Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

Ke's Sunday #001♥

wuah, another post from me! That's right hehe. And guess why? It's because there are now 150 people reading this blog. Kya!
A big thank you to the boyfriend who made my new header.
So I thought, how about weekly posts from now on?
And if it is not exam time, then Sunday is usually the "lazy day"

Voilà un autre post! C'est ca hehe. Et pourquoi? C'est parce qu'il y a 150 personnes qui lisent ce blog. Kya!

Un grand merci au petit ami qui a fait mon nouveau header.
Alors j'ai décidée d'écrire des posts une fois par semaine.
Et si c'est pas le temps d'éxaminations, le dimanche est mon jour gâté. (-le mot correct?)

Here are just some random images,outfits,gets...A lazy post on a lazy day! Ok well actually I wasn't so lazy ♥ I studied for my history exam and I met up with two friend but read below.

Et maintenent...seulement des images, des outfits et un petit haul. Alors un post gâté au jour gâté haha (je suis sûr c'est pas le mot correct!! ahh -.-)♥
Mais j'ai étudié pour mon éxamen d'histore et j'ai pris rendez-vous avec deux copines.New shorts ~ this is not really the style I wear because they are not so girly but somehow the zipper really got me.
Primark, obviously. I can't afford much at the moment because I know how much my parents pay to send me to uni plus I am saving up for something "big"

 photo C360_2013-01-15-12-03-57_zps98f39984.jpg

(yay, history paper underneath lol)

 photo C360_2013-01-16-10-24-15_zpsb7d9ddd4.jpg

And just another outfit ♥ In a changing room because my mirror at home sucks.

 photo C360_2013-01-15-10-43-15_zps24da648b.jpg photo C360_2013-01-15-09-38-22_zpsec5f8fd2.jpg

Meeting up with Lindsey and Chris~

it's a bit funny how I know them. I recently joined the UK kpop group on facebook and I saw Lindsey's post on how she's from Aberdeen and would like to meet up with people! And so we did ~ ♪
Today I got up super early. It was 7 or 8 I believe to do a lot of studying. I met them at 1 and had to leave 4ish to do more studying. MEH!

~rant about studying starts here~
I can't study after 9 pm, I just can't. So that's why I always have to do my studying during the day *sigh* At least it has always worked out so far and I am sure I am not the only one who feels dizzy after 9pm?
Also this history exam is bothering me a bit.~
Appearently we are expected to learn stuff that some (insert slang word) people could not even try to summarize. It's like our professor put everything they know in one powerpoint show, making it 50-60 slides.
I know I am not an expert on Russia's history but I am sure I don't have to learn when which political opponent of the Bolsheviks was executed?
Everything is ridicously detailed and this is NOT about university and how much more knowledge you ought to gain. It's all facts and numbers. It simply sets us off because we have no clue what the most important aspects are.
This is why I had to get lots of additional reading and do research...T.T
~rant ends here~

Please keep your fingers crossed because I have a feeling this exam might not go so well.
Anyway, I was happy to have some free time today ♥
Lindsey and Chris are super nice. And I actually only got into the singers/band recently so they were kinda my "teachers" today hehe. I had no clue what a Bias was. Now I know.  (I liked the music before. Just the music. Hit me anyone!)

And now that I am watching interviews and so on with some singers, I get more and more into it. And once you find a song, there's yet another one to listen to. And a video to watch. Omg. I am impressed that so many of them have really shining personalities. For example Hyuna admitts that she has conerns, but she says that you can't grow if you don't have concerns.
When I listened to her in that interview (golden disk 2013) I was like 'wow'.

We had some delicious Sushi and Chris knew one of the guys working there ^-^

 photo C360_2013-01-20-12-57-14_zps27025017.jpg

Lindsey and me. She doesn't like Fashion and Make-up, such a scandal! (Irony here. It's okay when people don't like it)

 photo C360_2013-01-20-14-57-50_zpse715b160.jpg

Chris and me♪
She's half Thai. Pretty her ♥

 photo C360_2013-01-20-15-03-29_zps0eaacb04.jpg


  1. Aw, good luck studying for that exam. I sometimes get the feeling that we're just being forced to memorise things as well! Hope it goes okay for you.

  2. If you are meeting again can I come too? :3 I would really like to meet other k-pop fans! :D And have you studied Chinese? (I haven't hehhe~~) Should we meet someday before Chinese exam and study together? :3

    1. Aww yess of course hehe ♥ Ugh I kinda starting today because I was so busy with IR and History...:D Yay let's do that! I'm gonna give you a text now ~

  3. Glückwunsch zu den 150!!
    Die Shorts gefallen mir echt richtig gut, genau mein Geschmack :D
    Jede Woche ein Post wär echt cool :)

    LG Mona

  4. those shorts in the first picture are super lovely, it fit you very well! ^^

  5. wow love your outfit look great :) anywhere my country is too hot until i dont welling to wear tight even though i love it so much >.<

  6. Congrats on your 150 Readers *\(^o^)/*
    You and you friends look cute together! seems to have been a fun sushi & shopping day~

  7. congrats on reaching a 150 followers. I love your hair so much :D

  8. You have a really cute style! I think the shorts look really good on you too. :)

    Sounds like your history teacher is very old fashion. My mom, who is over 60 years old, has told me that when she was young and in school, they didn't teach the kind of whole picture and the important parts, but rather they had to learn about numbers and unimportant facts. I love history and would have loved to study it much more, but when I learned how long the process is to become an archeologist or other kind of history researcher, I thought I didn't wanna be in school that long..but now I've actually been and would have gone study history after all. :P

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Aw thanks :) I'm gonna stop by at your blog haha ~

      Oh dear yeah that's kinda what they do to us! In the exam it was all facts and random details nobody remembers. Oh you're right, I think especially until you have established yourself & make enough money for a living, its a long way for an aerchaelogist. I'm lucky I "just" want to work for foreign offices haha ~

  9. You look so adorable!! The studded shorts in the first photo is amazing. It looks great on you!!


  10. so you're into k-pop now too hehe <:
    you should definitely check out jyj, cnblue and 100%
    my favourites at the moment
    and sunny hill! this group is not that famous, but really really talented!

    hope i can send your letter next week :s
    i am kinda busy this one ew D:
    love <3

    1. Yess I am ~ love it :3
      Thanks I will do! Hehe yay sure no rush ♥ sent you an email! ♥

  11. Gratulation zu Deinen 150 Lesern !
    Jetzt hast Du sogar eine Leserin mehr *me* : )

    Dein Blog ist auch wirklich fabelhaft und ich finde es gut, dass Du sogar auch auf Französisch schreibst.

    LG !
    yours Yume

  12. cool shorts ! haha gratulations 120 followers ;) and cute header ! Good luck on exams ! Chris looks so cute :3 !