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Beauty Products in the Uk ♥

Hey everyone~
this is gonna be an informative post for all people that do not live in the UK
[okay, maybe for UK citizens also because, well, we all love beauty products,right?]
And it will be in English.

First of all, however, thanks for all the comments on my post on Long Distance Relationships.
This is partly the reason why I think another "informative" post would be good?~

And now let's bring it on.
As you know, I am a very superficial person (IRONY HERE!) and I figured that I should introduce everybody to some great UK-based make-up companies. You might have seen them in other countries, too but I don't think I did so I am sorry if I am wrong.
For today, I only chose these three here to review because I have not tried every label yet.

  • MUA- Makeup Acedemy, Beauty UK, Sleek
     photo C360_2013-01-19-13-14-47_zpsc5bcaf33.jpg

    You can buy them at your local Superdrug (which is the rival of Boots I believe? haha) or of course online.
    I felt strange walking in the store and taking pictures of the display but the staff was fine with it ♥ I find them very nice actually (in particular the ones in Trinity shopping centre).

     photo C360_2013-01-19-13-15-10_zps4d242440.jpg

    Display: Very tidy, testers of every products except for the lipsticks sometimes (which is okay as I don't test them anyway), range of eye-shadows varies. I believe bigger stores carry a bigger display. That's what I hear from some girls at youtube.
    The products: 4/5 but only because I wish they had more colours for eyeshadows. They are very well pigmented and I like how smooth the eyeliners are. I own a white one and I can't complain so far. I would say, if you want to "invest" in something, i.e a red lipstick, don't go for Mua. Obviously. I do not have enough experience with their products and I can't say that they are very long-lasting. I mean, they do last and for the time that I am at university, I am fine with it but maybe wear a base under your MUA make-up? ♪
    Try: Their palletes. The packaging is not so nice because it does not look very fancy, but even though it looks cheaply made (and probably is), it does not break.
    The price: Cheap. The eyeshadows,lipsticks, eyeliners and much more are 1 £, the palletes sell at 4 £. Here is my lipstick ♥
     photo C360_2013-01-19-17-47-40_zps663e93db.jpg

    Beauty UK:
     photo C360_2013-01-19-13-15-23_zps05360d41.jpg

    Display: URGH messy. Funny how you can't actually see it on this picture, but if you look very closely at the introduction-photo (top of the post) then you'll see it. I could hardly find anything, especially since some of the items had discount on them so I guess the staff did not bother tyding up? Big minus here. I hope it is not always the case.
    Products: 3/5 I only own nailpolishes so far but I like them a lot and they carry extraordinary colours "for the brave" but they also have nice pastell ones. Quality is good too and I want to try some more products. As said before, the display sets me off a little. Their eye-shadows have a very nice packaging and I fell in love with a colours called "Lavender" but they are not that strong pigmented. Sorry, I did not snap a picture but some have comic-design on them, others even remind me of Etude House' design.
    Price: Strangely a little bit more expensive than MUA for not nicer quality. Around 2-6 £ for the "little items" like nailpolishes etc.
    Here is a nail design and I think I used a pastell pink as a base. I have to get better at nailart though~

     photo C360_2013-01-19-09-20-02_zps8c45d5af.jpg

     photo C360_2013-01-19-13-15-29_zps1e932363.jpg

    Display: Depends. Some days it's tidy and on other days you can hardly find anything. See the little black packages in the second row? They all have different shades and there is no order. Does anybody else feel this way when you enter a Superdrug and look for Sleek? Products are out of stock very often (hehe greedy beauty-savvy British population here ♥). But with a little bit of patience you should get want you want.
    Products: 5/5 They are heaven♥ Oh dear I've never tried nicer make-up products and I would never give my Sleek Blushes away for the sake of Highend-Stuff. To my mind, the blushes actually beat those of NARS. I can't remember which colour it is, but one Sleek Blush is a perfect dupe of "Orgasm". The make-up palettes are super good. After I treated myself to the Naked Palette last year, I did not want to buy another one but...I will show you my gets below~ haha. Just be a little careful with the products as they (especially blush and powder) are very "heavy" on your face. Means the colours are very strong. You can soon look like a clown~
    I own a contour kit but I lack the skill. So sadly, I have to practive before reviewing it.
    The packaging is always nice and elegant (mostly black).
    Try: Blabla Blush of course.
    Price: Palettes are 7.99£, Blush 4.29£ if I remember correctly. I'm not sure what the most expensive product is but if you take a tenner with you, you're safe. Maybe the liquid make-up is more though.
    Here is a Palette but I think I might do a propper review some time. Especially since I forgot to snap a picture of the actual palette.
     photo C360_2013-01-19-17-44-38_zps3e38e76f.jpg

    Here is my new blush °A° so excited. It's called Flamingo.

     photo C360_2013-01-19-17-45-48_zpscdb80122.jpg  photo C360_2013-01-19-17-46-08_zpsbb2e47e9.jpg

    So tell me ~
    How did you like this post?
    I appreciate every comment.

    Bye Bye ♪

    Ps: Note to Suki: I did not forget about the haircare routine.
    Stay tuned for that ♥
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  1. Hey, danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! :3 ♥ Aber eigentlich poste ich gar nicht sooo viele Outfits, haha. xD

    Hab beim stöbern durch deinen Blog gesehen, dass du ursprünglich aus Hannover kommst. Was für ein witziger Zufall, da komme ich nämlich auch her. :)

    Ich werde dir mal folgen, mag deinen Blog nämlich jetzt schon. ;D


  2. Jaah! Witzig, oder? :)
    Ja klar, sag einfach bescheid, wenn du hier bist. Würde mich freuen, habe nämlich noch nie jemanden aus der Blogger-"Szene" getroffen, haha.
    Und nee, bei Comix war ich schon Jahrhunderte nicht mehr. xD Hab den Kalender bei eBay gekauft. n_n

  3. i wish we had sleek and mua in australia! rather than buying it online :(

  4. Hiiii!! :) Ich spreche ein bischen deutsch! haha But just a little bit! I've started learning german in the university 3 months ago! :P hahaha

    In spanish "long hair" is "pelo largo" hahaha

    Your new pink blush looks so cute! *O*

    Gracias por leer mi blog! :)

  5. Omg I want to try Sleep stuff so bad, especially their blushes!!!! Keke the one you got looks so pretty! If I ever get to the UK I will remember this post! Oh my bf and I have been going out for 5yrs, it will be 5 and a half year in February ~ What about you two? I think you mentioned it before but I forget >< I also remember you blogging about your anniversary, sorry for my forgetfulness =X

  6. No problem and thank you. Hah a little lost because my english not really good T.T but I hope u can understand it. :D I can't wait for urs review! Nevermind its not natural I wanna know more reviews products of this brand.

  7. Ah, Sleek! I've heard so many good things about them but I only use their contour powder as I had a lot of problems with their eye make-up (which to this day I still can't use, boo).

  8. wahh der blush sieht richtig richtig gut aus °A° ich glaub ich muss mir das sortiment von sleek mal ansehen :))