Freitag, 15. Februar 2013

Feel Good Food

Hey everyone ♥
I can't believe that my last post on Clean Eating got so many comments. Wow!
It honestly makes me happy to see that you guys care about yourselves and your body ♪ Keep that up please.

Hopefully these photos give you some ideas for healthy meals//snacks.
I have to say that my camera is super crappy though~
totally getting a new one on Easter Holiday or something. I really need it for summer when I know that my boyfriend and me are gonna do a trip. We are not sure were to yet~ any suggestions? It can't be outside Europe because we are poor students :'D

These photos are not instagrammed & the light was a bit funny sometimes.
But that's reality baby, this is healthy food without "make up"
I will Instagram my next meals though~

I will also explain a little why I eat this at the moment.

my favourite time of the day ^-^
I usually sit in the kitchen, put the radio on and text with my boyfriend so that I don't feel lonely. Sometimes my flatmate Isabel joins me, but I get up very early.

 photo C360_2013-02-15-07-36-56_zpsae394baa.jpg

1: oats under fatfree yoghurt with 1/2 banana and cinnamon plus a little honey
why: I believe this kickstarts your day. Oatmeal can be translated into energy easily, banana gets you nice vitamins, yoghurt and honey are good anyway and cinnamon is good for digestion ♥

 photo C360_2013-02-13-08-29-58_zps9fafac13.jpg
2: oatmeal with milk, banana and grapes to the left, topped with cinnamon. And a fruit plate to the right- banana,kiwi,plum, little bit of dry apple. Dried fruits are such a treat if you're craving something super sweet. I love them ♥

 photo C360_2013-02-09-07-52-56_zps24ef1a60.jpg
3: protein pancakes topped up with hot berries and half a banana plus a tablespoon of fatfree yoghurt
why: YUMMY plus the pancakes don't have sugar as I used banana in them as a natural sweetener :3 They include 2 eggwhites and are simply amazing...

Who doesn't get a little craving around 3-4 pm? I usually have something before the main dinner.  ♪ See section below the photos "Why do I cook"

 photo C360_2013-02-15-07-36-49_zpsef53f3d4.jpg
1: Dried Apple with selfmade chocolate
why: Keep your metabolism going!

 photo C360_2013-02-14-10-11-56_zps0616ad85.jpg
2: scone (my treat)
why: Because sometimes "you just deserve something nice" plus scones are actually not that bad for you; especially not when they are handmade and you know what's in them. Plus makes me feel British haha ;D

 photo C360_2013-02-08-08-01-05_zps33aa9c97.jpg
3: kiwi-avocado-yoghurt-smoothie. Emilia, please don't get jalous but I have a Blender mwahahah XD
why: vitamins plus avocado. Avocado is kinda "fatty" but this fat is not saturated so it's something that your body likes. Try putting avocado on Sushi or on Bread too :)

Dinner became so important to me recently because I usually do my workout after uni and when I come home I am suuuper hungry of course. I usually prepare meals for two days so that on busy days I can just heat something up :) I think this is a great idea for people who are not into cooking: prepare 2-3 meals at a time if you can ♥

 photo IMAG2826_zpsc2d75ccc.jpg
1: ugh this looks so strange but its the best: Tofu with brocoli & black been sauce and a little couscous plus one selfmade dumpling filled with veggies
why: This screems protein and I think everyone should give tofu a shot. It's not as expensive as meet and high in protein :3

 photo C360_2013-02-13-15-35-29_zpsc7a4b94d.jpg
Coucous with tofum califlower and brocoli topped up with a Curry-coconutmilk sauce. I added some extra 100% natural coconut flakes on top. This is heaven and the sauce was easy to make.
why: Protein again plus some carbs (gives you energy) and I personally adore couscous since I went to Sri Lanka ♥

Why do I cook?
I've always enjoyed cooking, especially with friends but I recently found out that it is actually super beneficial to your body and soul :) For me, it is relaxing after university.
I can get creative and, most importantly, I know what I will eat.

I used to like these "ready to eat" meals that you heat up in the mivrowave and I understand that we all lead busy lives, but cooking is so great and your body will say "thank you" and reward you with way more energy ♪
A girl suggested in her comment that "clean eating" is also about the  placebo effects but I don't think all of this is my imagination.
Just think about how a cake from the frozen food section tastes and then how a cake your MUM made tastes and how much better it makes you feel.

Of course I still eat "on the go" and grabb a sandwhich from tesco's sometimes...and university can be so tiresome that I absolutely understand people who put a pizza in the oven but if you have the time, do some cooking ♪

Also, I got better at it ;D
I used to think that a 2-ingredient meal is "cooking" but now I make the nicest sauces and salads with all sorts of stuff. As soon as I found a recipe I am able to follow, I make it 2,3 times and the result is better each time. ♥

My friend Carmen and me recently made chocolate and I can recommend this to everybody.
We put a lot of sugar and butter in the recipe, but this is what Milka,Lindt and all the others do too. It's nice to know how sweets are made :)
And even though this chocolate was a delight...Now that I know how much fat it contains, I will never eat a whole 100 g pack again.
Oh well who knows.

Check this out;D
we made more than 100 g chocolate of course ~
 photo C360_2013-02-13-18-23-43_zps08c96f95.jpg

Here is Carmen ♥

 photo C360_2013-02-13-18-23-34_zps7bca8b82.jpg

Last but not least, happy Valentine's Day! I am one day late but I hope you enjoyed it ♥

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  1. I also enjoy cooking a lot, because then you can know exactly what you eat! ^^

  2. Suggestions ? :D Come to Poland ! :3 or Czech ! I heard that Croatia also nice. ;) Gosh you made me so hungry >.< a lot of food in ur posts last time. XD I love cooking too because it's relaxing and make me enjoy and play food and any tastes.. Ahh I planing to make some chocolates for my boyfriend oneday~ but first i want plate, mold in "heart" to do it. :D Anyway just for special occasion ^^ Happy Valentines for you too~~ Keki :*

    1. Hahaha good idea :) althought at the moment we are thinking France (macarons!!all the way!!). Hope you had a sweet vday ♥

  3. OMG das sieht alles so lecker aus :O
    Da sieht man mal wieder wie verfressen ich bin...ich will alles *____*
    Hahaha...also WENN ich in Europa verreisen würde, dann nach Italien oder Spanien (Mallorca ♥), ist aber z.b. im Vergleich mit Tunesien oder Türkei sogar teuerer...
    Wenn ihr außerhalb der Schulferien fliegen könnt, dann ists nicht mal so teuer (max. 500€ wenn ihr früh genug bucht) :)

    LG Mona ♥

  4. oh mein gott wie lecker! du musst unbedingt mal einen eintrag über ein tolles rezept machen und richtig zeigen wie man es zubereitet, also so eine hauptspeise meine ich. übrigens hab ich voll die probleme mit deinem blog, keiner meiner kommentare die ich dir geschrieben hab werden angezeigt .__. ich hoffe der hier failt nicht wieder total! auf jedne fall siehts lecker aus! ich werd jetz aber was ungesundes essen weil ich gestern einen über den durst getrunken habe, aber morgen hab ich das erste mal meinen aerobic kurs, das ist doch immerhin was :3

    1. Oh noo T.T Aber der Kommentar hier ist da :)♥ Danke dass du es trotzdem weiter versuchst hast haha ;D

      Das mit dem Rezept ist eine gute Idee ♥

      Viel Erfolg!!!

  5. Oh gott, total toll das Essen, ich bin richtig neidisch!! Und das kann ich alles essen, weil kein Fleisch ;___; koch für mich! Fahrt einfach nach Hannover, ich komm euch besuchen, hahaha xD
    Wie wäre es denn mit Dänemark? ^^ es ist echt schön dort!!