Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

Photos :)

Hey everyone ♪

Today I had to put something for university on a USB-Stick (my first analysis of a French poem! Unfortunetely not the nice one I showed you in my previous entry, but it was also quite pretty).

The usb stick was a gift from one of my friends (Hey Muppi ♥ and Kilian!) and I found pictures of them and our other friends on it.
My friend has a very good camera- one of these super expensive ones. I am so jalous. Maybe I will one day be able to afford one as well. But first I have to save up for a LV bag ♪
Anyway, just a random picture spam.

This is my cat ♥ I think I've never shown her to you. Her name is Unzy. (Hence the title of my blog haha if you've ever wondered)
I miss her and I am looking forward to see her on christmas.

I also miss my friends a lot. I cannot stress this enough because they really mean a lot to me.

The following pictures were taken without make-up, it was on one of those rare hot days in summer.

Oh, "LOST IN TOKIO"? If only I was. I wish! :D

I think I've never shown you any prom pictures, have I? That's because we had to wait for the photographer to give them to us. I look giant in the second one but I love it anyway ♥ Because I love my boyfriend.


Ps: Shall reply to your comments from the last two entries as soon as I can ♥ I am off to uni now.


  1. So cute photos:)

  2. Your cat is beautiful reminds me of my Tibby :).
    Lovely photos too you and your boyfriend make a cute couple.

  3. Es ist echt doof wenn man nicht wirklich weiß welcher Firma man da vertrauen kann. Ich finde es sollte eine klare Kennzeichnug auf den Produkten geben ob sie Tierversuche machen oder eben nicht. Finds schade dass es Leuten die keine Tierversuche unterstützen wollen so schwer gemacht wird :(
    Werde mich in nächster Zeit intensiver damit beschäftigen und versuchen eine eigene kleine Liste zu erstellen mit Firmen die keine Tierversuche machen. Bei manchen Firmen steht das ja auf den Homepages aber das alles rauszusuchen ist auch oft nicht einfach.

    Deine Katze ist echt zuckersüß :) bin immer neidisch weil ich auch eine Katze haben möchte :D

  4. cute kitty !! and nice t-shirt ;) Awesome pic's with bf ^^ you two looks really cute !

  5. Awwhh, so beautiful and sweet photos! :3 :-)

  6. Those are adorable photos of you and your bf, you two look so happy together! Your kitty is adorable and that explains your blog name! Kekekekeke and you look lovely without make up!

    Have you decided on a lv bag yet? Haha I'm so excited! I also want a very expensive camera, I was thinking of getting a camera or a mac book for christmas, so torn in between! I wish had no limit when I buy lv bags! Hahahaha that'd be so nice T_T I remember I used to think 800$ was a lot of money for a bag but then I got a wallet that price,then I thought I would NEVER buy a bag over 1K and well the rest is history hahaha

  7. Very pretty and classy, love the look :)
    I follow you now!
    Follow me back on facebook ,twitter,and GFC
    love you dear :)

  8. aww ist deine katze süß ♥
    und ich mag dein Outfit total gerne!!!
    In Tokyo würde ich auch gerne verloren gehen ;)

  9. I love your cat! is so cute!
    And nice t-shirt! <3