Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

Doll ♥

Hello ladies (don't think any guys are reading this...:D)

I decided that I really want to blog more frequently but I also don't want to annoy you with boring stuff ~ anyway here we go.

Today I tried out a make-up which is inspired by dakota rose. I'm sure some of you know her and whether or not she's fake, I absolutely love her make-up.
I came across this video on youtube.

The make-up artist is so talented!! I am clearly not but here you go. I also thought of something dakota might wear so I chose this shirt with the collar.




Today's boring outfit. I only have one pair of shorts with me T.T
The shoes are a gift from my mum and I love them ♪


Camwhoring haha. ♪

Oh and ...
The necklace I mentioned in my last entry.

Miss Selfridge, 1 Pound. Such a catch.


my friend Brooke and me went to the beach a few days ago :)
I was thinking of my boyfriend and she helped me to do this ♥

David I miss you :*


And our sandcastle :D Somebody drew it and we "moved in"! B &Ks! On the one tower it says b, on the other tower it says K. ;D It was such a lovely day.

My Bento ;D The "ugly truth" Instagram has the nice edited picture in it. It was tasty though.

Oh and ~ it says doll in the post because I would like to introduce you to a new blogger!
Her name is Brooke and she goes to uni with me. She is good at writing (expect for a certain politics test haha little inside joke...) and Hey Brooke I am not flattering you but you are pretty ♥

I am sure she would be happy if you could leave comment or something!

Bye bye cuties! This was mainly a picture spam, next entry will have more content, I promise. ♥



  1. Yeah~ I love japanese sweets too ^^
    really pretty photos :) and nice make up ^O^

  2. Haha ist ja witzig!
    Wo hen hao, ni ne? ^^

  3. echt total hübsche Bilder :)
    Hihi am Anfang als ich "Doll" gelesen hab musste ich an Kontaktlinsen denken und hab mich schon gefragt ob du dir welche zugelegt hast :'D

    LG Mona

  4. U can see my new tutorial Gyaru make-up:) It's doll make up too:)

  5. Hey :D
    Danke für dein Kommentar.
    Komisch! Haarefärben..ständig und immerwieder..aber wenn es dann ums schneiden geht..bin ich wie ein kleines Mädchen.
    Ich hatte den Pony oft schon grade und mochte es immer, nur das nachschneiden nervt. Wobei die Länge, wie du ihn grad hast, so mag ich ihn am liebsten O_O!!

    und bin nun nen neuer stalker xD!

  6. You are stunning! Could you please consider following each other? Twitter:@shineonnbyandrea

  7. Aaarrrww wie lieb! Dankeschön! :3

    Schon krass was man alleine mit Make-up so zaubern kann! Auch wenn ich diesen Doll-Look nicht wirklich mag :D

  8. Aww beautiful photos!
    I love your hair so much :3

  9. Great post and great photos:)

  10. aww du schönheit du ♥
    wirklich sehr schöne fotos *-*

  11. Oh my goosh so many comments haha you guys are lovely ♥ I will rely to everybody! cuties ♪