Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013

Catching a Cold & Catching up


I have no clue how this happened, especiall since the weather is finally getting warmer, but I cought a bad cold >: And I couldn't resist but go out this weekend (not out-out as in clubbing but I left the house :'D)
to watch the Great Gatsby on Friday with a good friend and to meet sweetheart on Saturday.

I enjoyed it very, very much.
I think these days it's rare to find movies with an actual meaning behind them and blogbusters usually contain a lot of action, sex and crime in my opinion. Not saying that I don't enjoy watching movies, but there just wasn't anything I liked in the cinemas until the Great Gatsby.
Since I read the book I was super worried that the movie might turn out shitty- just like Twilight ^-^- but they put a lot of effort in it and Leonardo DiCaprio is, despite his age, to die for. His German voice is my favourite of all time ;D An old Anime crush of mine has the same haha ♥
I don't read classics that often and I remember thinking that ''the Great Gatsby'' is a book impossible to make a movie of. I was convinced otherwise! ♥ It's a great piece of work; and I called it ''Happyness for the Eyes'' when I spoke to my friend after we left the cinema. It was 3D, too.
Now we want to have a massive 1920's style party haha :'D
The costumes, the music and the whole atmosphere are great ♥ Okay enough of the movie haha go watch it.~

Last week I went with my mum to a nice Teahouse (correct word?) which is not very known in Hannover. We had vouchers (and still got some left ♪) so we ordered lovely Black Cylon Tea and Scones. When the Scones arrived, the waitress said: "So which scone is for who?" and I replied: "...they're actually both for me" :D ^^"
It's true ~ I really like scones and I couldn't decide between plain and matcha green tea scone ♥ This is why I ended up eating both. Greedy right?

 photo C360_2013-06-12-12-33-20-345_zpsfb1bdd22.jpg

 photo C360_2013-06-12-12-33-28-941_zpsec59e27c.jpg

The Teahouse is located at ''Lister Meile'' and many of my friends make fun of me because we always go to this little shopping-street with our family. ;D

Here are some recent outfits :)
I usually don't wear shoes in my room because I take them on & off when I am downstairs.

trousers: Cubus
shoes: from my parents when they travelled to Lissabon
bag: peanuts by codello
shirt: charity shop in Scotland
hairbow: forever21
 photo C360_2013-06-15-12-21-24-594_zps423c0582.jpg   photo C360_2013-06-15-12-22-41-165_zpsb89aaafc.jpg

trousers: Zara                                            just a random hairstyle for shower :)                                                                     (sometimes those are the best!)
shirt: no name ;D with fake chanel logo
bag: lv
cardigan: H&M                                       
 photo C360_2013-06-12-20-53-37-560_zps8d7618f3.jpg   photo C360_2013-06-12-07-58-25-607_zps5c52f86f.jpg

Weird pose :'D                                          dress: republic
jeans: one green elephant                         belt: republic
shirt: H&M
cardigan: warehouse in oasis                 
 photo C360_2013-06-05-08-44-14-662_zpsa3873152.jpg   photo C360_2013-05-29-08-58-20-951_zpsde4986ca.jpg

On Monday I went to a new gym but I swear I'll never to there again. The gym itself was alright; I mean you got the usual things like crosstrainer and weights but the people there...Oh dear! [I sound like an old lady right?] right away when I entered, some guys started to hit on me and even my coach seemed to want to know everything about me :/ I went there with my neighbours -> their daughter is 15 years old; some older guy came to her and annoyed her so much, that she left the area! >.< I got super annoyed but I tried to make the best out of my free gym session ~ it ended up being a leg day haha ;D
I said I'd call them back. I won't. Hehe.
This reminds me of something else ♥ I joined a tennis club again and when I had my trial session, the ladies said I'd fit in perfectly ♥ wohou looking forward to some matches! And from my experience I can tell that I haven't met any weirdos at the tennis court yet. Plus many of our neighbours play tennis and a friend of mine joined, too :) She lives right next door.

So this was just a little update and I hope everyone is looking forward to summer ♥ Next week, my cousin graduates from school so you can expect some nice pictures I guess.

And now that I signed the contract and everything ~~ it's official wohouu I'll be working at Bijou Brigitte (a store for jewelry # accessories) ♥



  1. Ahh, hilf mir bitte mal auf die Sprünge. xD Wo genau ist das Teahouse auf der Lister Meile? Ich renn die Lister Meile pro Woche ca. 3 Mal auf und ab und hab das aber wohl noch nie bewusst gesehen. xD xD

    The Great Gatsby möchte ich auch noch sehen, aber irgendwie schaff ich's momentan nicht ins Kino. v_v

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum neuen Job und gute Besserung. ♥

  2. hehehehe bijou staff for the win oder so ;)))!!

    und omg das hört sich gruselig an mit dem fitness center :((

    schöne outfits ♥
    und gute besserung!

  3. Danke für dein Kommi^^
    Ja die Cream pastries sind sowas wie Windbeutel und leider sind sie gar nicht gut für die Figur..(obwohl ich glaube selbst gemacht gehts noch einigermaßen XD) Aber sind lecker*v*
    Deine Outfits sind wirklich superhübsch und du auch :D
    Wünsch dir ne schöne Woche^^

  4. Hi Keki! I'm finally here on your blog again. Phew... It has been so long. I also clicked the follow button here coz how could we be followers on Instagram and not on blogs right? Hehehe... Is the language in German? I just tried clicking around and managed to follow.

    I like how you have different outfit styles on different days.

    I hope you recover soon. It's not fun being sick at all. And yes, I was so into the 1920s glitz after watching The Great Gatsby.

    Warm hugz to cat lovers. Thanx for following me on Instagram. I’m so glad we are connected on Instagram coz as you could see, I’m neglecting blogosphere with my bz-ness at work and exhaustion when at home. Instagram is on the go and that gets updated more frequently.

  5. Helllllo♥ ! I love your outfits, they're so cute and they look so comfortable, heh :D . Take more pics of your outfits! hehehhehehehehehehe , sorry for being weird. LOL. This is the result of over studying, heh.

  6. Oh thanks for telling about the great gatsby, coz I have been thinking that should I go to watch it or not! ^^ Hopefully you get better soon, it's annoying to catch cold if it's wam, coz it takes quite long to heal! Also you have the loveliest outfits again! <3 super cute!

  7. Really pretty outfits. ^^ I see you had great time with ur friends,mom and bf. ^^ I wish you get better so soon !

    Yeah I had job interview but I didn't get job. It's so hard to get job in Poland. I lose faith that I can get it but still do my best. I need move from Poland to another country looking for a job. >.<

  8. You've put together some really cute outfits! <3 Hope you had fun! n___n
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  9. Hi Sweetie!
    Sorry you caught a cold... You should enjoy the warm weather, so unlike Scotland!

    Nice review for the Great Gatsby. Made me want to go see it too!

    Congrats for the new job! Sounds like your type of place! Hope you will get a employee discount :) What happend to working at the zoo? :D

    Many hugs
    And get well soon!