Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

Let's go CLEAN ♥

Hey everybody ♪
Yesterday I met up with some of my lovely friends and we had so much fun! More of that at the end of the post. Because this is not the only reason why I feel so good today.
Do you want to know why?
Are you ready?

I am eating healthy now and I work out a lot.

Noooo, don't leave my blog now haha because you probably expected something really cool, right? Well it is really cool and amazing so please take your time and read some of this. Actually my friend Emilia found some nice words to describe the very same thing that's happening at the moment XD So check out her post on this as well.

I am still struggeling to explain this properly to people, so I apologize if there are things you don't understand right away.

I decided to split this post into "food", "workout" and "feeling" ;D

I would say I used to eat like the average teenager//young adult~ maybe a little better since I have never liked fast food and fizzy drinks. But I am a big sucker for pasta, chocolate and all sorts of candy and also I used to think that living a healthy lifestyle with lots of fruits & veggies would cost a lot of money.
So I usually stocked up on pizza and ready-to-eat meals :'D

But let me tell you that the pizza in the British supermarkets is actually shitty :'D I mean it tastes okay... (usually around 2 pound, but I've tasted some super disgusting ones for 60p!) but you don't get what you pay for unless you go to a restaurant.
At some point, I stopped trying the pizzas here because I was so disappointed and after I had "super-watery-singapore-noodles" I gave up on the prepared meals.
That's about when I heard about clean eating.
Which is NOT a diet ;D

At my current state, I don't want to lose weight. After christmas I lost 1-2 kg or whatever because everyone gains weight in the festive season, but that's normal isn't it?
So when you look at that picture; the "obvious" strikes you: Lots of veggies, fruits, a little carb and...hey, what's that? Dark chocolate! *-*
Actually meat and fish are missing but google images did not want to help me.
You might think that this picture could come directly from a boring women's magazine where it says "with this plan, you're gonna lose x kilogram in x weeks"
Well~ that's not it. Once you eat healthily, the weight will take care of itself because clean eating is not something you do for a couple of weeks, it's for your entire life and it has nothing to do with diet.
No food is forbidden, you don't do ridicously small portions, you can actually eat carbs in the evening and YES you can have this super-cheese-pasta, the pizza, the long as
1) you don't have it too often
2) It is not too much processed.

Y'know that the food industry adds a freakin high amoung of chemistry to products in order to give them more taste, right? Exactly this stuff is what makes us tired & hungry again after a few minutes.
Sorry for talking so much about the difference between this & diets but I think it is important.

Typical mini-food haul ;D
Brown pasta, lots of quark, cucumber.

 photo C360_2013-02-04-19-24-24_zpse0e83200.jpg

Here is come chocolate lovely Julia sent me ♥ A survival pack for Scotland hehe♥ She also wrote me a cute card. I am very happy ♪
Uhm...and cookies and cream never made it safely into my kitchen because I ate the pack (was a small one luckily) in the hallway haha XD

 photo C360_2013-02-06-12-32-00_zps8e4b108c.jpg

 photo C360_2013-02-06-12-32-09_zps0502d78e.jpg

If you want to follow this lifestyle too, there is a lot of stuff about it on the internet and great recipes too! For example, check out these pancakes on Emilia's blog.
Or the whole weat bread with quark and avocado *-* next to oatmeal, natural yoghurt and kiwi plus honey hehe. In the past few weeks, I did not add any sugar to any of my meals, just banana or honey ♪
OK now enough about the food part.

 photo C360_2013-02-05-06-59-11_zpse7b80da3.jpg

Of course the gym is an important part, but "abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym".
However, I do love working out & tips of this amazing lady here.
Her Youtube channel is soo addictive haha XD
Many woman underestimate how important it is to NOT ONLY DO CARDIO. So skip that crosstrainer once in a while, or just go for 10 minutes and then to crunches, plank, squats...!
It sounds painful and it is but it's worth it.

I've always liked sports and as a kid I was in a swimming team and I enjoyed playing hockey with friends, going ice skating and of course play tennis. I come from a tennis family so for us, a good tennis match is leisure, not sports actually ;D My father STILL beats me 6:3 or 6:4,...I gotta push harder there. It is a shame that I can't play tennis in Scotland :(

In Aberdeen, I somehow find the gym easiest to go to because it is very cheap, the classes are great and it costs only 17 Pounds a month *-*
I go there with Emilia these days, but today Julie is also gonna join us ;) Sometimes I see other classmates because our gym is absolutely great! It's clean, easy to get access to...and open early in the morning till late.
More about this maybe at another point ~

A gym outfit ;D It's a twin outfit with Emilia haha.
Uhm yeah~
these days I never wear my bangs down because it's so annoying when I do sports and when I study I usually put them up anyway.

 photo IMAG2817_zps6d799368.jpg

I am dying to get exactly this top though~
It's designed by Cassey.

Omg, absolutely my favourite part. I feel so good despite of university stress, being away from home and boyfriend etc. It's body thanks me for giving it the food it needs and taking it to the gym ;DMy skin is very happy too ^-^
No break-outs etc. I could go out without make-up but of course I don't since I love make-up so much. :3

I've always thought that the stuff people say about eating healthy food is "fine and interesting, but nothing a normal human being can do".
Well, I was wrong.
It is actually even cheaper to cook yourself rathet than buy those prepared meals XD And I usually cook for two days & I do that in the evening becaue I still study.-->pff of course.
Food at university is so expensive T.T I prepare my own salad&sandwhich these days.

Yesterday's look
Wearing a sleek blush again.
Any very simple make-up.

 photo C360_2013-02-09-14-21-35_zpsa06f6acd.jpg

 photo C360_2013-02-09-14-21-04_zps1a9ae0d7.jpg

It was Namwan's belated birthday party and we just met up with the girls to have some nice dinner, watch a movie and drink champaign (my first champaign ever and I didn't like it ~ bye, bye, high society!! :D).

 photo C360_2013-02-09-17-35-03_zpsc734e885.jpg

Should probably get instagram again T.T Pictures like this look boring without a filter...

 photo C360_2013-02-09-15-28-05_zps77f8cba6.jpg

 photo C360_2013-02-09-15-29-55_zps226ea8ab.jpg
The cake was a bit too heavy for me, so I actually didn't eat any of it. But Namwan gave us something called "flower cookie"? XD Have a look

 photo C360_2013-02-09-16-30-06_zps98ee9fcf.jpg

it's a Thai sweet and truly pretty. Just like her ♥ I am glad that I have met you, sweety.

 photo C360_2013-02-09-17-27-14_zps80547850.jpg

Our food ♥ Most of it was selfmade. Yay to healthy food!
Look at them fish egg bread thingies ;)

 photo C360_2013-02-09-16-29-44_zpsf7c55dc1.jpg

Thanks for reading :)
And the long post was long...Soryy ♥



  1. *--*

    i tagged you

  2. Es ist ziemlich lustig und irgendwie auch interessant zu lesen, wie sehr dieses 'eating clean' auf dem Vormarsch ist. Das hätte ich noch vor einem Jahr als ich damit angefangen hab irgendwie gar nicht gedacht... Ich schieb das einfach mal tumblr zu, immerhin bin ich auch durch die ganzen Fitspo-blogs draufgekommen :P
    Ich finde aber, dass du auch was ganz wichtiges ziemlich gut herausgestellt hast: Dass es nämlich eben keine Diät ist :3 Also ich persönlich bekomm schon allein bei dem Gedanken an 'Diät' Heißhunger auf keine Ahnung was, haha :D
    Das beste daran ist aber wirklich das Gefühl. Auch wenn es zum Großteil wohl auch nen Placeboeffekt hat ;) Wen interessiert das schon? :D

    Das Shirt mit der Schleife gefällt mir sehr, das ist richtig süß :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  3. Wiih I just finished those pancakes :D They are so yummyyy! I can't wait for today's gym!! :D hehhe your post gave me more inspiration to go there ;P
    That top is so nice!! just your style! :D Prettyyy~~ :3

    1. Gym is the best with youuuu :) ♥

      Thanks hehe ;D yeah girly girly hahaa ;D

  4. Hallo meine liebe, danke für deinen Kommentar ! :) Du studierst in Schottland? Wie toll, ich war diesen Sommer in edinburgh und Glasgow und würde auf der Stelle wieder hin. Wo und was studierst du denn, wenn ich fragen darf? Das ist toll, dass eure Beziehung so gut funktioniert :) Mein Freund war auch 5 Monate in den Staaten und eigentlich hat alles ganz gut geklappt.
    Dein Post ist total schön und interessant. Ich selbst bin ja Veganerin, da "muss" man ja praktisch clean essen ;)

    Küsschen, Feli

  5. HI Keki, danke für deinen lieben Kommentar. So sehe ich das mit dem VDay eben auch :) Wie gesagt, mir ist jeder Anlass lieb und willkommen, der uns das Leben ein bisschen schöner macht :)Wie wirst du denn deinen VDay verbringen? Ich finde das was du über deinen gesunden Lifestyle schreibst sehr inspirierend, ich versuche auch immer drauf zu achten, dass ich regelmäßig meinem Sport mache und gesund esse, jedoch hab ich leider noch keine richtige Routine entwickelt, aber das wird noch! ;) In diesem Sinne "Chapeau" ;)

  6. das blaue shirt blusen teil sieht an dir echt gut aus <3
    interessanter eintrag <: sollte ich mich vielleicht auch mal mit beschaeftigen <:

  7. great post and beautiful pictures<33


  8. Du siehst so gut aus und echt traurig, dass die Pizza nicht so swchmeckt in England ;_;
    Aber das mit dem "Eat Clean" find ich super^^

  9. omg du bist soo ne süße!! zum fressen :D
    vielen dank für dein liebes kommi

    Das essen & die torte sehen sooo gut aus. wie konntest du da nur wiederstehen :D
    ich find das mit der ernährungsumstellung übrigens sehr gut.
    bei mir ist es immer phasenweise mal nur fastfood mal nur gesund haha xD.
    lg kaddy

  10. Danke für dein Kommentar^^ 'Clean' werden ist echt toll, ich versuch auch immer so gut es geht, gesund und 'clean' zu leben, auch wenn Schokolade manchmal sein muss (.///.)
    Aber Gemüse und organische sachen sind auch extrem lecker :3
    Ich wünsch dir viel erfolg beim Sport, ich hab ne Zeitlang die Vidoes von Tiffany Rothe bei youtube mitgemacht, die sind echt toll aber hab jetzt keine Zeit mehr (T__T)
    Ich hatte gewechselt von meinem alten Arbeitsplatz zu tenten weil ich ja ursprünglich bei Tenten arbeiten wollte aber als ich mich damals beworben hatte, brauchte der Cehf mich noch nicht weil er schon genug Leute hatte. Es war also mein Traumjob^^ Ich verdiene auch mehr da, der Arbeitsplatz ist sauberer und die Kundn und die Umgebung einfach viel viel angenehmer. Mein altes Café war in einer Art Einkaufszentrum, da waren die Leute meist gestresst und sehr unfreundlich, der Laden war viel zu groß und wir ständig unterbesetzt, es war sehr stressig.
    Es war trotzdem toll dort und meine Kollegen waren total lieb aber bei TenTen bab ich einfach viel bessere Arbeitsbedingungen und glücklicherweise jetzt die Möglichkeit dort zu arbeiten, deswegen bin ich sofort gewechselt^^

  11. Lovely post! Happy you're so happy with the clean & health lifestyle :D
    I'm really sorry for missing out on the training with you! Hope to be able to do it soon! ... I tend to freak easy out too because of the job. Probably a work out to expell the stress would do me good :)
    This is the site with the free courses I'm on. And the one about
    "Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention" seems really good!
    BTW, what was the site you showed me; the one with gorgeous well tones ladies?

    1. Heya :) Thats alright hehe come along with us next time. Emilia and me kinda go every day ;D
      That was just on Instagram #fitspiration

  12. Thanks for the motivation, clean eating is the best, and it is so true that your body will work it out by itself!

    -xoxo- lorena

  13. I agree with that diet I do my best to eat healthy and good guilty of meat etc. I wanna go gym too but actually never get time for this and money. :D This blush looks really good ! and you are so pretty as always. <3 This flower cake really amazing ! Hah I don't like eat outside and do it really rare I always prefered cook something by myself. ^^


  14. wow nice outfit <3 love it the cake look yummy to :3

  15. ich finde deinen post echt interessant... zwar wird dieses clean and healty eating immer trendiger xD aber ich finde es auch gut. ich versuche selber auch gesund zu essen und sport zu machen. es hat weniger mit abnehmen zu tun als das ich es auch an mir selber merke das ich anders esse. hört sich grad komisch an?! zb. ich habe früher immer abends mal bissel zucker durch schokolade und co zu mir genommen und dann konnte ich die halbe nacht nicht schlafen. seit dem das weniger wird und ich mehr sport mache schlafe ich auch besser :)

  16. So many comments ♥ thanks to everybody ~
    I will try to replay on your blogs :)

  17. It's very motivating post! Thanks for sharing <3 p.s Lovely outfit! ^^