Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Ke's Sunday #002

It's an online catch-up that I am doing today. Means: Replying to emails and messages, looking at blogs, downloading some music etc ♪ Kpop obviously.
And Ranma 1/2 OST.

Did anyone else love this show when they were a child? I even have 30 Ranma Mangas O.o
Watching it on youtube makes me want to go outside, jogg along the beach and do crazy Kung Fu moves :D

This is only a quick picture post. I did quite a lot these days and there is something special happening this week. My dad is coming to visit me in Scotland from Tuesday to Saturday! Wohou ♥We have already booked our tickets for Edinburgh on Wednesday. I have never been there so I am very excited. Also, we plan to go hiking (oh dear) and I want to take him to the restaurant my friends and me have been to a few days ago.

It was Hungarian cuisine ~
so tasty. I am not a meat-person but I totally enjoyed it. The 12 of us ordered everything and shared it. And I seriously mean everything. When the waitress came, we said "every meal on the card, please". Plus starter and desserts. I could barely move afterwards.

 photo C360_2013-01-22-19-10-04_zps1c00930b.jpg

Group picture ♪ Spot me in the far back haha.

This is cheese chicken and I believe I never had anything like that before. It is very nice.

 photo C360_2013-01-22-19-09-58_zps91e236f5.jpg

Aum -she was the one leaving and she is in Thailand now :(- Carmen and me ♥

 photo C360_2013-01-22-19-05-23_zpsc5892a0a.jpg

It was a very nice evening. We met around 6.30 but of course it was later than 7 until we had decided that we wanted to order...well, everything.
Have you ever done that in a restaurant? XD
The restaurant was very small, I think only 4-6 tables in total. It is run by a family and my friends told me that they actually ran into the waitress when they went partying. She is super nice and funny! ☼
Speaking of. As I am a part-time waitress myself, I know how hard the job is so I always give a tip these days.

And I know this has nothing to do with that particular evening, but I thought I should show you a little with-and-without-makeup-picture as I love seeing these on other blogs.
I could also call it: The three looks that I wear xD

1) Grocery shopping//Sports//studying//evening. When I come home and know that I won't be going out anymore, I usually take all my make-up off and put my bangs back.
 photo C360_2013-01-22-09-19-43_zps83c012e0.jpg

2) Uni//Meeting friends//shopping//appointments at bank etc.//formal occasions

 photo C360_2013-01-22-10-14-52_zpsdd180133.jpg

3) Depends but quite often lately//for fun//meeting friends//meeting friend who are also into (japanese) fashion//taking pictures//partying

Eyes. Ignore the reverse-beard, it's the light ~

 photo C360_2013-01-22-18-09-14_zps2060d45a.jpg

And curls. I like curls a lot and for some reason
 photo C360_2013-01-26-13-41-55_zps5fd87902.jpg

Yesterday, I met Carmen. Ugh I notice that this entry has no chronoligical order but nevermind.
The last make-up shot was taken on that day.
It was sooooooo nice with her ♥ Because of exams, we did not hang out a lot lately so we were super happy to see each other again.
It was sunny and not so cold. I could finally wear my galaxy leggings again.

 photo C360_2013-01-26-13-45-23_zps1b9523f5.jpg

We went to "Mojo" Coffee House in Georgestreet.  The funny thing is, that we both knew this place and had never been in it. We figured that this is the day to give it a shot ♥
And I must say~ we are very pleased with the place and the food.

 photo C360_2013-01-26-15-50-28_zpsf3fa19d7.jpg

It is difficult to explain but there interior is so New York style. Although you can see the Eiffel Tower here ^^" The menu is written on a blackboard and the atmosphere is very casual, warm, friendly but still chic. I will take my dad there for breakfast ♫ Hehe.

 photo C360_2013-01-26-15-57-03_zps0704a679.jpg

Both of us had a Panini and a drink and payed around 4 Pound. I guess there is no reason to complain hehe ♥ The Panini was so good, it "made her stomach happy" said Carmen. ♪ My stomach was also very happy although it complains because we later on went to Carmen's and Julie's House to bake cupcakes and brownies...
I ate so much. Even for me that was a lot! Like half the tray of Brownies? ;D
Carmen spontanously asked me to have a sleep over :] We watched Pirates of the Caribbean Part 1 which is my favourite. I am so jalous that Carmen and Julie have a TV...
Then we talked a lot, made Wraps...But I only snapped a picture of the cupcakes.

 photo C360_2013-01-26-20-05-31_zps7578a8c3.jpg

Carmen gave me this necklace :o So nice of her. It is only the pink one though, the gold heart is something I almost always wear. Does "almost always" exist? In my Spanish book it does XDD
I got it as a baby.

 photo C360_2013-01-27-13-00-59_zps509f52b6.jpg

Not onto something else~

 photo 565313_512704722107837_165956418_n_zpsf987c7f7.jpg

Another nice event was the Nutcracker Ballet with Julie. It was still during exam time, but I don't study late at night~ so going was no problem ♥ And after studying the whole day, this was a nice treat. I like hanging out with her a lot >.< :]

She found it on the Internet (webside of the ballet) and sent it to me. The Ballet looked exactly like that and we were impressed by the skill of the dancers ^-^ I want my friend Sue to dance like this one day♪

 photo 565915_512704728774503_10690220_n_zps0a340c04.jpg

This poster reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Strange uh :)
My boyfriend gave me the game "Alice Madness Returns" for christmas and today I am finally gonna play it ♥

 photo 730508_512704702107839_1911033866_n_zps5e72cff3.jpg

The last picture was taken by Julie. The place looks lovely, doesn't it? The light is so warm and soft.

Have a good evening everyone :]



  1. omg ich hab ranma so geliebt früher ♥
    und du bist voll hübsch ohne make-up ♥

  2. Haha why u always make post sooo long :DDD make shorter and more often >.< but I tell I never have been in Hungarian restaurant but I would like to try this kind of food. :) You know I love ur hairs :D curly hairstyle looks really awesome on long hairs like ur~ anyway u r so pretty girl ^3^ Cupcakes looks so deliciours ! I love it. :) really nice from ur friends side that she give u such pretty necklace like that. ^^ I like balet but never have seen it >.< I need go to watch it someday !

  3. Ich liebe Ranma! ♥
    Und ich liebe ungarische Küche!! Waren früher oft in Ungarn, von daher ^^ was habt ihr alles gegessen da? xD
    Und schöne Bilder♥

  4. I found Ranma not until when I was twelve. But it was almost my first manga series and I loved it ( and I still love ) : D

    I have heard something about the Alice Madness Returns game. It looks awesome but scary at the same time xD But I want still play it on some day : >

  5. Ich habe dunkle Erinnerungen daran Ranma 1/2 früher mit meiner besten Freundin im TV gesehen zu haben. Ich mochte Shampoo. xD

    Viel Spaß mit deinem Papa. :)

  6. you are so adorable! and god all of that food! nom nom nom ^ ^

  7. o0o0o ballet! I watched my first ballet show a few years back and it bored my bf to death hahaha next time I'll just go myself or with a friend =P You look so pretty in all your photos even without make up and curls look great on you! Do you use a curling wand or a curling iron? The only time I had cheese chicken something before was in Paris and it was delicious ><! I want to eat some now! Hope you've been doing well and enjoying Alice Madness Returns!

  8. Merci beaucoup, si tu savais comme je rêve d'avoir ton blond !

    Je te renvois le compliment et très sympa la coord avec le legging galaxy qui n'est pas si simple à porter que sa en fait !!!!

  9. I actually thought that I followed your blog but blogger told me today I don't so... I'm sorry? (;_;) Blogger doesn't like me from time to time.

    While I was a kid I went to Hungary every summer for the wholesummer break. The country is so beautiful and the people are nice and friendly! We often went out for diner, as my aunt was friends with a restaurant owner and I KNOW what you're talking about (*o*) I would love to eat something from that now... I'm hungry (;^;)

    Don't worry, if I follow your blog I'll see when you answer me (: And from now on I'll definately will (ò.ó) Stupid blogger is stupid.

    I love the way you're writing you blog. I like the mixture of style and daily life and stuff :3 Please keep going ♥♥
    Furthermore I hope all your exams went well and you had a great time with your dad!