Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

Nando's and my weekend

Hey everyone

I love how it says "Nando's" first and then "my weekend" haha

Thank you for all your comments regarding my last post on make-up. This encourages me to do more make-up related posts.

Anyway, this weekend was really great!
On Friday. I didn't have many lectures so Brooke and me went to Nando's. She recommended this restaurant and oh my gooosh its like the best place ever. The food was so tasty (and spicy1) and we barely managed to eat all of it.


  This was the starter. We shared it ♪
I forgot the name. xD
I've never eaten humous before and it is so good.
If you are wondering: The orange sauce is not fat! It was some kind of sauce to make the dish even spicier.

German people--Do we have this in Germany? Nein,oder? :D

 I forgot about the price but starter + the whole meal was deffinetely not more than 15 Pound (drinks included! And it was American Style refill ♥ I accidentaly created "Sprite Coke" for Brooke haha)

Nando's is portuguese food bye the way.

I liked their decorated and the general restaurant-do (not sure how to call it) a lot. The chili hanging down scared me though!


Me waiting. Both of us were so hungry because we didn't have breakfast.

I didn't pay attention to the waiters but they were friendly...I mean that's how waiters usually are like haha. And one of them wanted to flirt with my friend ;D

Nice decoration, right? Bye the way, there were many people but it was not noisy or anything. I guess it's a good place to go with a big group of friends as well.


 Now onto the main meal.


The wrap in detail~ haha food photoshoot!


We had the same dish and we did not want to share again hehe. Both of us had a wrap, spicy rice and french fries.
These pictures are not even instagrammed haha.

Hungry now? Check if there is a Nando's close to you!


On Saturday, Brooke and me went to a party hosted by her sister's friend. ♥
Brooke and me got ready together and her mum gave us some pasta. It was good that we ate it because they only had (greasy) pizza at the party. And drinks of course! I'm not telling you too much about it, especially since I did not take many pictures but it was fun!!

We were playing around with my camera's effects at some point and couldn't stop laughing. But the pictures are too awful so I won't post them xD

The only bad things was that there was one guy who kept touching all us girls. Disgusting!! Luckily my friend saved me before he could get near me. Thanks again ^-^
When somebody got in a fight with that guy I heard them say "fuck, fuck, fuck" all the time. Welcome to Scotland? :D

This is us ♥
Sorry that you cannot see my outfit that well. Shall show it to you another time :)


 I am happy to have met you ♥


  1. uzuuuhm the food looks so good *-* And you look so beautiful^^

  2. ja um meinen dem ich fast 3 jahre zusammen war -.-

    LG Mona ♥

  3. you both are soooo cute and omg the food *_*

  4. I love nando's!


  5. Jetzt geht es schon wieder mit dem Essen los!:D Yummy!♥

  6. ohhhh und ich hab so ein Hunger!! Und dann das ; 0 ;

    Dein Wunsch wurde erhört xD neuer Entry ist da.
    Aber aww, zurück gemachter pony steht dir sehr! Aber kenn das..hab ihn ja grad recht lang und kann den nie 'offen' tragen, hab ihn immer mit spangen und so zurück gemacht, nervt einfach. Bei nen graden Pony ist der nervfaktor ja geringer, nur das nachschneiden ist eben stressig.

  7. I have google translator on my blog :)

  8. :)
    Ja, das stimmt schon, aber mir fielen gerade auf Anhieb nicht so viele Beispiele ein, eben nur so die üblichen. (:

    Danke schön! <3 (:

  9. Hi Keki! Looks like you had a super great time!! I love Nandos! I don't think they're cheap here, it's considered a casual dining restaurant here haha you make me want to go! *_*

    Btw I think you being super fair makes you not even need an eye primer to make most eyeshadow colors show up, is that true? :D

  10. You're so beautiful!! =)
    I love ur posts!