Freitag, 1. März 2013

London Love [2] ♥

Hey everyone ♥
Here is, as promised, part 2 of my no-sightseeing-just-girly-stuff London experience February 2013!

Let's start with a Fashion Show. We went to Somerset House on Saturday morning to collect 3 tickets: The actual Fashion Show ticket (it was a mixed Designer show, but more below),
a ticket for "shop and the lot" (designer shopping)
and a third one for our goodie bag. I am not sure why I have only two on this picture but there were 3.

 photo C360_2013-02-23-10-31-51_zps5fbce983.jpg

Sponsored by Vodafone. Yay stylish! Jokes ;D Still, they gave out bright red nailpolish~

 photo C360_2013-02-23-10-25-56_zpsa3decd44.jpg

"Somerset House" sounds like "Summerset House", right? Well it was not a sunny day at all. Luckily most things took place inside ♪
It was near the Tube Station "Charing Cross"

Okay, so what did we do? First fixing our hair of course. Haha...uhm I am not kidding T.T
Outside Somerset House were the 'streetstyle bloggers' who either took pictures of others or let them be taken of themselves. I will probably change my mind soon, but at the moment I am really more into an elegant//polished//girly look than what I saw there.
I know people want to look independent these days, but don't they get that looking independent is sort of mainstream?
I hope anyone understands what I say here XD
I used to really like streetstyle, but this whole 'edgy' look where it seems like somebody hasn't showered is just not for me.
Still, some of them looked nice and I had all the time the feeling to recognize some youtubers or London-based bloggers as I read a few, but I was too shy to ask >.<
We didn't have wait long until they gave us all the tickets and we were able to collect the goodie bags. Some of the items were pretty random (toothpaste? Coffee?) but others were a dream.

I plan to do a review on some stuff so stay tuned for that ^-^

We went through the designer shopping area for a while before the shows started. As you know from my previous post, Diet Coke took Emilia's and my picture and actually the girl in Triumph Underwear asked us to either facebook/instagram or tweet that we are in their store at the moment. We were like: Uhm..ok?
I decided to Instagram it. Not sure what they planned to get out of that as I don't have many followers and use Instagram for inspiration & stalking purpose only? pff ~

In Triumph store♥

 photo IMG_20130223_110408_zps40bb7b25.jpg

Still we did it and got free underwear! No picture of that though ^-^

Another nice area was the Bueno Lounge. You got that right, it's basically the Kinder Bueno chocolate I am speaking about ♥
Before we left we went there for a free massage . I am super sorry that there is no chronology in this post :p

Free Bueno while waiting for out appointment ♪
All of us stole so many Bueno! I ate more on that day than I would ever eat in one year. Kinder Bueno I love you, but you are a little overpriced usually T.T

 photo C360_2013-02-23-13-06-37_zps207a3a71.jpg

The massage was very nice :) Actually it was my first 'professional' massage.

 photo C360_2013-02-23-13-06-13_zpsd08c587c.jpg

So yeah you could take as much as you wanted while waiting. Actually, this was the case for many thing there. Free drinks, free yoghurt, free chocolate...♪ To be honest I was quite surprised as it was a Fashion Event and I thought "why so much food?"
But that was just the prejudgemental voice inside my head speaking, saying 'models don't eat'.

Speaking of: The models looked healthy and super pretty. I enjoyed the actual show very much as it was presented by Zoe Hardman. She looks so much younger than she is.
The show included sets of looks, for example we had "Eastern Promise" and then around 20 models came walking down the catwalk. After this, Zoe commented, asked the audience questions and explained the looks ♪
I felt really "active" during the show, if you get what I mean? She was speaking directly to us and I liked her very much.
Non-British people might have to google here though. I was a bit embarassed but then again I am not that fashion-savvy so it's not that bad if I didn't know her, right?~

 photo C360_2013-02-23-11-56-01_zps13effe33.jpg

My favourite was Eastern Promise ♥

I did not take many good pictures and this one is actually stolen from their webside. Really have to get a new camera or whatever :(

OK, so after the show we went once more to the designer shopping, taking a closer look at the items. They had so many nice labels. Prada, D&G, Armani and Vivienne Westwood (to only name a few) ♥
Especially D &G has had huge discounts. Something like 80 % off, I am not joking.
However, as I spent quite a lot money on Friday, I didn't buy anything.
Emilia bought something in the Tony & Guy Hairdresser which was another highlight. If I was unhappy with my hair, I would totally go there. They had good offers and the atmosphere was super good and professional. Many people spontanously decided to get a haircut :'D
Same with the Benefit place~
They had a Brow/Lash Bar so you could get a nice set of thick eyelashes for a decent price ♥

I see no point in mentioning every single shop/room that had nice offers though ~ if you have any questions, just ask me. Tickets were really reasonable! Check the webside for prices.

Overall, I absolutely enjoyed the event and I would go there again. Especially when you are into Beauty, I recommend it as the freebies totally make up for the ticket price and seeing a 'real' catwalk show is worth it :) Of course we could not get into a Chanel show or Marc Jacobs, but I'd say that a mixed designer show is nicer anyway ♥

After the show, we headed to town again :) This is photos from both Saturday and Sunday as I uploaded them together ^-^

Nerd-Talk Begins
Finally Nerd-time in Chinatown and near Picadilly and Leicester Square! We found a store that sells all things Anime/Manga and even though I am not that much into it anymore, I enjoyed going there.

 photo C360_2013-02-23-20-44-55_zpsa6c84b63.jpg

See the caps? PLEASE tell me you'd also go for the left one. The first Pokemon Season is my one and only loved season ♪ I kinda know all the episodes haha and did I ever tell you I literally played all the games?  Except for the very latest one that came out last year.
My close friend already know this about me ~
Every time a new season comes out, Roman, Hermi and me would go and buy it together and then have crisps and pizza, playing it all day long ;D (I do always collect at least 4-5 badges on the first day...Number 3 is always causing me trouble, it was really bad in the Heart Gold Edition! Totally hating Miltank..)
My favourite Pokémon is Suicune ♥

Nerd Talk Ends

Random picture ♥
Look at Emilia's "plate" ^^
 photo C360_2013-02-24-11-24-55_zps73e53363.jpg

We went to Uniqlo, which is an either japanese or Japan-influenced store in London.
I can't remember and I am to lazy to look it up ~

But they had these gorgeous shirts ♥
They even did Alice in Wonderland, Bambi, Sanrio characters (my melody!) and others. Since stores usually do only Mickey and Hello Kitty I was happy to buy a My Melody shirt ♪ Will do an outfit with that soon ♥

Instead of showing you every item, just wait for an outfit post :)
Here is a summary of what I got though~

From left to right:

Cap (Money and me :'D sorry I liked the colours)
My Melody shirt
A massive hairbow from Forever 21
Victoria's Secret stuff
A pink/white shirt from Forever 21
A Liz-Liza inspired shirt by Bershka~ super short ughh
Orange shorts from Primark
A Jumper from Pull & Bear

 photo C360_2013-02-25-14-24-55_zpsafad7182.jpg

Best wishes ♥
Love you all,


And thanks for reading :)


  1. Ohhh London und dann auch noch mit ner fashonshow *___* +neid+ Ich bin vermutlich nächstes jahr mal in london, soll eine tolle stadt sein <3 nur teuer? >.<

    1. Jaa da musst du mal hin :) Finde Berlin kann da nicht mithalten ;D
      Geht ~ jedesmal wenn ich hinfahre ist es vom essen und übernachten her günstiger. Man muss sich nur ein bisschen auskennen ♥ wenn du tips brauchst sag bescheid

  2. definitiv linke kappe :)) (mir fehlt pokemon schwarz/weiß 2 und X/Y halt XD aber sonst hab ich die meisten auch gespielt /hust) bekenne mich schuldig oder so <:

    das event sieht so gut aus ;_;
    ich hatte gerade eben ein eintrag über die tokyo girls collection gelesen. da will ich auch gern mal hin ey ;_; ♥♥

    1. :D Bei xy muss man glaube ich den 3DS habem..? Aber weiss nicht >.< haha der Suchtfaktor bei den Spielen ist hoch.

      Oh Mann ja!! Muss mega gut sein:))