rel. Tips ♪

Hello everyone,
today I feel super motivated to post again~
In my holidays, I visited my boyfriend in Marburg which is not that far from my hometown (Hannover).
We spend 3 lovely days and took the same train home where he spend Christmas with my family.
I was seriously nervous :'D

Salut à tous,
aujourd'hui, je me sent super motivée d'écrire un autre post~
Pendant mes vacances, j'ai visité mon petit amie à Marburg- und ville pas tres loin d'Hanovre.
Nous avons passé trois jours fantastiques et on a pris le même train quand on est parti. Aussi, il était chez ma famille à Noel.
J'étais vraiment nerveuse :'D


One of my outfits♥ I love his flat! I did not take a photo but it is so big and his flatmates are nice, too.
Un de mes outfits♥ j'aime beaucoup son apartement. Je n'ai pas pris de photo mais l'apartement est vraiment grand est ses co-habitants sonst sympas.

In the evening
Le soir

We made Ramen~
On a preparé des Ramen

He does not like shopping that much.
Il n'aime pas beaucoup le shopping hahaha

Our lunch at the "Salädchen" (a salad bar which is so good)
Notre repas à "Salädchen" (un petit restaurant ou on peut faire son prople salade)

And now only in English~
Since my boyfiend and me have a long-distance relationship since September 2012 and still love each other like crazy, here is my advice for those who think of doing this as well.
If not, just skip that part and read after the little hearts at the bottom.

First of all, be aware of the negative aspects (if you wish to call them like this) as there are:

- the fact that you can not just call him up to meet you if you feel like it or if you are feeling a little down.
- you won't get to meet each other, well physically, whilst away. You know what I mean, right?
- If one of you has issues with lack of trust or jalousy this may not be suitable because there will be days where you have no clue what your sweety is doing at the moment. You need to absolutely trust the other person.
- You will feel lonely. Yes you will. And your boyfriend/girlfriend will feel this way, too.

Now here is what to do and also the positive side of it:

 - thank god we have the Internet. No need to explain this in detail, but we all know skype & whatsapp or other messengers, right? Especially if both have you have smartphones, lonely evenings might not be so lonely because you can text each other good night.
It is old-fashioned but how about letters? Keeping photographs or other little memories helps as well.
And this might be your partners chance to treat you to a little peace of jewelery before you leave.

- when you finally see (and feel ;D) each other again, it will be so worth it.

- Because of the jalousy/trust problem: Being in a good, strong relationship before doing long- distance is key in my opinion. Forget all this "what if he/she meets someone..."- shit! For me, love automatically implies trusting each other so there is absolutely no reason to be jalous. Just be careful that it does not go to the point where your partner "does not really matter to you" and where you take him/her as granted.

- Another positive aspect is that you will be forced to go out and meet other people. For me this has never been the case but I know couples that totally rely on each other and where at least one partner gave up on his good friends. In long- distance, this won't happen as you will have boyfriend/girlfriend-freetime. Instead of crying, think about all the good things you can do with that: Play that instrument you always wanted, do some sports and surprise him with a better shape or some new clothes, do volunteer work etc.


Now something totally different~

I get comments about my hair a lot (like it's my only pretty part :D) and would you guys like a hair routine- thingy?

Let me know.
Bisous & Kisses.



  1. Sounds like you had a really nice time back home over Christmas! It would have been nice to see your boyfriend after a long time.

  2. Great post! cute pictures too :)
    You speak alot of sense about relationships and i admire anyone who can do the long distance thing, i hope you and your boyfriend stay strong you look v.nice together.

  3. die Bilder von dir und deinem Freund sind echt Zucker *__*
    wenn die 2 bestellten Paar ankommen hab ich fast 90 Paar High Heels :)

    LG Mona

  4. Ahh u both looks so cute ! I wish you a lot of happiness~ Now you make me hungry(i want salad! :OO hahah XD). Thank you so much i'm happy u liked these pics. :) A lot of polish bloggers buy natural paletter from Sleek and always say only good thinks about it. I think it's good brand i need try it really ! Hmm i tell u that good adivces u give i almost always had a distance rships. and u have right in some way distance rship is better i mean these good things. but sometimes really hard if u love some guy and he is jerk and control u all the time. my friend got distance rship with japanese guy he in japan she in poland they met in poland and now she were in japan. but it looks terrible before go to japan i met her and i couldnt talk with her because he control her called to her and annoy. gosh i really dont like that guy even she love him so much.

  5. Wow, long distance relationship is really very hard to maintain but as long as both couples are willing to try then it'll really be worth it in the end <3

    Good luck to you and your boyfiee and may you guys stay happy together forever!! :D

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog =)

    I love that outfit you are wearing, it's cute.

    I've been in a long distance relationship before, I unfortunately just got into one a couple months before I had to move to France for the year. And yes, Skype defiantly was a life saver! We didn't have smart phones back then.. the iPhone had only just been released! It really does make you appreciate the time you have together though.

    Corinne x

  7. Aamzing tips! I also love your shorts:)

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  8. really cute post honey and i think the tips are really nice as well. every relationship is different and no one can go 100% by rules, but the tips are nice as guidelines for sure and good ones! you look so cute and you guys look very happy. p.s. i agree with this completely: Because of the jalousy/trust problem: Being in a good, strong relationship before doing long- distance is key in my opinion. great post deary! :)
    xx rae

  9. Hi Keki! That bag you have on is really cute and those are great long distance relationship tips! Though I hope I never have to use them LOL Your polka dot shorts are adorable as well! I wouldn't mind a hair post! I'm always interested in what products people use because you might discover something new and useful!

    P.S I will try to remember to write a post about my diet but it will probably be very boring and not interesting at all hahaha but I often read that to lose weight a great idea is to calorie count ( a healthy number) and combine it with some exercise =)

  10. distance relationship is not easy... although i can't relate to that. ^^, sounds good that you both have great days together and he spend Christmas with you and your family.. that is so sweet :)

  11. Thanks for your comment <3
    I can totally relate to distant relationships. I live in Italy and my hubby in India >.< I'm doing back and forth until I complete my studies here and it's really a hard time, but as you said, instead of crying I'd rather dedicate myself to my hobbies and my besties. xoxo

    Giulia - Kittyqua

  12. Thank you for the post!! I am in a long distance too now (diff countries) and it's hard.. But I slowly enjoy it and I cherish everytime we get to meet!
    Thank you! I know that jealousy and lack of trust are one of my main problem here... But I will try to overcome it!
    I hope things are going well for both of you! xoxo

  13. Sweet post ^^ I don't think I can do a ldr >__<'' Great post though ^^

    Love Emi x

  14. Glad to hear you and your bf spend Christmas, you guys looks so cute together! <3