Sonntag, 10. März 2013

Weekend post / Thai restaurant / Caught a cold

Hello cuties ~

I changed the layout, how do you like it? Although I already miss the pink stripes.

I caught a really bad cold and now I have to stay in bed pretty much all day. I hate being ill on weekends, but I guess as a university student it's good so that you don't miss tutorials and seminars during the week?

The weather here sucks but I think I cought the cold when it was super sunny the other day and I wore very light clothes //idiot.
Today it started snowing again. Such a shame.

Actually, on Friday morning I though 'nah, it's gonna be fine'
So I went to uni, sitting next to a friend of mine who had a cold as well so I guess this didn't really help~
Bye the way, I am so happy for him and jalous and the same time ;D He's gonna spend the next year in Japan at university.
When I came home I felt really really ill so I stayed in instead of going to the movies with my girls.
I pretty much watched gossip girl all evening and I installed Line//Line Play on my phone. This game is so cute ♥ I even got my boyfriend to play it with me. So we both were on skype and played Line at the same time. Maybe this sounds weird, but it was so much fun and warm milk with honey made the evening even better. My throat still hurts but oh well ~
When I am in Germany I will play pokémon again! Used to do that when I was ill :D pixel photo: Pikachu Pikachu_Pixel_Icon_by_LizieVamp.gif

On Saturday, my cute girl group (xD) asked me to go with them to a Thai restaurant.
I didn't want to say no again and I felt okay plus I was even quite hungry so I decided to come along. ♥
Some girls of our group are Thai so they know the best places and I am sure we payed less for the meal. They hugged the waitress and so on ♪

I have no idea why, but I didn't take any pictures of us or the main course. That's very strange but I get tired easily when I am ill so that's probably why. I simply forgot.
Some of us had this amazing drink but I forgot the name. It tastes like 'normal' Asian black tea with milk and sugar but it also had a vanilla /strawberry taste to it. Very nice♥

 photo IMAG2891_zps767d1de8.jpg

As a snack, they gave us cookies. Lots of them :)

 photo C360_2013-03-09-13-44-13_zps3229c507.jpg

The only food picture ~ a starter (vegetable dumplings I believe)

 photo C360_2013-03-09-14-34-01_zpsfd3dc36f.jpg

My hair and make-up. I guess you can tell that I didn't feel that well ughh ~
I made the earrings myself with Fashionsociety ♥
Actually so many people laugh at the name and they would rather see me in a more 'sophisticated' society but to be honest, Fashion society is at least doing something. Next week we will be hosting a Vintage Market for example.
I wish I had a good camera that would catch the blush better, but this picture turned out okay. Not saying the blush looks good, but at least it's visible.

 photo C360_2013-03-09-11-02-54_zpsc6b33793.jpg

 photo C360_2013-03-09-11-05-43_zps3d4161cc.jpg

 photo C360_2013-03-09-17-13-57_zps696eb95a.jpg

Luckily Namwan gave me new lashes ^-^ She had asked a friend from Thailand to send them to her for me. You can imagine how super pleased I was. Especially since you can't buy bottom lashes in the stores here. Should totally get paypal but it only works with a credit card? I am looking forward to trying them out  ♪ Thanks again Namwan!
[the photo of the lashes came out weird, no clue why]

My 'haul' from the last two days.
A cute belt from Republic//Bananas//silicone glue for my mobile case//Glamour magazine//apples//Palmer's Lipbald - I thought I should give it a shot, my lips are killing me// throat lozenges//popcorn (♥)//Prince Polo- a Polish sweet.

Did I ever mention that so many people here think I am Eastern European or Russian? When my dad was here, they asked us in a pub 'so how is life in Russia' and yesterday I went to this Polish shop to buy the sweet and they said stuff to me in Polish~ I find that quite funny ;D ♪

 photo C360_2013-03-09-17-13-29_zps99cfa26c.jpg

Here is a goodie from the London Fashion week. You know how Elizabeth Arden products are seen as 'the' products for skincare. To be honest, I tried this cream and it did not do anything for me. My skin looked (in my opinion) even worse and felt really tense even though it looked shiny. Ugh never again~
I got a sample sized Annayake cream as well and that one was fantastic ♥ No picture though ;D
I might do a post about my regular skincare.

fail fail ;D

 photo C360_2013-03-09-09-46-41_zpsf25afbfe.jpg

Bye Bye pixel photo: Rilakkuma Chu Pixel nab1YoF9t.gif

 photo C360_2013-03-08-11-25-15_zps45e886f9.jpg

pixel photo: dark pink bow 2-2345654.gif


  1. Dann können wir uns ja zusammen tun. ;A; Habe seit gestern irgendwie auch leicht Schnupfen, Halsschmerzen, Kopfschmerzen und fühl mich schlapp. -_- Warum eigentlich immer am Wochenende? xD"

    Das Getränk von eurem Restaurantbesuch sieht sehr lecker aus! Würde ich auch gerne mal probieren.

    Gute Besserung jedenfalls! ;D

    1. Oh neiin!! Dir auch gute Besserung (werde nachher mal bei dir vorbeischauen~) ♥ Bei mir hat es sich dann sogar bis heute hingezogen. Heute verlasse ich das Bett nur für eine Vorlesung und das wars XD

      Muss mal gucken, ob es in Hannover ein Thai Restaurant für uns gibt ♪ Dann gehen wir da mal hin! :)

  2. Ich wünsche dir gute Besserung ;__; du Arme!!

    Und ich liebe Gossip Girl *_* hach~ so toll!

    Und jetzt pack dich mal wieder ins Bett, du Hübsche!

    1. Danke :) Ich war hier bisher noch nie krank, aber mich hats iwie voll erwischt!

      GG hat Suchtfaktor pur ♥

      Hehe ok :3

  3. Man sieht dir auf den Bildern auf jeden Fall nicht an, dass du krank bist :)
    Gute Besserung!!
    Und yaaaay Pokémon spielen ♥

    LG Mona

    1. Ohh das freut mich ;D wenigstens etwas haha~ schminke for the win :)

  4. hah manchmal pack ich auch meinen Gameboy Advance in der Vorlesung aus und spiele Pokémon XDDD

    gute Besserung!

  5. Danke für dein liebes Comment :)
    Ja, bei uns in Magdeburg gibt es mega viele. Aber ich war noch ned in allen *haha*
    Auf jeden Fall ist italienisches Essen toll <3

    1. Bitte ♥ Ohh wie schön. Hier in Schottland ist das nicht so populär :(

      I agree :>

  6. Prince Polo, I love it !<3 Your make up looks pretty good ! Yeah I caught a cold too >.< I hope I get better till weekend because I got birthday and I gotta go to Warsaw to my love. <3

    1. thank you :) aha yeah you people in Poland are so lucky to have these sweets :)

  7. You look so cute! Hope you feel better soon!

  8. ich weiß nicht ob du es schon gelesen hast (hatte auf nen comment back kommentiert) aber dein kleines päckchen ist angekommen *_* vielen lieben dank hehe <3 (bin auf die schoki gespannt und ich brenne drauf den blush zu testen *_* der sieht so nice aus hehe)

    und gute besserung <3

    1. Habe ich gerade erst gesehen :D ♥ Comment ist auf deinem Blog. Viel Spass mit den Sachen!! :) Und danke ♥

  9. Love your hair! I have the Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream, it works really good! xx

    1. Oh you're lucky ♥ For me this label doesnt seem to do anything...

  10. The blush looks very cute! also those lashes looks nice! ^^